AP: 30

Crowns: 2,561

black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  10

Defense:  0

Energy:  10


Name:  White Rabbit

Species:  Rabbit

Height:  5'9

Appearance:  Human like with white hair and two white rabbit ears sticking up his head. He has dur on the back of his hands, and hair going down t0 his shoulders.

Character Skills

Journey To Wonderland  

White can create a rabbit hole to move around during and outside battle. The rabbit hole can appear anywhere, even midair, as long as it is within line of sight. The hole acts as a portal between the two locations, and can transport more than just White. The rabbit hole can also grow in size, to fit extremely large objects, however, it has limitations. White cannot use this ability while he is immobile, or fatigued. It costs 1 energy to use, and lasts for 3 posts, with no energy upkeep. Additionally, if needed, White can create a portal to Wonderland. In his home turf, he gains certain buffs (+1 to strength, speed, OR energy) to his power, and any illusion magic of sorts, from friend or foe, are amplified (effects 1 more person, OR +1 duration). Anyone can enter Wonderland, but one can only exit through a rabbit hole. Defeating or persuading White is the only way out. But, others are allowed to leave if white doesn't follow them in, or if he leaves, meaning he cant permanently trap someone in wonderland. Cant be used to escape combat.

Here comes the Queen! (Her Excellency, Her Royal Majesty, the Queen of Hearts!... And the king  

White blows on his trumpet, and summons a spectral version of the Queen of Hearts, and her Court. The Queen and the Court judge one person, and mark them for death. Only one person can be marked at a time, and a marked person will get a large heart painted on their backs. The mark lasts for three posts, and during that duration, the target takes extra damage from White, and a rabbit-hole can be created directly to that person for no energy cost. The mark disappears if the target moves out of the eye-sight of white. Has a 2 energy cost to summon the Queen and her Court during the battle, and a 1 post cooldown. If White kills a marked target before the duration ends, he can mark another target within eyesight. The duration resets for each new mark. Alternatively, he may mark two people at once, and the mark lasts double the duration and cooldown.

Ricochet Blast (Passive) 

White has powerful legs he can use to jump back and forth, giving him great maneuverability. Additionally, When white bounces against an immovable object, he can rebound off of it, with +1 speed. The buff lasts for 2 posts, and can stack, up to a maximum of 2 He can only rebound and get the buff once per post, but can rebound off of objects normally all he likes. Additionally, White's legs are extremely powerful, and paired with his light body, he has unparalleled mobility, even in the sky. When airborne, White can basically do a double jump, in any direction on the 360 plane. The hop takes him up to 5 feet away from his previous position, allowing him more options in a fight. He can perform this hop only twice in a row, afterwards, he must wait for 2 posts, because kicking at nothing but air is tiring work, so his legs need to cool off. Outside of battle, can be used indefinitely and to hover in mid air. Using this ability, he may also shrink down to a regular bunny, or back to his hybrid form at will.

The Grin 

White is mentally unstable, and paired with his phantasmal nature, keeps him unhinged. His insanity warps his fae nature, keeping his own energy circling around his body, instead of being expelled. In a state of extreme bloodlust, when white consumes energy, the energy begins to flow around his body. Once he uses all his energy, it collects and erupts in an implosion, filling white with his energy forcefully, and exploding anything within a radius, including himself. the implosion rocks his body, and leaves him stunned but still able to fight. his bloodlust naturally decays over time, and once he exits combat or exits his bloodlust state, he explodes outwards, releasing all his energy at once, that merges Wonderland and the real world. in this state, white is in a killable state, and cant move until wonderland slowly disipitates.

Special Items

Guillotine Scissors  

A pair of Scissors with guillotine blades and a white rabbit head in the centre of it. The guillotine blades can be detached and used separately from the scissors. The guillotine blades are made specially for chopping off limbs, especially heads, and when killing a marked target, White can turn the target into a blood-cake. Anyone who consumes a blood-cake instantly gains regen, which heals them a minor wound.

Fanfare Smasher 

A Hammer/Trumpet hybrid, which can be stored in his back pocket. Its default form is the hammer, and is several sizes larger than white, but can shrink to fit in his pocket. The trumpet is equally larger than White, and equally louder. It can be used to startle and disorient people for one post, causing their vision to swirl, and make kt harder to hit White.

Tick-tock, Break Heads  

Whites pocket watch, which is stuffed mad with cakes, and two days late. The clock will sometimes ring loudly on random occasions, but can also be used to summon minions of Whites good friend, Time. Once per turn, White can summon ten 1/1/1 Minutes, that behave as npcs, and serve no purpose, aside from being weak. However, 60 minutes will turn into an Hour, which vastly improves its power, transforming into a hulking 6/6/6 minion that can be used for battle. The Hour isnt all that smart, and can only understand basic commands, such as “smash this” or “attack that” and thats it. Can only have 1 Hour at a time.

Jibber-Jabber Jabber-talk 

A device he uses when he becomes fed up of people of not understanding him. Instead of changing his entire speech pattern for others, he instead throws these small knife-like needles at people, which give them the ability to understand mentally what he's saying. Of course, the effect ends when the needle is removed. A plus side of this, is that anyone with the needle will be able to understand any language, even ones they don't know.