AP: 46

Crowns: 36207


black bg.png

Strength:  0

Speed:  10

Defense:  0

Energy:  36


Name:  Xala Svoboda

Age:  Looks 25

Species:  Moor/Human

Height:  5'6"

Appearance:  Slender but short, golden serpentine eyes, long black talons, agile physique, physically weak, auburn hair, angular/elven-like features. Incredible sense of smell.

Apparel:  Black vest-robes with 4 pointed pauldrons, really puffy sleeves cuffed just below the elbow, a belt just below the ribcage, and a white undershirt with three buttons. (The undershirt is more realistically a crop-top, but whatever.) Pointy black knee-high boots followed by puffy, overflowing white pants tucked into the boots. A black and white satchel that he carries all sorts of materials inside, from baked goods to poisonous ingredients, to magical tomes. Finally, he typically dons a very large, wide-brimmed wizard hat.

Hometown:  The Master's Plantation/Feltkan (After he was imprisoned for centuries)

Character Skills

Necromancy of the Moor (Passive) 

Xala’s power flows from the power of The Grand Moor, thus the undead he conjures have an undying loyalty to their Master and cannot have their minds be overruled by other forces, but they are indeed killable. Xala can reanimate dead corpses, but these bodies are far better servants than actual combatants, thus he conjures undead from a realm ruled by The Grand Moor, known as the Moors (where the Moor species got their name from).

Conjurations of the Necromancer 

Xala conjures undead from the Moors wherever he concentrates his power towards. Duration: 10 turns. The undead will follow Xala’s every command and will fight with the precision of an expert fighter.

-Petty Undead: For 1 ENG, Xala conjures one petty undead: Ghoul, Vampiric Monstrosity, or Skeletal Viking. Each creature has 5 AP in STR, SPD, and DEF (15 AP).
--Ghoul has a venomous bite that can infect an opponent with a necrotic curse that reduces all stats by -2.
--Vampiric Monstrosity can glide across wide distances and can sink its fangs into an enemy to heal itself.
--Skeletal Viking wields an enchanted sword that can set foes on fire and a shield that has magic resistance that can block spells that cost up to 2 ENG.

-Lesser Undead: For 2 ENG, Xala conjures one lesser undead: Skeletal Cavalry, Skeletal Samurai, or Wraith.
--Skeletal Cavalry rides into battle with an enchanted spear that, upon impact, creates the electric force of a lightning bolt wherever it lands; Skeletal Cavalry can recall this spear to its hand whenever it pleases; Skeletal Calvary has 10 SPD, 5 STR, 5 DEF (20 AP).
--Skeletal Samurai wields a longbow, wakizashi, tanto, and katana – each weapon is frost-enchanted, which can reduce SPD by -2 for anyone hit; Skeletal Samurai has 10 STR, 10 DEF (20 AP).
--Wraith is an incorporeal creature that can only be killed with magic but can be struck with physical weapons to make its form dissipate for 1 Turn before it becomes reformed; Wraith is able to glide around the battlefield with a ghostly presence that heals Xala’s allies for 1 ENG per heal – healing can range from cuts to a missing limb in need of reattachment; Wraith has 10 SPD, 10 ENG (20 AP).

-Common Undead: For 3 ENG, Xala conjures one common undead: Bone Tyrant, Necromage, or Blood Golem.
--Bone Tyrant strides into battle as an elite commander of the undead, granting every undead minion under Xala’s control +1 to all stats. Bone Tyrant has 10 SPD, 10 STR, 5 DEF (25 AP).
--Necromage levitates across the battlefield with an entourage of undead, flying eyeballs. These eyeballs cast shields around the Necromage or its allies to protect it from all forms of magical or energetic attack so long as it did not cost more than Necromage’s spell. Additionally, the eyeballs can blast a necrotic spell that blinds opponents who look into their eyes once the spell goes off – indicated by a pulsing, green light. Necromage has 10 SPD, 15 ENG (25 AP).
--Blood Golem stomps around as a tank monster at 6 meters with intimidating strength and durability. Blood Golem wields its fists that are coated in metal and bone spikes that are coated in a curse that causes extreme hemophilia wherever the wound was made. Blood Golem has 5 SPD, 10 STR, 10 DEF.

