AP: 34

Crowns: 10000

black bg.png

Strength:  15

Speed:  9

Defense:  10

Energy:  0


Name:  Sporoi Mudroom

Age:  24

Species:  Giant mushroom

Height:  7,1

Appearance:  Sporoi looks vaguely humanoid with no discernable gender has grass and mushrooms covering most of his body and glowing purple eyes and green spores coming from a cap of mushrooms on his head

Apparel:  a robe made out of naturally grown plants vines and mushrooms

Hometown:  ???

Character Skills


Sporoi can spread spores with harmless effects like making a person see only mushrooms or make a person docile these effects last 15 minutes


Sporoi can shapeshift into mammal's and birds but any other ability Sporoi uses makes him very tired and dormant and it lasts for an hour

Special Items


Sporoi has a wooden club there are no special properties to it

Sporoi came from nature being made to protect druids and farmer's and people close to nature usually wonder's alot so he has no real home yet...