AP: 46

Crowns: 855


black bg.png

Strength:  8

Speed:  11

Defense:  16

Energy:  11


Name:  Talia Jae Bloom

Age:  Age: ??? Age appearance: 21-ish

Species:  Fallen Valkyrie

Height:  5,10

Appearance:  Hair-color: Jet-black.
Hair-length: (When fully undone, her hair reaches to the very bottom of her shoulder-blades.)
Hair-style: (Naturally straight and slightly wavy.) --
Eye-color: Talia’s eye-color varies a bit, usually it is black at the center of the pupil with a light gray outer ring to her eye, other times it is bright blue, and even on other times it is dark blue.
Eye pupil shape: (Humanoid.)

Apparel:  -A black long-sleeve shirt with a heart symbol on the left breast area of the chest, it hangs down to her waist and slightly overlaps her pants with it’s length.
-A pair of denim-like pants that are all black in design.
-A Black jacket that hangs down to just above her knees, it has a set of straps that fasten in various places, keeping the jacket in place even while the jacket itself is unfastened. -A black belt that is designed with small storage pockets. -A pair of black combat boots that are designed to not only hold grip and be flexible, but also give the appearance of a militaristic appearance.
-A pair of fingerless black gloves that have armoring on the knuckles and palm.
Visuals, imagine this outfit: Outfit 1
With the straps that hold this jacket in place:

Hometown:  Whiteden

Character Skills

Eternal Homeostasis/Control:  

Talia was enchanted with magic that allowed her to age and grow up to her young-adult phase but stopped her ageing there, time has stopped for Talia in terms of moving forward and she has an eternal Homeostasis set in place, making her unable to die to old age or time moving forward as well as prevent unwanted alterations to her body, such as chemicals or drugs or fluids, if anything is in her system that is not originally there from the base form the magic was given, it can be rendered useless or allowed to effect her based on her body’s analysis and her choice.
In addition to the ability to avoid the endless march of time’s effect on her body, Talia is also able to control the inner-mechanisms of her own body, such as the temperature being of one aspect, she can lower her body temperature to below freezing, so much so, ice can grow on her skin, or raise her body’s temperature to a smelting heat-level that can be useful in activities such as Black-smithing, and can focus different temperatures to different parts of her body.
All of her bonded items are able to have their temperature manipulated as well and are unaffected by temperature in terms of damage or wear.
(Should also be noted that her Homeostasis allows her to keep scarring or damage if she chooses to allow, but once she allows scarring, it is permanently part of her initial makeup.)

Weight Manipulation/Density control:  

Talia can manipulate her bodily weight to not only make herself lighter or heavier, but also can manipulate the weight as a force, allowing her to distribute it among her cells/muscles/limbs for different purposes, one such purpose being that she can channel her weight throughout her body to any point in any portion, allowing her to channel weight into her blows to make them more effective, or use the weight to reinforce her strength and/or movement and make her physically more capable, also is able to use the weight of her items in any scenario of manipulation allowing her to drain/give/manipulate her sword’s weight into her weight manipulation for more of a boost, as well as all her other bonded items or items she is in direct contact with.
For each pound she is able to manipulate with this ability, her body grows stronger and more durable, making it able to withstand more impact and damage, say she can manipulate 200lbs, her body would then become 200lbs more durable and dense, making her body itself like an armor that bases itself on her weight manipulation.
(Base Body weight: 142 lbs.)


Talia has an ability to access her own sort of pocket-dimension where she can constantly store stuff within and take stuff out, it is an infinite space so it could technically store any number of items, however the only things able to pass through this ability have to be of her bonded items in term of category, allowing her to swap in and out things such as her weapons and/or clothing.
Furthermore it can store things that are associated with bonded items such as ammunition, but is limited to how much the item itself can hold without being in the dimension, say if she had a Shotgun that could hold 15 Shells, she can store only 15 Shells within her pocket-dimension, and can reload instantly with the method of porting the ammunition in, practically giving her a double-clip.
She can store her bonded items from any distance in her pocket-dimension, allowing her to de-spawn items that may be separated from her because of circumstances and re-quip them.
(Note: Bonded items are all items within her bio.)

Items being within this dimension do not interfere with Weight manipulation, allowing Talia to still use their full weight even if she has them stown away.

