AP: 30

black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  5

Defense:  5

Energy:  10


Name:  Tirion La Teur

Age:  23

Species:  Human

Apparel:  Varies

Hometown:  Olesia

Character Skills

Armee Morte 

Tirion is capable of raising the dead to serve him. For 1 energy, Tirion can raise three zombies of ordinary strength called "pawns" to do his bidding. The Pawns are regular undead that can only follow basic orders but are relentless, being defeated only by holy magic and beheading. A pawn's bite is deadly, inflicting a poison that lowers a person's strength by 1. The debuff stacks, and for every bite gets a -1 to strength for 3 posts. The bite can also turn regular people into zombies. NPCs will die outright and turn immediately, and players that are infected will turn if they die while affected by the disease. NPCs will turn into pawns, and players that die and turn will become a random special undead that does not count against his limit.


Tirion can raise special undead and give them different abilities and powers. He can raise a special undead for 2 energy or promote an existing pawn for 1 energy. If a pawn performs a great feat (such as killing a player or completing a goal) it will promote automatically. Tirion can promote the undead to different classes, and can only have a limited number of each special undead, to a max of 3. He can summon more special undead but will consume 1 energy every post for each additional special zombie after 3. Self-promoted pawns are not counted against the limit of special zombies

Knight: a knight is a special undead that can take control of existing pawns during combat. It becomes a much stronger zombie that can command pawns to perform complex maneuvers and improves fighting efficiency. A single knight can command up to 5 other pawns. Limit: 3
Rook: a rook is a special undead that can deflect blows with limited movement. A Rook is slow and heavy but has vastly increased defenses, being able to block normal weapon attacks with ease. Limit:2
Bishop: a bishop is a special undead that can summon more pawns to fight. A bishop can summon and create 1 pawn, as per the Arme Morte spell. The Pawn follows all the same rules as applied to other zombies. A bishop can summon 1 pawn per turn. Limit:1 when the bishop is destroyed for the first time, Tirion can no longer create or promote bishops. Instead, bishops can only be self-promoted by pawns.

Du Venin 

Tirion can spew poisonous clouds full of curses that can damage anyone who breathes in the poison. Anyone that isn't undead that is in the poison cloud will take continuous damage until they leave the area of effect. Additionally, the poison cloud has a synergy effect with undead and Tirions Pawns. Undead within the poison cloud becomes infected. When the undead dies, another, smaller, cloud of poison is released in a new area. Tirion can summon undead from inside the poison clouds rather than next to him and is also immune to the poison cloud. Creating a poison cloud consumes 1 energy and lingers for 3 posts, with no upkeep.

Danse Macabre 

Tirion spreads dark energy across the battlefield, raising countless undead from the ground. When Tirion uses this ability, he summons 5 pawns in a ten feet radius, centered on himself. For every post, more Pawns will be raised, reducing in numbers by 1 for every post (the second turn will raise 4 undead, 3rd will raise 3, etc). Danse Macabre consumes 3 energy immediately and has a cooldown of 3 posts. Additionally, Tirion can consume 2 more energy to cause all remaining zombies under his control to explode with necromantic energy, damaging everyone within the area. The energy acts similarly to the poison cloud of Tirions Du Venin spell.

Special Items

The Dying Maiden 

A large and deadly looking spear that gleams with necromantic energy. Tirion can wield the spear as if it weighs nothing, and can use it to slash at targets. People hit by the spear's blade become infected with the poison, getting a stacking -1 to strength for 3 posts. If a person infected dies, they come back as a pawn.


A silver ring that leads to an endless room full of weapons and armor. Tirion can use the ring's power to create standard weapons and armor and equip others with it. He can create 3 sets of weapons at a time, and cannot create futuristic weapons, or gunpowder weapons. For 1 energy, Tirion can instead summon siege equipment. Projectile weapons come with ammunition, not having to summon it

Well of Souls 

A bloody chain that was infused with souls of the living, giving it almost lifelike properties. The chain can be used to whip targets, and moves with precision, and can be attached to items to return them to Tirion's hand. The chain is almost 100 feet long and can be used to ensnare foes as well as slowly drain their willpower. Targets that come into contact with the chain will hear the screams of the damned that can momentarily stun and shock them. The longer the chain is in contact with the target, the longer the stun will remain next time it comes into contact. The chain is hidden up his sleeves and can be summoned for ease of use

Mr. Cursey 

A memento from his teachers, Olesia and Syneesh. The voodoo doll glows with an eerie light, almost as if possessed. Tirion can place the hair or blood of a target into Mr. Cursey to activate the effects and curse them. Cursed targets can feel a heavyweight on their shoulders, and a dark force whispering in their ears. The force can't actively control the target but will try to convince it to do what it wants. The force may also communicate with Tirion to let him know where the target is, and what they have said or discussed. The curse can be broken by destroying the doll or having someone purify the target.

Tirion is the student of powerful necromancers Olesia and Syneesh, who once had the world trembling, tails between their feet. Much like his mentors, Tirion was a powerful necromancer and voodoo doctor, playing with the dark forces of nature and striking fear into those he faced. When he became old enough, both his masters disappeared, and he left his home of Olesia, named affectionately after his master, to seek out the Sultan of the nearby kingdom, pledging services to the man. Tirion then retreated to his undead city of Olesia, now it's master and ruler. Slowly, people began to trickle in, living people that built towns in the marshes and governed themselves, with Tirion overlooking them from his manor hidden deep in the forest. He wasn't particularly close to anyone, not even his mentors, who had disappeared, but he was quickly forgotten. The aultan left him to his own devices and the war he fought in waged with him watching from the sidelines. That was his role to play, a silent watcher that took no side, but was a powerful combatant that could still easily defeat all who opposed him