-Greater Undead: For 4 ENG, Xala conjures one greater undead: Abomination, Lich Lord, or Dracolich.
--Abomination scourges the world’s eyes as its multi-headed, multi-limbed, fiendish appearances stomp on its prey before its feet’s mouths open to consume them. Abominations are crude manifestations of evil incarnate, made by tethering the souls of a dozen murderers and the flesh of fallen foes. This creature can open mouths all over its body to chomp down on potential attacks and enemies. Abomination has 10 STR, 10 SPD, 10 DEF (30 AP).
--Lich Lord wields a pseudo version of Xala’s Necronomicon, which allows it to conjure and utilize Xala’s spells, however, the Lich’s spells cost -1 more ENG than Xala’s, and the Lich Lord can only have 3 Undead Summons up at a time. Lich Lord has 10 SPD, 20 ENG (30 AP).
--Dracolich flies across the battlefield with the ability to breath Witch-Flame down upon opponents. Dracolich can summon a Wraith of itself to fly around the battlefield and heal allies for -2 ENG per heal – healing can range from small wounds to the spontaneous restructuring of organs and limbs. Dracolich has 10 SPD, 10 STR, 5 DEF, 5 ENG (30 AP).

-Grand Undead: For 5 ENG, Xala can conjure one grand undead: Mage Striker, Bone Titan, or Shepherd. Xala can only have one Grand Undead active at a time.
--Mage Striker harnesses the power of an ancient witch-hunter who held the ability to use Anti-Magic. Any magical spells against this creature are reflected against the caster. Mage Striker, if struck with non-magical energy, can use an equal amount of ENG to diminish the attack with a shield of Void Energy. Mage Striker has 10 SPD, 10 STR, 5 DEF, 10 ENG (35 AP).
--Bone Titan wields a massive, cursed flail that causes those struck by it to become absorbed into the head upon death. Each soul absorbed increases the Bone Titan’s SPD by +1. This undead stands at 20 meters tall. The Bone Titan has the bones of ancient dragons and giants to make up its structure, thus they have incredibly high heat resistance that makes it able to walk through lava for a dozen seconds before it begins to melt. In the center of its chest – protected by curses that absorb spells cast towards it – is a beating, black heart of a long-dead Sorcerer King that will instantly kill the creature if it is removed or impaled. Bone Titan has 15 DEF, 15 STR, and 5 SPD (35 AP).
--Shepherd is an enigmatic entity that always has an entourage of wisps that float around it. This conjurer of lost souls can summon Wraiths and ghostly Dracoliches that heal Xala’s allies. Shepherd Summon Limit: 5 minions. Meanwhile, the Shepherd can also use its dark magic to keep the undead around it alive until Shepherd is killed, even if the undead are dealt a killing blow. Shepherd has 10 SPD, 25 ENG (35 AP).

Abjuration of the Dark Magician 

Xala has practiced Necromancy and all manner of Dark Arts for thousands of years and his expertise at protecting himself from the foul influences of these practices are vast in terms of his techniques and understanding.
-Passive: Xala is immune to all forms of curses, hexes, and dark magic so long as he uses an equal amount of ENG to protect himself from them – attacks from deities or divine entities of dark persuasion require twice as much ENG to deflect.
-Ward of the Necromancer: Xala casts a shield around himself and 3 allies (or 6 undead) that protects them based on how much ENG Xala invested into the magical ward, thus defending his allies from magical or energetic attacks of the same cost. Cooldown: 3 Turns. Duration: 2 Turns.
-Protection from Evil: Xala casts a shield around himself and 3 allies (or 6 undead) that protects them from demonic, necrotic, eldritch, and evil-aligned attacks or spells. This shield can be broken based on how much ENG Xala invests. Cooldown: 3 turns. Duration: 2 Turns.


Xala's own form of dealing damage comes from the ancient Moor art of Witch-Flame, a green fire that is cold to the touch but feasts on anything it comes into contact with like a wildfire of red-bellied piranhas. The flames are most dangerous to those of flesh and or magical construct, but the flame itself breaks apart molecules bit by bit, thus even a hard metal surface can be broken through with enough force. The base cost of Witch-Flame is 1 ENG for a fireball that's explosion is a 5 meter radius. This flame can be controlled by the user as they please in all manner of destructive ways, but to get more powerful versions of the spell, the caster must utilize more ENG.

