AP: 50

Crowns: 34

black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  20

Defense:  13

Energy:  7


Name:  Syndicate Shadows

Age:  Unknown

Species:  Unknown

Height:  Unknown

Appearance:  Refer to pic.

Apparel:  Varies

Hometown:  Ridule

Character Skills

Malicifent Breath- Dark Exhale 

Syndicate can exhude fumes from his body, most noticably his mouth, but he can produce them from his bare skin as well. the fumes are flammable and tinted green, barely visible. The gas is capable of picking up objects and choking living targets, however, is extremely slow when moving large clouds, alternatively smaller wisps move faster. Also, the gas has a powerful stench, allowing anyone to detect the gas a few seconfs before it strikes. THe stench causes those in it to feel as if they are surrounded by corpses. Also, he can cause he gas to take up an area, creating a 10 by 10 by 5 cube that makes it hard to breathe for anyone in the cube. Syndicate is immune to the stench and choking abilities of his gas. This ability also passively activates in the fact that it replaces his breath.

Sleight of Hand 

Syndicate can match his strength or Energy stat with his speed stat for one post. he can only use this once per battle per day.

Camelia Blossom- Black Wilt 

Syndicate can point in a direction and teleport over to where he was pointing through the shadows. However, in areas covered in light, he can only move as fast as his speed stat, but appears as a blur, making it harder to track and attack him.

Living Dead 

Syndicate is, in simple terms, an undead being. meaning that he has no nerves, mucsles, or blood. As such, he cannot feel pain, nor does he need water, food, or air to live. Nerve attacks like pressure points and poisoning doesnt affect him either. Since he cannot feel pain, nor does he have tendons, he can keep on fighting no matter how badly his body gets beaten, survinv even as just a head. However, he has a star mark over his heart, and will take double damage from energy attacks if they hit his star.

Cat and Mouse 

Syndicate only gets faster the longer a chase goes on. When in close combat, Syndicate will get +1 speed every turn for a max of 5 speed as long as he isn't hit. The speed buff lasts as long as he remains within 5 feet and the buff resets if he gets hit or moves too far away.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind 

A two part ability that lets him disappear in the middle of combat. Out of Sight triggers when Syn leaves target field of view(fov). If there are multiple targets, he must be out of fov for all targets. Enemies affected by Out of Sight will be less likely to search for and attack Syn. If he is the only combatant, then instead the second part triggers without an energy cost. Out of Mind happens when he exits fov. He can consume 1 energy per target to become invisible, then attack every affected enemy. Invisibility hides his physical presence entirely. Making an attack reveals his presence. Attacking an enemy from stealth teleports him behind them.

Special Items

Blood Coated Demons 

Hate, Anger, Rage, and Vex: Four daggers made out of blood iron, an extremely tough to break metal, and coated with silver. Each of these blades are two feet long, and can deal double damage when they strike a foes back

Pharoah's Skin, the Royal Decree 

A set of bandages that cover his entire body. these bandages can be shot out, maximum of 20 feet, to ensare foes, or grab them, as well as anything else regular hands can do. They are flexible, and easy to tear if they arent doing an action. the bandages can also be formed to make two extra pairs of hands, or one extra pair of larger set of hands.

Ambidextrous Doppelganger 

Syndicate can grow a bulge like apparition on his clothing that can extend a total of two feet outwards and bite anything in range. In addition, the bulge can also grow into a large, upper body (consisting of a torso, arms, and head) appearing anywhere from his waist to his arms. The body is heavily muscled and weightless, and shares Syn's energy pool and his skills. It has its own stats by 10 of STR and 15 of SPD. Both the bulge and the body are their own person, allowing them to talk and think freely, and are also not affected by buffs or debufffs applied to Syn (can still be affected by effects if applied to directly). Can also morph into different articles of clothing

Worldrift Cogs 

Mode change: can switch between two different settings -Skyline mode: Two flaming wheels that hover around the ankle. Allows Syn to glide across the air and skate over most surfaces(vertically to) -Landline mode: Switches to the back of the palms and can be thrown out to deal blunt damage. The wheels will continue to roll on surfaces rather then stopping or getting stuck.

Little is known about syndicate. he is cool, and calm, and polite. He simply appears where he wants, and does what he pleases, appearing to many great figures, despite their giant guards. He is an assassin, and living for three eons has given him ample time to perfect his technique, silently killing foes before they even realize they are dead.