AP: 46

Crowns: 466

black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  7

Defense:  9

Energy:  20


Name:  Stella Artois

Age:  14

Species:  Human

Height:  4'11''

Appearance:  Long blonde hair pulled back with a couple of locks left loose to frame her face.. Blue Tattoos on her cheeks and forehead hide recent scars received during the fight which killed her parents. She is short, standing at only 4’ 11” tall, she is tond like a gymnast but is also a bit curvy.

Apparel:  She is typically seen in a short sleeved shirt and jeans, her feet clad in soft leather ankle boots. When she is out doing her Graffiti and other activities where she doesn’t want to be recognized she has her hair done up in a bun and hidden under a ski cap, a long hoodie that covers her to mid thigh tops leggings and combat boots. The hood of the hoodie is pulled up to help hide her face, though she does wear a mask, a bandana that covers all but her eyes. Gloves cover her hands and keep her from leaving fingerprints behind. A black backpack completes things, inside is her cans of spray paint, some books and other everyday items, including a sketchbook and pencils.

Hometown:  Venes

Character Skills


Using one energy she can teleport herself up to ten feet in any direction. Each additional energy spent lets her go an additional five feet. Stella's eyes and tattoos will flash neon blue with every use of this skill.

Telekenetic Object Manipulation  

Using two energy she can lift any object up to ten pounds. She can only manipulate objects that she can see, although it does not need to maintain a line of sight once she has picked up the object. She can move an object up to five feet in any direction once she has picked up.


The ability to sense the emotions of others. This ability can also be used to project the emotions being felt by the person with the ability. This ability only works on feeling creatures, undead and constructs are not affected. The ability has a range of ten feet circumfrance when used unconciously. If used conciously it is ten feet for every 2 ENR spent.


Stella is able to tap into those emotional imprints of a location and re-experience those events as if they were happening in that moment. She can also see the emotional echoes (images/residual ghosts) still there. At this time the ability is involuntary and passive as such she has no control over it and each time it happens 6 ENR is used. Though as she learns how to use it voluntarily it will cost less ENR to use until at full control it will only cost 2 ENR.

Special Items

Small Bag of Holding 

A small magicked bag that's capable of saving a full-sized human and a few more things. The contents do not alter the weight and shape of the bag, making it a rather practical tool for travel.

Azuma No Akuma (Demon of the West) 

The third of the three swords, Azuma no Akuma was another blade won by Yagzen after defeating Yesakari, The Western Demon of Wamuu. With years upon years of fighting, losing, training and finally winning, Azuma has a fearsome curse that is infamous like its original holder. This blade is commonly seen in Nitoryu attacks and Santoryu attacks.A black katana with a black hilt so dark, the light can never penetrate, this Katana is also used for Nitoryu and Santoryu attacks. When used, any cuts made by this blade significantly slows the overall healing process of anyone with regenerative abilities or being healed by medics by +2 posts, able to stack up to a devastating +5 posts.

She was just a normal thirteen-year-old living in the poorer section of Venes, going to school, coming home and then hanging out with her friends once school work was done. Once in a while, they would do something a bit 'wild' like swipe ber from one of their parents and get a bit tipsy but for the most part, her life was mundane and routine and then it wasn't.

She had just gotten home from doing a bit of errand running when she saw it, people were fighting again. They were on the top of the building and flames were racing all around and debris was falling into the streets. With a scream she ran towards the building, tears streaking her face as she screamed for her parents and then the building collapsed and she threw her hands up to cover her face and...suddenly was two streets back and sagging against the nearest wall in exhaustion and shock as she just watched her building with her family in it burn.

She shook her head in denial and then covered her face with her hands, sobbing as she turned and ran, trying to escape the terror and overwhelming grief. Eventually, she stumbled to a stop and fell to her knees, huddled against the wall in the depths of a dank and dark alley. She passed out there from exhaustion and shock. When she woke up her grief was just as intense but it was tempered with something else, hatred, a burning seething hatred for the people who were supposed to protect the City and those within it and instead had such a careless disregard for the common folks that they wantonly destroyed everything around them, killing anyone who just happened to be there.

She looked down at her hands and clenched the dirt and soot-streaked fingers into fists and vowed revenge. Against who she wasn't sure, but someone had to pay.