Vile Enchantment 

Xala’s knowledge over undeath and his attunement with Dark Magic has allowed him to expand his power outward to amplify the attacks or health of his allies and undead.
-Night-Crawler’s Embrace: Xala casts an enchantment that effects up to 3 allies or undead that grants them +2 SPD and allows them to crawl on all surfaces with ease. Cooldown: 4 Turns. Duration: 3 Turns.
-Eye for an Eye: Xala casts an enchantment that effects up to 3 allies (or 6 undead) that allows them to regenerate as much as they deal damage by absorbing the life energies of their opponent’s wound. To its extreme, a person could die, have one of their attacks also kill an opponent, and that opponent’s life energies would be used to bring the person’s life/consciousness/soul back in their physical vessel. Cooldown: 3 Turns. Duration: 2 Turns.

Beneficiary of the Dead (Passive) 

As a Necromancer, Xala is in tune with the tormented souls harbored within the undead. He naturally regenerates 1 ENG each post as long as he has one minion at his disposal.

If he has an undead under his control, wild undead cannot see him as a threat, as the presence of the soul-link between Master and Puppet provides a disguise to undead entities. Conscious undead, such as Liches and or variations of Death Knights, etc, are not affected by this trickery.

Soul Vampirism 

When something dies near Xala, Xala can consume its soul to regenerate ENG while also learning its memories. The amount of ENG Xala receives is dependent on the amount of soul energy within an individual. Every death regenerates 1 ENG. If one of Xala’s minions dies, he can regenerate 2 ENG but reduces the undead’s corpse to ashes.

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Special Items


Flesh-bound book made from the first people he killed, has everything he has every learned about the arcane arts and Necromancy, i.e. what he uses to search for corpses underground that are fresh enough or gain new skills each level.

Necromancer's Amulet 

Three-eyed jade skull attached to ebony chains that boosts resistance to magical attacks and allows him to see through *most* illusion magics.

Crown of the Dreaded King 

Four Semi-Sentient Hands that float around their Master and act as extra magical conduits. Control over them is gained by killing the current Master. The Hands take on some of the strain of arcane energies from their Master. If the Master is in danger, The Hands will cast abilities for them and help them control their magic - highly resistant to Anti-Magic, being extremely ancient magical relics.

When in Combat: Spells that are above 2 ENG will have their ENG cost reduced by 2. Example: 1 ENG and 2 ENG spells will have same cost, but a 3 ENG spell will be reduced to 1 ENG.

Outside of Combat: Costs of spells are reduced by -2 ENG.

The Hands 

Four Semi-Sentient Hands that float around their Master and act as extra magical conduits. Control over them is gained by killing the current Master. The Hands take on some of the strain of arcane energies from their Master - they reduce the cost of ENG in all forms by -2, including permanent stat decreases/up-costs. If the Master is in danger, The Hands will cast abilities for them and help them control their magic - highly resistant to Anti-Magic, being extremely ancient magical relics. In combat, The Hands can be fully utilized for 3 turns, but then go on a 1 turn cooldown.

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In his childhood, he discovered his magical abilities, and soon after, his innate talent for the manipulation of the dead - Necromancy. At the age of 18, he joined set in motion a revolution and murdered the Red Empire's Royal family. After the revolution was won, he left the continent and set sail, continuing to practice his magical abilities. Before he reached shore, he was imprisoned for 400 years. He was released and went on to explore the advanced world, learned as much as he could, and traveled with a group of companions. While Xala grew in power as he adventured, he had met plenty of friends and foes, most notably the Arch-Mage, Keban. Keban caused a Civil War, the two fought, and Xala won - ending the Civil War. Years later, those who worshiped Keban cast a curse to banish Xala from the Universe entirely, never allowing him to return.

The Moors: AKA "The Dark Ones" a specie of dark-elf-vampire-like creatures that are ageless but have an incredibly painful reaction to the sun. Once a powerful specie, they were overthrown by their slaves and Xala became the last individual to have any Moor blood. (Much like the Sload from ESO) They had a culture that revolved around their innate abilities that allows them to excel in the realm of Necromancy and Macabre Dark Arts. (Like how Angel have light magic and some Demons have fire magic.)

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