AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  8

Speed:  10

Defense:  2

Energy:  10


Name:  Yamamoto Narukami

Age:  19

Species:  Human

Height:  5,9 / 1,79m

Appearance:  Yamato, or Yamamoto is a slightly shorter ridulean, from Silvers class too. Sharing similar hair colour, his hair is much fluffier, standing up on its own due to his constant manipulation of electricity and his aura. He has a high IQ, as well as combat IQ.

Apparel:  A long robe that adjusted its size on the wearers will covered his usual, slightly more relaxed clothes. He loves wearing bomberjackets over his white t-shirt as well. He wears a a tight, yet slightly stretchable jeans thats ripped slightly, revealing his knees. His boots were durable combat boots.

Hometown:  Ridule

Character Skills


Yamamoto possesses a chi like aura that is invisible to the normal persons eye. He can use the aura to increase his strength, moving the bulk of his aura from one part of his body to another, and even his spear. this increases his power but leaves his other side exposed and vulnerable. He can consume 1 energy to increase his strength by 2 for 3 posts, but lowers his defense by 1. It has a cooldown of 1 post, and can be reversed to instead increase his defense by 2 and lower his strength by 1. It is essential for him to move around the battlefields, and even create electricity by transumating his aura into electricity.

Lightning of the Dragon 

Yamamoto can naturally control lightning due to his aura and his mastery of it. Yet his Sun Dragon Spear greatly enhances such, making projection and controlling its power easier. Creating and controlling lightning costs 2 ENR. With 1 Post Cooldown. If the lightning he wants to create is more difficult to controll, or if he wants to make it insanely powerful, he can put more ENR into it. Up to 5. "More diffuclt lightning" has a cooldown of 3 posts.

Speed of the Thunder God 

He can enhance his speed by 1 per post, up to 5. The ability consumes 1 energy per post, even after it reaches max speed. This can be also used out of combat for easy and fast travelling. He is perceived as a thunderbolt.

Dragons Depth 

Yamamoto can restore one energy per post if he focuses during fighting. If he is hit or becomes startled, he loses concentration and stops regaining energy. He must focus for a post without getting hit before he can resume focusing on restoring energy

Special Items

Taiyō Ryūsō 

Known as the Sun Dragon Spear, passed down by his master, obtained two years before the calamitous events started around the realms. The spear is completely unbreakable, being an relic passed down from thousands of generations, it has never lost it's shine, nor it's lightning growl. Taiyo Ryuso shocks an intruding wielder, making his muscles go completely numb after only minutes of wielding.

Earpiece of the Narukami Family 

A family heirloom, and just like his Spear, it's protected by electricity. It enhances his strength by 1 when he uses his aura

Artefact of Thunder 

An artifact which enhances his aura, giving him more control of his lightning. It enhances his defense by 1 when he uses his aura

He spent 10 years developing his aura, from the age of 6 he was already destined to be one of the greatest of the generation, his intentions however, were different. Yamamoto never bothered thinking about the future, becoming powerful, he just had his fun during his childhood, becoming stronger and training naturally. Under view of his master, father and grandfather. Developing his aura and lightning powers, already gaining prowess of it at the age of 14. He was an accomplice, a friend of Silver from middle school on. Being classmates ever since, even battling together.