Heavy are the eyes of a queen: (lvl 2) 

Talia’s eyes are of a special breed, they are normally black at the center with a grey outer ring to them, these eyes when focused on with energy, turn bright blue and can see through illusions, spot spirits, as well as detect energy to where she can see energy as a color, they can also can track all kinetic energy and weight in her field of view as well as a 10m distance around her body, allowing her to see things such as an enemy going to strike her, if her eyes are active she can not only see where the movement is going but also measure the weight and force behind it, letting her know how much force or speed she would need to counter it or dodge it.
Just because she can see and track movements does not grant her immunity though, if someone is immensely faster than her and all her weight movement combined then she cannot speed up to counter something out of her league.
Talia regenerates 2 energy per post as long as her eyes are intact, doesn’t matter if activated or not.
If something were to slice open her eyes or remove them in some way, she does not gain this benefit.
(Costs 2 Energy per post to be active.)

The Devourer’s Influence: 

Upon awakening The Devourer spirit within Talia she has awakened his never-ending bloodlust form of combat, now when Talia is to kill an enemy of any kind, their bodies will burn to ash and she will heal for any injuries sustained at the time of the kill as well as regenerate any lost stamina, ranged or close does not matter, and chain kills to where she can use the environment still count as long as she was the cause of death.
(Energy recharges 1 point per kill as well.)
In addition, ranged kills with weaponry restores ammunition in one weapon entirely, but melee kills with her hands or a melee weapon restores ammunition in her entire arsenal across the board.
(+1 Strength is added with this ability.)

The Devourer's curse-mark: 

Overtime The Devourer has become more in-tune and more fused with Talia’s bodily structure, enabling him to leak more of his power into her being, he does this through various stages where her skin is coated in his foul-energy and it darkens and changes to a more horrific appearance than her normal skin-coloring and appearance, these morphs depending on their severity offer great power-boosts to Talia but also can have repercussions.

Stage 1:
This is a partial transformation that only encompasses a small percentage of her body-mass, usually an arm or a leg will transform and during this time the weight manipulation that Talia can normally do is doubled but only for that limb or piece of her body, offering great power but physical limitation, the other aspect of this sort of mutation allows Talia to charge weight into said body part and convert it into a form of solid matter that resembles gravity and fire it from said body part as a moderate-to highly destructive projectile depending on how much weight she uses in the blast.
This morph is also able to summon large webbed claws out of her back that act as wings and can be used freely with weight manipulation and Density control.
(Requires a one post cooldown between distance attacks.)
Activation cost: 1 Energy.
Upkeep cost per post: 1 Energy.

Stage 2: Partial Possession.
This is a more complete transformation of the curse-mark, where it will encompass not one limb but most of her physical mass around that limb, resulting in a partial body possession where Talia starts losing her inhibitions and control of her behavior, becoming more sadistic, cruel, and animalistic.
The possessed parts of her body gain the ability to triple the weight that Talia can manipulate only for the affected parts, it also retains the distance shot from stage 1 ability but also gains the ability of bodily size morphs, allowing her to increase the size of the possessed bodily parts, allowing her to increase sizes of individual parts up to 5x their normal size.
(Two posts is required for cooldown between each distanced attack.)
Activation cost: 2 energy.
Upkeep cost per post: 2 Energy.
Activation cost is nullified if transformed into from previous form

Stage 3: Complete Possession.
This stage is where Talia loses all sense of her normal personality and becomes directly under the control of The Devourer spirit within her, her entire body is coated in the curse-mark and the weight she can manipulate now quadruples, however since it is her entire body she can freely manipulate the newfound weight control and Density throughout her entire body, including her wings if she morphs them out.
She retains all the abilities of past stages, however she can now control her bodily size and individual possessed part size to go up to 10x bigger than her normal size.
While in this form “Heavy are the eyes of the queen” is permanently active and requires no energy cost to maintain while in this form.
Talia, upon exiting this form will be physically damaged and weakened depending on how long she kept it active.
1 post- Physically exhausted.
2 post- Her muscles of her entire body will ache and she will be exhausted.
3 post- Her body will start lagging with the commands of her brain, making her unable to move quickly or move any muscle without heavy lag time along with all previous effects.
4 post- Her body will scream in pain and refuse to work properly, making different parts of her body unresponsive, which parts are random. And keeps all previous side-effects.
5 post- Her skin will have been degraded to where various pieces of her first layer of skin will be decayed away along with every previous effect.
6 post and on- At this point the body will not be harmed past the 5-post limit as it has adapted for the current session of being possessed.
Upon killing someone in this form, 2 energy will be restored, and the healing effects of killing someone will transfer to Talia’s base-form, meaning if she kills at least once while in this form she can negate the damage caused by it.
Activation cost: 5 energy.
Upkeep cost: 5 energy.
Activation cost is nullified if transformed into from previous form.

