AP: 50

Crowns: 34


black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  20

Defense:  13

Energy:  7


Name:  Syndicate Shadows

Age:  4 billion years

Species:  Winter elf/undead

Height:  5'4"

Appearance:  Pale white skin, dark bags under his eyes and piss yellow irises. Messy black hair that sticks up and spikes in random directions

Apparel:  A black tuxedo and dress pants, with bandages hanging loose that travel around his waist and down his legs and arms. Has a tophat and a cigarette case in his breast pocket

Hometown:  Ridule

Character Skills


Syndicate can exude fumes from his body. most noticably his mouth, but he can produce them from his bare skin as well. the fumes are flammable and tinted green, barely visible. The gas is capable of picking up objects and choking living targets, however, is extremely slow when moving large clouds, alternatively smaller wisps move faster. Also, the gas has a powerful stench, allowing anyone to detect the gas a few seconds before it strikes. THe stench causes those in it to feel as if they are surrounded by corpses. he can cause he gas to take up an area, creating a 10 by 10 by 5 cube that makes it hard to breathe for anyone in the cube for 1 energy, or create individual columns of gas that have no cost. Syndicate is immune to the stench and choking abilities of his gas

Sacred Lotus 

For one post, Syn can increase his Strength or energy stat so that it is even with his speed stat. The changes are instantaneous and can be used to give a devastating blow or quickly block an energy attack. The ability can be used once per combat


By pointing and melding with the shadows, Syn can teleport short distances, disappearing in the dark and appearing as a blur in the light. For one energy, he can teleport to a spot of his choosing that collides with an object that is within sight(meaning he cant teleport in the middle of the air). When Syn starts in the area of a shadow or ends in the area of a shadow larger than himself, the teleportation is instant. In areas that lack said shadows, he moves at his base speed in a straight line, but appears as a blur that makes it difficult to track or hit him

Spider Lily 

Syn was reanimated as a corpse with extreme magic. He can no longer permanent die and gains several benefits to being undead. Biological harm that includes disease, pressure points, nervous system etc does not affect him, nor does he need food, water, or air to survive. Because of being reanimated, Syn's body does not have organs, so he is incredibly light, which also means he can fight no matter how badly his body gets beaten up. He does, however, have a magic circle over where his heart would be. Striking at the heart can momentarily stun him, and attacking with holy magic can erase his body.

Bird of Paradise 

The heat of battle only sharpens his instincts, allowing him to move faster every second he's in danger. During combat, Syn gains a passive +1 buff to his speed for every post he remains within 5 feet of at least one opponent. The buff stacks up to 5 times and lasts as long as he stays within 5 feet of an enemy or until he gets hit with an attack, in which case the counter resets to 0.

Night Blooming Cereus 

A two part ability that lets him disappear in the middle of combat. Out of Sight triggers when Syn leaves target field of view(fov). He cloaks himself in shadows and becomes incredibly difficult to detect, invisible and silent. If there are multiple targets, he must be out of fov for all targets.. If he is the only combatant against many, then the second part triggers without an energy cost. Out of Mind can happen any time he exits fov and becomes cloaked in shadows. He can choose to exit stealth to teleport and make a sneak attack against all affected enemies, starting with the closest and ending with the farthest. Out of Sight lasts for 4 posts, or until his is discovered, and Out of Mind consumes 2 energy +1 for every enemy combatant involved.

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Special Items


Four daggers linked together by a string, allowing it to be worn like a belt or sash. By touching the floral pattern engraved on one of the daggers he can "grow" a silver Petal copy that can be thrown or used for combat. The Petal copies can be made indefinitely but are easily broken. The Lilac themselves are much sturdier. Picking and throwing one of the Lilacs causes it to grow several Petals mid flight, maximising the damage and number of daggers thrown. He can only create four Petals manually per post.

Morning Glory 

A rough set of bandages covers Syns entire body, which doubles as defense and offense. Defensively, the bandages make it tougher for physical weapons to harm his body as long as they are wrapped around him, but are vulnerable to fire and attacks when used offensively. The bandages can be shot out, to a max of 20 feet, ensnaring foes that it comes into contact with, or trapping a 10 by 10 area that binds anything that comes into contact. In this form, the bandages are susceptible to attacks, and to much tearing will cause then to become unusable. The bandages can also be freely controlled to grab things or whipped to attack, even be manipulated to form extra appendages. The bandages can form either two extra pairs of arms, or one larger set of arms. The bandages in this form are resistant to attack since they are condensed together, but cannot be used defensively until retracted back to Syn.


An inorganic life form that can morph into different articles of clothing. It appears as a large bulge that can extend out of its current form, biting at anything within 5 feet of Syn. It may also assume a combat form in the shape of a heavy muscular and lightweight body, featuring a torso, arms, and an useless head. In combat form, it possesses the stats 15 strength and 15 speed with zero defense and energy. Both the bulge and its combat form can appear anywhere on Syn that it covers as clothing, and is unaffected by debugging effects that target only Syn, but share buffs Syn receive from himself or outside sources.


