AP: 30

Crowns: 2,604


black bg.png

Strength:  20

Speed:  10

Defense:  0

Energy:  0


Name:  Smith

Age:  Unknown

Species:  Altered Human

Height:  5'10"



Hometown:  Germany

Character Skills

Dark Passion 

Smith is capable of absorbing ammunition through his skin or indigestion. This gives smith a certain immunity to projectiles, where they do no damage, but will still knock him back. Absorbing magical forces, like a fireball, or explosions, like a grenade, negates the kinetic force, but still transfers damage to him. He can absorb smaller rounds, like rifle bullets or arrows with ease, as well as rubble, but, he can also absorb explosives and larger rounds at the cost of stamina, causing him not be able to do anything for a certain amount of time. The power of the projectile will determine how much stamina it requires to absorb, the stronger the projectile is, the longer he is put out of commision. (Any ammo used above 50 cal will put him out of commission for 5 posts, but only once). Additionally with the absorbed bullets, smith may eject any number of these at high speeds in all direction. The bullets travel roughly 30 feet before gaining fall off and losing damage and speed.

Copycat Prosthetic 

When hit and injured with a weapon, Smith can copy that weapon, and change one of his limbs to recreate the weapon. The change is instantaneous, and has the same durability of the weapon he was hit with, plus his own defense. Smith can recreate magical weapons he has hit by, but not any magical properties they possessed. If one of his limbs are chopped off, as long as he still retains the injury from the weapon, he can recreate it again on a different limb. Additionally, Smith may also turn one of his limbs into a gun if he has absorbed bullets. The gun will match the size of the bullet he has, and he cannot create a bow, crossbow, or any other sort of dart throwing mechanism. He can also create ammo and magazines for weapons he is holding, rather than copying

Mind spiral-Flawed Obedience 

Smith has a certain resistance to mind control and hypnotism. While he can still be affected by it, he remains coherent enough to move and think for himself, and conscience of his actions. He may also take orders given in queer directions. This ability also allows him to regulate his bodies mechanisms. He can no longer get disease, experience panic or heart attacks, and it regulates his brains chemical output(can control his melatonin or dopamine

Deus Ex Machina 

Smith is capable of copying and assimilating tech that he has touched. Tech is defined as any sort of scientific knowledge that is applied for practical purposes. The large the piece of tech is, or the more complex it is, the longer it takes for Smith to assimilate the piece of tech. After assimilating, Smith's body takes on a storage feature. He can eject said piece of tech whenever he wants, or gain a feature related to the tech(example, if he absorbs a radio, he can listen to radio waves). Additionally, he can cause a mechanical piece of tech to activate through touch, but requires an understanding of how the tech works. He cannot assimilate mid-battle, and anything larger than an 18 wheeler will leave him malnourished for an extended period of time

Little Workers 

Smith's body is full of small microbots that make up his bloodstream, making him immune to certain poisons while also constantly heal him. Smith is capable of healing from any wound that doesn't immediately put him out of commision. He can heal from minor wounds quickly (bullets, bruises, etc), but bigger wounds (punctured lung, melting etc) will take up to 3 posts to heal, and if he is attacked during the healing process, the healing will stop for one turn, before resuming. Additionally, Smith can choose to allow his limbs. Including his head, to be chopped off without resistance. When any of his limbs or head is chopped off, he can use his nanobots to reattach them. Again, if he is attacked while attaching, the process will halt then continue, without dying. He can also regrow his limbs with the same applications and limitations above. Receiving a finishing blow does not kill him, but rather puts him out of commission while his body repairs itself. This makes him immortal, but cannot rejoin a fight immediately after healing, as he still needs an extended period of time to recuperate

Blut un Ehr 

Smith had an artificial organ placed in his body, that could absorb magical energy and redistribute it through his body. When hit with a magical ability, regardless of effect, Smith begins to synthesize it in his body, negating its effects and turning it into energy for himself, lowering all his cooldowns by 1 post. Alternatively, he can absorb a harmful magical affect, and use it against the caster. After being hit, he can analyze it for 3 posts, and temporarily allow himself to use that ability for 1 post, without an energy cost. Using the above method is more taxing than the first, but both methods require 3 posts to complete. The time may change, depending on how powerful the magical effect is.

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Special Items


A combat knife that transforms his fingers into knifelike appendages. Dependable and sharp. Always sharp.


A maus pistol with an automatic mod. Houses 8 bullets and swift reload. Has reverse recoil functions to ensure accuracy. Uses 9mm and can shoot 3 rounds per post

The Land Master 

A twelve wheeled articulated, amphibious military tank that is covered in metal plating that can withstand light to moderate fire. Comes equipped with two machineguns and autocannon that can tear apart vehicles and buildings, but not made for human targets, having half accuracy against small moving targets. Comes with a commercial kitchen, bathroom, and bunker that can house 3 bodies.

Hand Grenades 

Military issue hand grenades that explode on contact. Has 3 grenades and can replenish after battle

Automatic Weapon Equip (A.W.E) System 

A deployable footlocker that carries various weapons and guns that can be quickly ejected into Smiths hands. The locker takes the form of a smooth rectangular closet. When deployed, it can be verbally activated to give Smith the chosen weapon. The locker can store a wide arsenal that can be used in any situation, as well as digitize ammo for the selected weapon. The locker is set to activate only on smith's command and is hard to hack into and destroy, but both are possible with enough skill or force. He posseses two such lockers but can only deploy one at a time. Each locker has 5 different guns stored in it, as well as various knives, clubs, and other close combat weapons. Can also digitize explosives into his hand, but can only do so 3 times per locker.

Landmaster Delta 

Landmaster delta is an upgraded mobile base that loses its amphibious features but becomes larger and can serve as a command center in the middle of battle. Delta is a 24 wheeled mega-tank with stronger and more resistant metal plating that can resist bullet penetration and light explosives. In addition to Landmaster's previous weapons, Delta has 4 more cannons and 2 more machineguns, as well as a gun pit with a mounted machine gun. Delta is also equipped with a larger bunker that can house 5 people, including a kitchen and bathroom, an armory that possesses low and military-grade weapons for self defense, a control hub that is used to drive, steer, and control weapons of delta, and a docking bay that can deploy amphibious recon vehicles as well as vehicles kept by other characters. On base data storage means that Delta can digitize itself and store itself as information, reverting back to the original Landmaster.


Created and named after he arrived in Solace, its a homemade anti-personnel rifle with x10 scope and a range of 1000 feet, firing a custom .50/20mm cal bullet that is capable of penetrating metal plating within its range. The rifle is built from scrap parts of tanks, airship, and other guns, possessing self sufficiency traits, synthesizing its own ammunition from non compatible magazines, as well as the ability to repair itself like Smith. The gun also has a restructure trait that lets it morph into a close ranged bladed weapon. It can switch freely between forms.

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