An advanced shotgun created by James Gearbox using the same collapsed gravity material that makes up Talia’s Collapsed Gravity Blade, making this particular shotgun one of excessive weight, physical indestructibility, and elemental immunity in terms of damage or wear.
The base shotgun holds 24 shots at a time for it’s main barrel. The secondary barrel that is located directly under the main barrel is a sticky bomb launcher that has an ammo capacity of 5 sticky bombs at one time.
The sticky bombs have three different types of ammo usage that can change depending on Talia’s temperature control, if she increases the weapon temperature, or drops it, it will have a separate effect from just a normal Sticky bomb.
-Pyro: Sets things ablaze upon explosion.
-Cryo: freezes all things in the area of the explosion.
-Regular: Just a regular sticky bomb
(Sticky bombs go off like normal and do the regular explosive damage, the secondary effect follows after the initial damage.)
The shotgun’s frontal piece can be cranked to the right to switch to a “Full-auto” mode that can rapid fire shotgun shells.
When the shotgun’s frontal piece is cranked to the left it alters the sticky bomb launcher barrel to match the construct of the original shotgun barrel and it switches it’s ammo to the shotguns main ammunition, allowing Talia to have a form of double-barrel that shoots at the same time.
When pump is pulled back and held, a basic red-dot scope will appear on the top and the shotgun’s main barrel will lengthen slightly and alter to fire AP slugs that are more than double the range of the normal shotgun.
(Carries 15 AP slugs in pocket dimension.)
Item statistics:
-Initial range: 50 yards. (400 for Ap slugs.)
- Sticky bomb range: 45 Yards with initial straight forward aim.
-Weight: 85lbs.
-Sticky bomb explosion radius: 5m.

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Origin: Born in the little town of Haven, Talia was brought into the world with a loving father and mother, whose names were: Richard and Aurora.

They were both retired swordsmen, Richard being of a knightly background, and Aurora being of a monster-hunter background, they had met when a monster had attacked Zerule manya years ago, a Kryssid had gone feral and attacked the city randomly, the city guard could have handled it but Richard and Aurora were nearby the entrance and both had engaged the target immediately, disposing of it quickly with their combined abilities, and from then on they had started building a relationship starting from the kinship of their combined monster-fight.

They were in their early 20’s when they had met, and in their 30’s when they had Talia, they were wed at aged 24 (Richard) and 28 (Aurora). Upon news of Aurora getting pregnant, the two had resigned from their dangerous positions to focus on their child over anything, even their careers. Richard took a smithing job to keep income coming in and things stable, not as much as he would have made as a knight, but enough to support his family, the only thing that mattered.

Over the course of Talia’s infancy, she slowly began to fall ill, about the age of 4, Richard and Aurora noticed she had weakened to the point she couldn’t walk and her skin started to grey and her body-heat started to fade, in an effort to find out what was wrong, they took her to a doctor who couldn’t find anything he could do to help and they wouldn’t accept ‘Let Talia die.’ as an option, Richard had been friends with a coven of witches that were based on the outskirts of The Cotton Citadel and he went there with Talia to see if any magic could help his lone daughter out.

When he had arrived there and spoke to the witches, they said that he and his bloodline had been cursed from long ago, they read off the exact moment, it turned out that Aurora’s blade that she wielded, had a secondary effect that noone had told her when she was given it, it had the curse of killing any offspring the wielder would have as long as they were not of supernatural being. This struck hard and would shock both parents, however that death sentence was not absolute. The witches provided an alternative, they were good friends of Richard and Aurora and didn’t want them to lose their only daughter who was oh so new to life, but they warned them as well.

