AP: 30

black bg.png

Strength:  20

Speed:  10

Defense:  0

Energy:  0


Name:  N/A

Age:  3

Species:  Zealot

Height:  13'4

Appearance:  A dangerous and slick shape, no eyes, and dangerous fangs and talons. Grayish in color, but will differ in time.

Apparel:  N/A

Hometown:  N/A

Character Skills


A chameleon like ability that allows the Zealot to blend in with its surroundings. Useful for Ambushes or hiding from predators

Scale Armor 

The Zealots scales can harden and thicken at will. This provides an added defense of +2 to its protected areas (The back of most its body) But does nothing to the unprotected areas. Using this ability has a cost of -1 SPD.

Mild Passive Telepathy 

The Zealot species can connect to any other living being telepathically. This ability is limited to the transfer and comprehension of emotions IE: The Zealot can project into another being a vague sense on its own emotions, or comprehend the same from that being. It has an area affect of 20 meters.

Lizard Tail 

The Zealot can detach its own tail at its base for a means or escape from an enemy or predator. It grows back in a few days time.

Special Items
The strange Alien life form has no genetic match on its current world. And egg, Making a one in a million chance of survival fell from space and landed in an ocean. Eventually it made its way to shore and hatched into this alpha predatory beast. A few years have gone by without it being found, and in that time it has grown accustomed to the new world in which it inhabited