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Haven is a small growing town which was discovered by survivors of the Cataclysm. It was first taken over by Bandits who enslaved those weaker than them. Then it was discovered by Smith and Daneka, they killed the Bandits and freed the other survivors. Since that day the town has grown slowly, the occasional survivor making their way there and then settling down with a house and starting a new life. Daneka has become the Mayor with Smith as her companion and Guard Captain. The two of them along with the other survivors have gotten the Village Square rebuilt. Other places that have been rebuilt include the Taver, a Woodshop and a Blacksmith.


There is something rather odd about Haven though. The buildings are not all from the same time period or in the same level of decay. You can find Buildings from what looks to be medievil times right next to a mordern looking building and then the next buillding over is even more ancient ruins. Inside the buildings is very different too. Some of the Buildings are fully modern with electricity and running water while others are older and their appearance does not always indicate whether the interior will be modern or not. The main place of entertainment in the town is a place called the Molly Waggler Tavern but this too is a very odd place, with beings from many dimensions inside of it, though no one ever sees them enter Haven. Also time seems to flow a bit oddly here for some while for others time seems to flow just fine.

Among the resources that the Haven residents have discovered is a type of wood known as Ironwood. This wood acts as normal wood does when it is first cut. It can be carved and shaped into whatever form the Crafter wishes. Though after a week the wood hardens and becomes as strong as Iron. Haven has begun cultivating more trees of this in order to have something to trade with. Also among the ruins of the Village is the ruins of a large castle. No one knows where it came from or what secrets it hides at this time