A pair of cogs that float around Syns body and can produce green flames similar to Greek fire. The cogs present two different modes. In skyline mode, the cogs fly near syn's ankles, letting him hover over vertical and horizontal surfaces, as well as float for a couple seconds in the air. The cogs are wreathed in fire, and can be used to augment kicks, setting targets on fire and slicing with the discs. In landline mode, The cogs hover around the back of Syn's palms, and cannot produce fire. Instead they can be used as a buckler like shield or thrown out like a frisbee, cutting through soft objects and slamming into targets. The cogs won't get stuck however, and will continue to spin even if lodged into an opponent, potentially dealing more damage if it isnt removed


A green scythe that possesses the soul of a dragon. Its blade can be used to cut through steel and iron, and can control the elements. The scythe can control ice or wreaths itself in flames. It may also transform itself into a green scarf for ease of use or into a serpentine dragon

Lily of the Valley  

Syn can combine together Lilac, Hibiscus, and Chrysanthemum to create the Lily of the Valley. The weapon appears as a large decorative scythe with silver bells hanging off the blade, and a dragon motif down the staff. The scythes blade and staff are disconnected, with the scythe blade being flexible and possessing a non solid shape which allows it to change shape at will and bend around corners, extending its reach or latching onto objects. Lily of the Valley possesses all the properties of the items it's made of, but only activate with a swing of the blade. Taking repeated blows or leaving syns hands will cause the items to break apart and become inanimate for the duration of the battle.


a four section staff, with each section connected to the other by an ever growing length of chain, capable of extending 30 feet from each end of a section. The staff can be used in numerous ways depending on how much the chain is split up, allowing him to attack, chain up and trap an area, or even as a grappling hook. It packs a serious punch and is heavier than it looks, yet Syn can deftly and accurately control it as if it weighed nothing. The staff also has the ability to redirect and redistribute energy. When struck or as it attacks and moves around, the staff builds up kinetic energy. The kinetic energy can be stored in the staff and then used to augment its hitting power, making it feel heavier, denser, and more compact upon being struck. The kinetic energy can also be released in a one time blast that blows everything away in a short radius. The power of both methods scale with the amount of kinetic energy stored in the staff

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Syn has had a checkered pass, being alive for more than 4 eons, hes seen the world live and die many times.  He's seen heroes and villains arise and fall, but none greater than the demons he faced.  The great dark god of hunger and corrupted devouring, Molush.  Syn fought but in the end, sacrificed his life to keep the dark god from consuming his world.   His fighting spirit merged with the dark gifts of the god, reviving him as an undying abomination, the god dead but leaving syn cursed.  He wandered the land, tasting many of the worlds pleasures, until he was sure he had felt them all, nothing gave him life anymore, and he was content to waste away in a tomb or crypt until his mind became blank

As he was travelling the world again, he found himself enveloped in a bright light.  Turning away, despite not having pain or fear of the light, he opened his eyes to a new world, bustling and full of stranger creatures than he had ever seen. He was no longer in his homeworld, but a new one called Tiberia.  It was a hot pot of different cultures, different crestures, and different worlds and dimensions.  A strange rift brought all this universes together into this world so that it was truly diverse.  It was here that syn found way to live again.

It started out simple. He was still new to this world. He didn't know how, but most his power his gone. Not only that, the people of this land were of the same level as him. In his homeworld, he had transcended the power of a god, but his arrogance made him realize he was outmatched by others, as he picked the wrong fight with a crime syndicate, the Black Diamond. 

As Syn traveled he came across a secluded and detsched part of Tiberia, the dragon city of Ihon, where the last dragons have gathered and remained in peace.  In exchange for pledging everlasting service to Ihon, Syn became a dragon rider, gifted with his companion Malachite. He went to their times in need many times in the future, protecting the dragons until they were all slaughtered, one by one by cultists who worshipped a dark god. 

There were always powerful godlike entities that lurked around the corner, looking to make part of the world theirs, and Tiberia was no different.  An ancient and dead king who ruled the sands set about to make the world a terror for him to live in.  Syn was chosen and overtaken to become his pawn, the sands of the dead desert flew into him, clouding his mind and sending him to a far corner of the world to spread the dark disease of Aulroth.  Syn terrorized a city, plaguing them with undead and threatened to move towards the grand city of Venes, but was stopped by the timely intervention of Helen Lafeur, the leader of Black Diamond.   His death shook him of his senses, reverting him and removing Aulroths senses. He welcomed his death as the end of the forever cycle, but he was revived again, afflicted with another curse, ones that Tiberians called Recurrent souls. Now he was cursed to wander for even longer, as death no longer held him back. 

Syn may of thought he was coldhearted, having lost every bit of feeling left, but one day he met a beautiful mermaid, a woman named Lyla, whom reminded him so much of his old flame, from eons ago that died with him to seal Molush.  He spent years courting with Lyla, nurturing a bond he thought impossible, marrying her and becoming prince to her underwater kingdom. However disaster always befell the star struck couple, as time and time again their lives were put in danger until the fateful day Lyla perished, and never game back. Syn grieved like he had never before, a piece of his heart that returned only to be snatched away and crumble to dust again.

On one of his last days on Tiberia, Syn had taken part of a mission to free the city of Nacie from powerful undead, some of which he had helped to spread.  Fueled by guilt, he dove into the city with vigour, clearing out scores of the undead by himself, never tiring and never faltering.  While the group that had gathered faced the strongest of the undead, Syn went to work clearing the normal and .ore infested parts of the city, setting fire to half of Nacie and cleansing it with flame.  By the time the boss of zombies was slain, syn was gone and the city was saved.

Syn has done many things in his lifetime, from fighting cartels to being in employment of malevolent beings, to even being taken to another world entirely full of angels, Syn has experienced every bit of decadence he missed in his old world, becoming a true blade in the dark that teetered between light and pitch black. An assassin that can weave a tall tale, and can kill whatever crosses his path, whether god or mortal.