“We can save your daughter’s life, but you should know that one curse such as this can only be done by another, children who are infused with magic are more often targets of conflict in this land, supernatural forces and monsters exist to destroy those that wield power… We know you both know this.. And we wanted to warn you.. We can save her life, but not from everything that may come because of it.” The witches warned.

It was a heavy situation, either lose their Daughter and never even let her have a life, or subject her to possibly being murdered because she would be a supernatural creature with a target on her back, and they didn’t have much time to choose either, Talia was fading fast. Richard and Aurora would come together and decide, they wanted their daughter to live, but they also were to ask something extra of The Witches.

“Save her life, please, but also give her her own strength to defend herself, she will be a supernatural being as you said, but please give her not only the ability to live, but the ability to survive.” They pleaded.

The Witch coven needed to speak amongst themselves at this request and when they came back, they told the parents that they had a method of giving Talia powers, but it was a dark method, they had a spirit that was connected to The Intangible Existence. They told them that the spirit was an evil one that once sought to destroy Solace but was sealed away before it could enact any plan to actually initiate the destruction, The Witches explained that Talia would be fine and wouldn’t be consumed by the spirit and that they would lock it in as a secondary spirit to Talia’s main, making it submissive to her will. The catch was that Talia would gain access to the spirit’s power, and the power the spirit had was dark and heavy.

In a quick agreement the parents agreed.
Aurora, the one with the cursed sword must relinquish ownership of the sword to her daughter, and she must give her life-force over to her daughter, effectively dying, for Talia’s life-force needed restoration before they could even implant the spirit within, and the sword’s curse would be transferred to Talia, not allowing her to ever have kids of her own, and Aurora agreed to give her life for her daughter, but she told The Witches that she didn’t want Talia to have to go through the same pain, so she asked them to make her unable to get pregnant period to avoid this again, it was cruel in some sense to deny Talia the ability to have children, but it was heartfelt to make her avoid having her own child die due to a curse that was binded to Aurora’s bloodline.

The ritual went as such, Aurora was laid bare on a stone platform next to Talia and The Witches surrounded the two and the powerful black magic was issued to transfer Aurora’s spirit into Talia, and then once Richard’s wife had passed, The Witches would begin the transference of the dark spirit into the baby.. However something went wrong, The Witches would call for Richard in the middle of the ritual and he would rush over to the table in which the spells were being preformed and they explained they underestimated the powers of the dark spirit and said they need more life-force to contain it, they said either Richard goes the way of Aurora or Talia goes the way of Aurora, they couldn’t stop the spell midway or Talia would die anyway, The Witches knew it was cruel to leave the child without parents, but it was the only way she would survive.

Richard bit his lip in frustration and worry as to what could befall his daughter, but The Witches said that they would take care of her through her childhood, so Richard reluctantly agreed, and at the end of that day. Talia was saved, but her parents were killed. A pink heart would form on Talia’s face, a curse-marking of sorts, that gave proof of the spirit within her, and she fell into a deep slumber that would mask her energy signal and her life-force from the outside world, something The Witches cast to protect her, to fulfill their promise. However they were not done, they went the extra mile t help Richard out, one of The Witches did a meditation where she could portion her life-force into Richard so that he could come back to life, at least halfway so that he could prepare things for Talia, such as a home, clothing, or anything he thought she should have from her father.

So richard set off to the land to a place far away from there, so far that he went to a Wintery biome, and there he had used all the saving Aurora and Richad had built up to buy a log-cabin in Whiteden, then he returned to The Witches and explained that he had gotten Talia a home far away from them to avoid Talia ever being traced back to them because what they did, was highly illegal, they took a threat to the land and gave it a new body to dwell in vs sending it to the Intangible realm.

Richard also had gotten The Witches to give him a glimpse of the future Talia, and he had special clothes made for her design, she would not age past Young-Adult so an outfit was easy to get for her measurements.

“Very well.” Richard conceded and gave the life-force back, returning to the grave.
The Witches then left Talia in the slumber until she was the ripe age of 21 where her aging would have stopped and then they pumped information into her mind to make her have visions of a loving childhood where she was with her mom and dad and they had a life together, they also gave her education and basic knowledge of the world within this vision, and erased her memory of The Witches after she woke up and was sent to head to WhiteDen.

For all Talia knew, her parents passed away, but in her mind, The Witches made them pass peacefully vs having to give up their lives prematurely. --End--