AP: 50

Crowns: 0

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Strength:  11

Speed:  14

Defense:  14

Energy:  11


Name:  Solara

Age:  22

Species:  Elemental//Half-Demon (transformation incomplete)

Height:  5’7”

Appearance:  Left eye // silver-blue, like lightning and just as difficult to stare directly at. Blinded 100%. Right eye// Amber brown. Full sight retained.

Apparel:  Sola dresses in many layers, and is typically seen with at least one scarf and her large bi-color aged brown leather and black tote bag. She sticks to neutrals and darker colors, and is known for wearing ass-kicking thigh high black leather boots aged by dust and constant wear. She is almost never seen without a red scarf tied around her left thigh, tied in a simple knot these days. Prefers tight like second skin pants and loose tops.

Hometown:  Venes [Elemental Forest]

Character Skills

Saving Grace 

With her Elemental counterpart comes a natural grace and balance; Sola can shape air channels to soften impact from high falls. This lightness of step allows for greater ease of balancing on thin surfaces, leaping rooftop-to-rooftop, and so on.


Air, with proper force exuded by Sola, has the force to act as a whip or blade, slicing through materials (excluding steel and reinforced buildings). -1 ENG to her if the structure is stronger than bone.

Under Pressure 

Increase in barometric pressure encases Sola in the eye of a compact and unnatural disaster spanning to one-hundred yards or smaller [roughly 91.5 meters] length-wise as it explodes outward, blasting objects or attacks away and causing burst ear drums, nausea, temporary loss of hearing, and high fever within anybody in the blast-zone if they do not hit the ground. The attack uses a collected source of air, compressing it into a sphere that can grow to five feet [1.5 meters] in diameter before being launched. Can blast objects back, shatter weaker structures, and be used to disorient an attacker. - 1 ENG to Sola, causes fatigue and weakening of other offensive abilities for three posts. Not to exceed use three times daily.


A new discipline of Sola’s that shows ability to drop air temperature enough to create and shape ice, a trait only manageable in an area no greater than 2 x 2 ft (.61 m x .61 m)

Shatter Me 

Sola can lower the temperature of objects [non-living/dead] to absolute zero, acting similarly to liquid nitrogen in the level of destruction she can cause. She does not need to be in direct contact with the object, and an object of great might may not completely shatter, depending on its mass and what it is constructed from. In addition, she can also generate cold temperatures in living beings, lowering their body temperature enough to create distress in the body with locking of muscles, decreased reaction time (-2 SPD), chills, and isolated areas of visible frostbite [a single limb at a time] with close-contact. This lasts five posts and has a cool-down of three posts. This ability also allows the user to manipulate weather into blizzard-like conditions for five posts. (-3 ENERGY and Sola is unable to use any ice-related abilities during this duration). The range for this heavy snow and high winds is roughly 50 meters (the size of a football field). This can be used once per battle only. Similarly, she can create a combined weapon of a mass of ice and use it as a projectile. This is limited to smaller objects. -1 ENERGY.

Special Items

Collapsible Bo Staff 

A thin metal staff that fits in the sleeve of her boot, and extends to a fully functional five feet long staff.


A fan with black metal boning, a soft lavender-grey body, and razor along the edging. Used in combination with wind magics, responsive to her touch and acting almost as a soul-bound weapon, used like an extension of her limbs.

Finger Armor 

Thin copper rings worn over each finger of her left hand that sits above her middle knuckle, a rhombus quartz stone hiding an extendable limb that unfolds to an inch long almond-shaped claw with beautiful carvings into the claws and aging that makes them appear Victorian dated or later.