AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  2

Speed:  11

Defense:  2

Energy:  15


Name:  Xala Svoboda

Age:  Looks 25

Species:  Moor/Human

Height:  5'3''

Appearance:  Slender but short, golden serpentine eyes, long black talons, agile physique, physically weak, auburn hair, angular/elven-like features. Incredible sense of smell.

Apparel:  Rouge-red robes made of magical spider-silk that totally block sunlight from his body, black boots, usually a white undershirt, and usually a pair of shorts or cuffed pants. He likes to be stylish when he is raising the dead.

Hometown:  The Master's Plantation/Feltkan (After he was imprisoned for centuries)

Character Skills

Reanimate Corpse 

For the cost of 2 ENG forever (until minion dies), reanimates a corpse to fight or serve Xala until killed in battle. Creature can only be humanoid or low-level animal. Can have as many until ENG is maxed out, ex. With 15 ENG, 7 zombies/skeletons/undead.

Create Blood Golem 

For the cost of 5 ENG forever (until minion dies), utilizes the corpse of at least two people to create a slow, tank minion that will fight or serve Xala until killed in battle. Can have as many until ENG is maxed out, ex. With 15 ENG, 3 Blood Golems.


For the cost of 2 ENG, creates a burst attack fireball of green Witch-Fire that has feels extremely cold, has a short range, and explodes in a 1ft radius.

Build Blood Pressure 

For the cost of 3 ENG (unless if no minions available), toggles a blood magic spell that causes minions to deal double damage on their next physcal/magical (zombie/skeleton mages) attack.

Special Items


Flesh-bound book made from the first people he killed, has everything he has every learned about the arcane arts and Necromancy, i.e. what he uses to search for corpses underground that are fresh enough or gain new skills each level.

Necromancer's Amulet 

Three-eyed jade skull attached to ebony chains that boosts resistance to magical attacks and allows him to see through *most* illusion magics.

Belt of the Sinner's Eye 

A belt made of hydra skin and an eyeball fashioned after his own eyes that is almost purely decoration, but does make people uneasy as it has an habit of following people's movements.

Bands of the Serpent 

Bone rings on each of his fingers that allow him to have an easier time communicating with wild undead and his own creations/minions.

Born a slave, escaped through murdering the masters he was later sold to, was imprisoned for four centuries, started a war that put his planet through a nuclear magical winter, fixed it, was thrown into a portal by an elite order of magicians who remembered the war, took away most of his power, and now he travels the dimensions and universes to keep himself entertained. The magicians put a curse on him that he could never ascend to Lichdom or retain his powers each time he went through a self-made dimensional portal until all of them were reanimated by him to serve him. Though, they also used the powers they stole from him while he was a Lich to bar him from his home-universe entirely.
The Moors: AKA "The Dark Ones" a specie of dark-elf-vampire-like creatures that are ageless but have an incredibly painful reaction to the sun. Once a powerful specie, they were overthrown by their slaves and Xala became the last individual to have any Moor blood. (Much like the Sload from ESO) They had a culture that revolved around their innate abilities that allows them to excel in the realm of Necromancy and Macabre Dark Arts. (Like how Angel have light magic and some Demons have fire magic.)