Name: Helen Fueller

AP: 45

Guild: Black Diamond

Home Town: Venes

Strength: 7

Speed: 10

Defense: 7

Energy: 21

Character Skills

Can't Touch This

Fueller is unable to lose any energy.

Long Way Down

Allows Fueller to "steal" and "store" any abstract object (and in very specific cases, physical) in a magically created floppy disk upon physical contact.

Floppy disks can be "loaned" to other people.

If an ability or stat is stolen, the lost ability/stat will be returned at the end of the encounter (unless otherwise stated, which will probably never happen).

Mental resistance can be taken away just as easily as anything else as this isn't primarily a mind-based attack; nothing is safe from this ability.

Special Items



Name: Midnight Blues

Species: Familiar

Description: A tall and gaunt humanoid robot-like spirit being with slightly feminine curves. Features a prominent slanted "hat" that takes up about a third of its own head, leaving it room for only one eye. Its texture appears to be matte, and its color is midnight blue.

Strength: 10

Speed: 25

Defense: 10

Energy: 0

Ability: Shares its abilities and energy pool with Fueller herself. Any damage done to it is applied to Fueller, and vice versa. Its metal plates on its arms and legs allow it to deflect physical attacks.


In the general hospital of the city of Verdune, Moretti, a pair of non-identical twin sisters were born to Gregory and Martha Fueller on June 6, 28 years ago. One came out crying like a normal child, while the other was not breathing. This panicked the nurses, doctors, and parents, who were ready to ventilate the infant, but it turned out that the idle sister was just fine, no mucus in her airways, diaphragm was subtly moving, everything was all right. 

As the infants were put in the nursery side by side, Gregory and Martha were already apprehensive with the thought of having to give up a child. See, their financial situation wasn't great, and while they wanted a kid, they didn't expect to have twins. One had to go.

The idle sister had watched as her twin was placed in that little plastic tub, and the observing infant was wondering why her sister was crying. After the nurse calmed the baby down and left the nursery room, the idle sister reached over, and with the help of a mysterious floating blue arm, phased the blue arm's hand into the twin before pulling away.
Half an hour later, Gregory and Martha had came to a decision on which child to send out for adoption. They were lucky to be able to quickly find a sterile mother who desperately wanted any kid, and so they went to the nursery and selected the infant that didn't cry when it was picked up. Obviously, the parents wanted the least defective child, and so, the one who stayed with her biological family was named Helen Fueller. Unbeknownst to the adults, Helen's sister had already lost a piece of her own mind; Fueller took her desperate sensations and acted upon them, appearing as the child who did breathe and cry when it was born.

This mixup would have prevented Helen from growing up in the heart of Moretti with a lonely mother overdosing on antidepressants, for better or for worse.

In elementary school, she found it hard to make friends as she was "weird" and extremely distant towards her peers; when a classmate borrowed her little plastic sand shovel without asking her, Fueller responded it by hitting him with it until he cried. Fortunately for Helen, the incident wasn't enough to require medical screening, and so she continued to learn and study at the school with only as much as a slap on the wrist. Gregory and Martha took note of this event, however, and were beginning to become worried - they knew how Helen acted when she was alone at home, and they understood the implications of her actions.

As elementary school went on, a lonely transfer student wished to make friends with the young Helen, who was finally happy to have someone she could hang out with. As time went on, the transfer student became more distant from her peers, until finally, she disappeared for two days in the woods. Eventually, search teams found the young child, who accused Helen of telling her to run away from home with her. And so Fueller lied: "I didn't do that! But you're my friend, so it's ok."
Of course, she didn't really mean it; in fact, that line was picked up from a Saturday morning cartoon. As Helen went to hug her friend, she used her abilities to read the other child's memories and picked up on social cues. Things like being "nice" to other people, "loving" family, being "jealous," being "afraid," being "terrified," Fueller understood how these things felt now, and she was able to act out these emotions whenever she pleased. Interestingly enough, this in turn did grant her some form of empathy.

This came just in time, as her parents decided to move to Venes to see if city life would help improve Helen's mental health. This had two adverse effects: as Gregory switched jobs, the family's mediocre financial situation unexpectedly became worse when the company he was hired into went out of business eight years later, and Helen was exposed to the Black Diamond, a criminal syndicate masquerading as a fashion brand. 

The latter caused Helen to respect these criminals, the ones who exerted power over others through money, and it was at that point in her life when she figured out who she wanted to be. The tanking financial situation caused several marital disputes which were all resolved quickly, but Helen stepped in and "stole" the resolutions of these disputes, causing her parents to only remember the bad segments of their marriage. Eventually, Gregory shot his wife in the head with a shotgun before killing himself.
Taking her father's memories of dying to sate her curiosity, Helen left home at the age of 16 and sought out the Black Diamond and was eventually recruited into the organization. Due to her ruthlessness and cunning, she quickly rose up in the ranks before becoming the right hand man, or woman in this instance, to the boss. With her newfound power, she quietly found and murdered her biological sister to tie up any loose ends.

Eventually, all the power the Black Diamond built up would come to an end when a powerful creature razed the city of Venes to the ground, a historical event many would know of.

Only a handful of the Black Diamond's members survived - this included Helen.

But what could they do now? The Black Diamond's infrastructure was now nonexistent, and the manpower available was too low to go forth with large plans. It wasn't typical of Fueller to stick to a small group like this with little gain, but because of her colleague's specialties, she believed, and believes today, that she would bring the organization to the top of the world, or at least Venes.
First thing to deal with: the financial situation. Deja vu.