AP: 39

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  2

Speed:  20

Defense:  6

Energy:  11


Name:  Val

Age:  700 (looks 15)

Species:  Fairy

Height:  5'3

Character Skills

Fairy Dust 

Can generate. create. shape and manipulate fairy dust, which is generated by her. It can be used as tools,objects weapons,and cloths. Dust can also be used to shrink objects (up to 3 post) and people (2 post) (1 eng)


The power to nullify the powers of others. She can cancel out the powers of others making them unable to utilize one ability of her choice for a duration of 2 posts. In order for this skill to take effect she must used her fairy dust on the target. She has to get up close to them to have it take affect. (1 EN. cool down of 3 post)


She can use the ability to modify her appearance with glamour i.e. eye color, hair color, and shapeshifting to appear as animals or other creatures. Even is able to manifest wings that grow or are attached to the body allowing flight. They may also protect from rear attacks or detach and re-grow for quick getaways. As well as change her height as needed to be.

World Wrath 

She can manipulate vegetation; grow plants to enormous proportions in nearly any environment, and use them as weapons that can grab and attack with vines and roots, grow or retract thorns. She could animate and control plant life, rapidly speed up the growth of plants and possibly communicate with them. [1 ENG]
This ability also allows her to manipulate and control solid rock and sediment formations, such as stone, brick, dirt, mud and basic rock. [1 ENG]
With this power, one could levitate and throw rocks, form solid structures out of rock and other things by spending 1 ENG.In addition to this, she can cause landslides, avalanches, and earthquakes for 5 ENG.

Special Items


A flowery charm silver anklet that was as gift from someone special to her that makes her tends to switch her her stats around at random and tends to be every time she grows to human sizes. As well as it acts as a protection spell around her.