AP: 36

Crowns: 10000

black bg.png

Strength:  5

Speed:  15

Defense:  4

Energy:  12


Name:  Streiburg

Age:  6,498,391

Species:  Ice Ethereal

Height:  9’6/292.608 CM

Appearance:  Streiburg is tall and lanky in physical stature. Her hair is silky and white as ice flowing like water through a narrow stream. She has a glow radiant and bright at all times.

Apparel:  A cropped white dress shirt and cropped dressed shorts. Black heels and latex gloves.

Character Skills

Ice Manipulation 

This ability allows Streiburg to manipulate any form of ice and water. She can also create ice, water, or vapor at the cost of 1 ENR. Her creations can not be manipulated or controlled by other mages. However she can manipulate the elements that already exist around her at her will and with no cost.

Ice Aura 

Streiburg has an aura that she can activate in combat. This aura creates a protective barrier around her that she can focus in one spot at a time to decrease damage from a specific attack. The aura does have a limit to how much it can morph and only stretches so far. It also keeps her sword nice and sharp. The cooldown of regenerating it in combat if it becomes broken is 3 turns.


The simple ability of telekinesis to be able to use mental energy mixed with magic to lift objects as well as giving them velocity in a certain direction. She can also use this ability to make herself float and fly. This ability is like a passive and costs nothing to use and requires no cooldown. However it only affects non sentient objects.

Blizzard Illusion 

Streiburg has the ability to cloak herself and blend into any terrain. This is used to typically avoid attacks. Get into a better position to strike her enemy or escape a battle. She can also create illusions of herself in order to trick the enemy and make it hard to tell where she may strike from. The ENR cost of cloaking is 2 and the cost of an illusion is 1. The cooldown of both abilities is 1 turn.

Winters Winds 

Another passive ability of Streiburg’s is the ability to travel at immense speeds and have extremely high levels of agility at will. She can move omnidirectionally after any other movement allowing her to have almost limitless maneuverability which can confuse enemies easily.

Special Items

Cravsess Edge 

Streiburg’s blade. A long saw toothed blade made of tungsten and steel finished with a hickory hilt. The blade is constantly sharp due to Streiburgs aura as well as giving it some extra edge. The blade itself can cut through most matter in the known universe. The one downside however is the fact it has to be extremely precise and quick to strike down its foe. Being a master swordswoman Streiburg is no stranger to this however depending on the opponent it may be harder to land a perfect hit.

Sub Zero Cannon 

Streiburg’s arm splits into four parts folding out like a flower petal as the inside reveals a charging core. After half a second its ready to fire, once Streiburg fires the shots a fray of extremely sharp shards fly out coated by her aura. Once they strike a target they stick and explode after a quick moment making the object frozen and frail ready to break at a small amount of contact. This however does not effect other users and the damage they take is all blunt. ENR: 2 Cooldown: 6 turns

Streiburg is the eldest of her family consisting of 3 sisters and 1 mother. Her mother essentially forged her in the deepest caverns of Uranus setting it as her home world and giving her a goal in life to protect the planet. More recently however she had been adventuring and making friends always finding new quests to challenge herself. She is a lawful good alignment with many years of combat experience and knowledge making her a resilient fighter. She will rarely stand down and most often fight to her last breath.