AP: 30

Crowns: 0

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Strength:  5

Speed:  5

Defense:  10

Energy:  10


Name:  Violet

Age:  18

Species:  Fox

Height:  4'2"

Appearance:  White fur with purple hair. Big blue eye, cute and adorable, built for cuddling.

Apparel:  A white short-sleeved form-fitting short with a brown leather vest. Brown leather pants and a leather belt.

Hometown:  Unknown

Character Skills

Faerie Fire 

Can create a glowing purple outline that illuminates any living things within ten feet. This lasts for two posts and takes two posts to cool down. It does not work on nonliving objects or through solid objects. 3 ENR

Move Unseen 

This allows her to pass through an area leaving no traces at all, no scent, footprints or any other kind of trace. 1 ENR activates it, lasts three posts and has a four post cooldown. 4 ENR allows her to use this on another person. With 3 ENR used for each person she uses it on.

Trap Line 

Placing three arrows or other types of ammunition and then setting the spell on it causes them to become hostile. Whenever anyone not exempt from the spell comes within range the trap triggers and the ammunition flies from its position as if fired normally. The ammunition is consumed and this costs 3 ENR.

Double Strike 

This allows her to expend 2 ENR to cause her second shot fired with any type of long-range hand weapons, such as a bow or gun, to hit the exact same spot as her last shot fired.

Special Items

Thorn Bow 

This bow was made from the branch of a large thorn tree that was struck by lightning. It retained a trace of the element and when fired that spark passes to the arrows, causing them to deal electrical damage.

Wolf Fang Dagger 

This dagger is made from a wolf's fang, the hilt of it wrapped in leather. This dagger remains as sharp as the day it was taken and has a chance to cause any wounds it creates to become infected.

Serpents Fang Amulet 

This amulet was worn by her mother, the shaman of their tribe and it grants immunity to poison.

Eagle Claw Pendant 

This pendant was worn by her father the head hunter of the tribe and grants +2 to speed.

Violet was born and raised on Solace. Her and her family had lived in the forests in and around the area of the lake and the river for generations. Occasionally warring with the Gecko tribe. Then the Humans came. The forest was cut down to build their houses and their walls and most of Violets Tribe was wiped out. Those few who survived fled deeper into the woods, running into the geckos and others who did not take kindly to what was viewed as and invasion by the fox tribe and so one by one or even several at a time they were killed. all that remains now is violet, living on the edges of everything, scavenging to survive.