The following set of rules will describe the conduct expected of every member in Realm of Solace. You are agreeing with these guidelines by joining the community, thus making it your duty to read and understand them.

1. The members of Realm of Solace are expected to keep the peace within the server, by respecting fellow roleplayers and ensuring private problems are kept off the public channels. Acts of aggression or generally disrespectful behavior will be met with an immediate mute. Repeated violations, ignoring moderators, harassment inside or outside of the server, and grave offenses towards other members, will lead to a ban. Bans may be lifted if the perpetrator works towards solving the problem at hand, and takes responsibility for their mistakes. Members are normally expected to solve their disagreements in private. Moderators can be requested to assist in the case of a problem.

2. Members must respect the intellectual property of others, be it completely original content or adaptations from existing lore. Coincidences are fully tolerated, as well as taking inspiration from other ideas. In order to avoid problems, it is encouraged that you contact a player whose content you wish to inspire your creativity from, should such a need arise.

3. Do not misuse the server permissions granted by your rank. Spamming roles, deleting or editing existing channels, uploading inappropriate emoji, or abusing moderator powers, will lead to a permanent demotion. The decision will be taken by a moderator based on severity. Warnings may be handed out before action is taken, but repeated offenses will be observed.

4. Channels, both OOC and IC, must be used for their intended purpose. Spamming or flooding are not encouraged. Repeated violations will lead to a temporary mute.

5. Discretion with roleplays explicit in extreme violence or eroticism will be observed. It is encouraged - though not obligatory - that you ensure your partners are comfortable with more severe themes. Should you have them, ensure that your partners are in the know of your limits.

6. Members are not obligated to engage or continue in roleplays where they do not want to participate. Attempting to force roleplay onto others will lead to a mute or ban depending on severity and development of the affair.



Management roles are those bestowed upon members who wish to keep Realm of Solace running smoothly, by tending to the Discord server or maintaining the website and updating bios. Keep in mind that members with management roles are not above others, and should not be seen as figures above regular participants. The following list describes their roles and limits, and is part of the community's rules.

Server Moderator.

A moderator's role is to benefit and protect the integrity of the Discord server and its members, by preventing or stopping conflicts and keeping an eye on the community's status. They may also create or edit roles and channels, make announcements, answer questions, host or guard roleplay events, and guide newcomers.

In the wake of trouble, moderators are expected to carefully follow the rules, and take immediate action whenever necessary, bypassing arguments, threats, or warnings, and applying consequences that depend on the violation's gravity. The job of a moderator is not to solve personal problems or educate individuals, but to preserve the peace in the community. A moderator must point out violations of the Community Guidelines, and guide involved members towards a proper solution. 

Members are expected to solve their own problems, whether they're personal or with others. Moderators may be requested to assist by mediating a discussion, and will also notify infractions, but will otherwise not involve themselves or their personal criteria.

If you seek to become a moderator, message Failsafe#9331 or Ele#5163.

Site Updater.

A site updater handles beneficial or necessary changes to the website, making adjustments to pages or adding new ones for new features. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, a site updater also reviews and approves the submissions of all members, be they character bios, finished quests, store purchases, or AP update submissions.

They may also create or edit roles and channels, make announcements, answer site related questions, and host roleplay events.

Members with this role can freely update their own bios, item or skill acquisitions, and AP. Of course, they must have everything approved by a fellow updater or moderator skilled in reviewing things in accordance to the guidelines of the Roleplay Systems.

If you seek to become an updater, message Failsafe#9331 or Ele#5163.




Stats are values used to gauge the four attributes of your character: Strength, Speed, Defense, and Energy. In a battle between player characters, the values of these attributes are compared to determine who is more capable. Keep in mind, however, that stats are secondary to the actions performed in the roleplay's posts. Below are explanations of what each stat does.


Strength determines your character's ability to deliver strength-based attacks or actions. If your character has extra-human physical traits, like super strength, they must be specified in a passive ability - but keep in mind raw strength is not always more capable than sheer skill.


Speed refers to your character's ability to move and react in a determined amount of time. If your character has extra-human traits, such as super speed, they must be specified in a passive ability, but keep in mind superspeed is not always more capable than sheer skill.


