AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  0

Speed:  5

Defense:  5

Energy:  20


Name:  Twenty-two

Age:  Unknown

Species:  Number

Height:  162 cm ( 5'4'' )

Appearance:  Twenty-two appears as a young and lithe woman in her early 20's, with many visual traits not akin to a common human. Though she resembles said species, her skin and hair are white as snow and smooth as silk and porcelain, devoid of any visible flaws and blemishes. She fashions her hairstyle in a simple and clean bob cut, and has fine, beauteous feminine facial traits. Her eyes further reinforce her ethereal yet artificial aura, as they appear completely digital. Cyan, with glowing light blue pupils and limbal rings. Were one to gaze into them, they would find the tiniest, yet most advanced of circuits. Though her gaze lacks the spark of life, her expression oft remains the same, forever frozen in a friendly, wide smile.

Apparel:  This Number will always be seen wearing robes akin to those of a nun, with a snugly-fitting top and a skirt devoid of creases. Well-extended, silky white fabric, with cyan accents and outlines, and a small cape, with pointed triangular ends, that embraces her shoulders, upper back, and chest. Her footwear consists of white shoes; she lacks gloves or a headpiece. Her simplistic holographic wings float mere inches from her back, ever projecting a dim cyan light.

Hometown:  The Sanctum

Character Skills

Nanosentinel (Passive) 

Twenty-two is capable of projecting her mind into any device or system that follows logical operations through electronic pulses and sequences. Acting as an intruding artificial intelligence, she can access, alter, and control each and every function in whatever operational system or device she enters, as well as copy or extract all its data in a matter of nanoseconds. She can live as a disembodied AI and jump into any working systems within an area of five kilometers, as well as detect their location in real time. This ability excludes purely biological organisms and other artifical intelligences, though she can telepathically communicate, share, and extract information with other digital minds. Utilizing this ability directly against players requires their consent for plot purposes.

Labyrinth (Passive) 

Twenty-two's mind functions as an extremely complex yet efficient artificial intelligence that can hoard and process immense quantities of information in minuscule time frames. It is also incredibly secure - essentially an unassailable data bank. As a result, she is immune to abilities that affect the mind in any shape or form, as well as hacking attempts or other digital attacks. It is also extremely difficult to cause or induce any kind of emotion, as her strangely content behavior will remain through even the most dire situation.


Due to the sheer amount of energy her body generates, Twenty-two can release concentrated streams of electrical static, creating up to 220 volts. Because these currents have low amperage, they have no application in combat, but can easily power up devices or electrical systems, as well as fry those with lower tolerance. This ability costs 1 ENR per use.


By increasing their size significantly, Twenty-two's 'wings' can generate an electromagnetic field of concentrated force that redirects or stops incoming objects, as well as launches anything the user desires through telekinetic-like means. Objects lighter than her can be pulled, manipulated, and cast away with immense force, but greater mass can only be stopped without further manipulation. This field encompasses an area of 4x3 meters and costs 1 ENR per post, which is subject to increase depending on the size and weight of the object caught in the field. Manipulating, stopping, or launching smaller objects does not consume extra ENR.

Special Items


Through technomantic, built-in projectors, Twenty-two is capable of summoning high-definition holographic screens of any size, which display whatever information she is processing in real time. From graphs to AV feed, these screens relay whatever she desires to nearby spectators. Being intangible, they are physically irrelevant, presenting no direct applications in combat.


A set of six, glowing cyan protrusions that draw the outline of wings in minimalistic design. Three, parallel straight lines at either side, becoming progressively shorter, with pointy ends. These wings power 'Cyberwarden', and while they do not allow flight, the bearer can slow down or change her direction mid-air. They are intangible, and cannot be destroyed.


A tall and comfy seat of hard light that Twenty-two can summon at any time.

The Emissary of the Zephyr Bureau, and the Voice of DECIMUS VI. Naught else is known, and it will ever remain that way.