Defense determines how durable a character is by subtracting its value to an opponent's Strength and Energy stat in terms of intensity, without disregarding the inherently hazardous characteristics of a particular attack or magic type. This means, for example, that a 15 DEF character fighting a 20 STR opponent will receive the equivalent of 5 STR when taking hits, and so on. Immediately fatal acts such as decapitation or destruction of vital areas will bypass this stat.


Energy establishes the total potency of your magical abilities, such as spells, versus others, in the case of a battle between characters. It may also provide an idea of how powerful an ability is, depending on how much energy is invested in its usage, or how much total energy the character has. Additionally, Energy serves as a resource that is consumed by using abilities, sort of like a mana bar. How much energy an ability consumes is entirely dependent on its mechanics.

Attribute Points.

The numerical values of a stat are officially called Attribute Points (AP). All characters start with a total of 30 AP that they can distribute between stats. Your total AP may increase to a maximum of 50. Two Attribute Points are gifted to all players once a month.



Skills & Items are the listed and described powers, tools, strengths, weaknesses, traits and capabilities of your character. They provide crucial information that determine what your character can and can't do in a combat scenario - in terms of powers, buffs & debuffs, special attacks, weaponry, armor, and so on. Everyone starts off with a maximum of 4 Skills and 4 Items; they can quest to obtain 16 more of each and upgrade existing ones, totaling to 20 skills & items, and unlimited upgrades or downgrades.

Below is an example of a simple skill:

Fire Manipulation

The user can create and manipulate magical flames at will. Creating fire spends 1 ENR per use, but the manipulation of flames existing in the environment is free of cost.

The guidelines below must be followed to ensure balance and fairness in combat. Such is the criteria updaters use to approve bios.

Skills & Items Rules.

1. Abilities and items that automatically hit, kill, hinder or generally affect enemy characters in a harmful way are not allowed. All offenses must be delivered through a medium such as contact, melee, projectiles, waves, bursts and so on. Omnidirectional or area-of-effect abilities must have a specified range.

2. Excluding passives, all Skills must have a cost, duration & cooldown, or both. The same applies to Items that generate special effects. Costs, durations, and cooldowns, are left up to the criteria of the skill or item's creator, but fairness and consideration is encouraged. An extremely powerful attack should take greater exertion than a simpler and weaker ability. To gauge a duration or  cooldown, use turns instead of real time units.

3. All stat buffs and debuffs have a limit. Passives can go up to a maximum of 5, while actives that have a cost or duration & cooldown can be increased to +10. Stat regeneration abilities can have a max value of +2.

4. Skills or items that override the way stats work are not allowed. Passives that grant complete immunity or superiority to an excessively wide array of effects are also forbidden. A passive or active skill/item can be considered overloaded if it possesses too many different and unrelated features. All these specifications pertain to one important parameter: do not make skills that modify the core of the system.

5. PvE-exclusive skills & items are allowed, and may bypass the rules stated so far depending on their effect. PvE-exclusive skills & items are ones that can only effect NPC's. Keep in mind that skills/items of this type must be labeled in their name or description, and cannot be used in PvP or competitions. Abilities that control other characters are generally forbidden, but can be tolerated if reliant on plot and consent from all players involved.



Quests and currency exist to reward active roleplayers and allow them to strengthen their characters, by attaining new skills, items, or stat upgrades.


The simplest and most straightforward way to upgrade your character. A roleplay becomes a quest when you save your character's posts to meet a specified word count, which you can check anytime by accessing the Quests page. Once you've reached the desired word count, you may submit your saved posts via the form found in said page, along with your new skill, item, or stat upgrade. Keep in mind you can only submit a finished quest once, so you must start a new one, with new posts, to continue obtaining rewards.


Named 'Crowns', this currency represents money that you earn by participating in activities such as events or quests, which you can save or spend in the StoreCurrently, money does not differ much from word counts, other than the fact it can be saved up and even transferred between characters, and gifted as rewards for taking part in special events. It can also be acquired monthly in place of ap by characters that already have the maximum ap. More options for earning money will be added in the future.