AP: 36

Crowns: 10000

black bg.png

Strength:  7

Speed:  10

Defense:  4

Energy:  15


Name:  Skreda Bezaliel

Age:  Ageless/Immortal (Appears 24)

Species:  Ancient Auri Ascian

Height:  6'5"

Appearance:  Bezaliel has scarlet-black hair tied up into a ponytail, and golden eyes. Various parts of her body are covered in dark blue scales, but as the vast majority of her is covered at all times, this is mostly seen around her head, where the whole of her neck is covered in scales, creeping up the back of her head, as well as the sides of her face, just past her cheeks. Where ears normally would be, Bezaliel instead has two horns, also covered in scales, which curl forward to have their points facing ahead of her at all times. These horns have the same functions as ears, though are better than most other auditory sensors for discerning noise in a radius. A small patch of scales also lies between her eyes, at the bridge of her nose. Though unseen due to remaining covered at all times, nearly all of Bezaliel's body is covered in tattoos depicting Enochian runes. She has a thin, reptilian tail, whose length is equivalent to her height. The perceptive will notice that no matter what light she may be standing in, she will never be seen casting a shadow.

Apparel:  When not participating in combat, Bezaliel wears a scarlet longcoat with leather gloves of the same color to cover her upper body, with black tights and boots to decorate her lower body. Once she enters a battle, especially seriously, this outfit, at a snap of her fingers, will be replaced by a far more "sinister," almost cultlike set of robes. This set of robes is enchanted for multiple purposes, one of which includes shifting forms to best match her battle style. While the entire set will sport mostly-black no matter the form, parts of it - namely the proper robe itself - will take on an either black, white, or dark blue/purple coloration. All forms of these robes are accompanied with metallic accents and ancient symbols upon the cloth. Along with this set of robes, Bezaliel will also be seen wearing a red half-mask that hides the upper half of her face.

Hometown:  Unknown; the planet she comes from no longer exists

Character Skills

Total Purification Wings (Passive) 

Upon entering battle, Bezaliel will reveal her peesonal creations, a set of eight angelic, monochromatic wings implemented into her very physiology. While unfurled, these wings will provide Bezaliel with a steady stream of power, as their design is to collect ambient Aether passively, filtering the essences of the various elements into each of the different wings, where they are stored for later use. 2 ENR is restored every turn. Being that they are wings, they also allow her to fly.

Shadowless Elemancy 

By using the power built up in her wings, Bezaliel is able to instantly cast spells without the need for incantation, focus, or other means of preparation. These spells of purest elemental concentration cost anywhere from 1 ENR for base-level spells, to 5 ENR for the high-end 5th-level spells. While she is capable of also casting unaspected magic, such as healing magic, this has higher base costs, going from 2 ENR for base-level spells up to 6 ENR for 5th-level unaspected spells. As her specialty in Elemancy is in the ability to seamlessly and freely control the elements, multiple spells can be chained together. However, the costs will be added together, and summarily become more expensive.

Genesis Expression 

By utilizing the vast reserves of mana that she naturally has as an Ancient, Bezaliel can call upon her people's treasured art of Creation magic in order to manifest concepts into reality at will. Smaller concepts have a cost of 3 ENR to manifest, whereas larger concepts will cost 6 ENR. Continuing to maintain small concepts, if she chooses to do so, will cost an additional 1 ENR per turn, and keeping a larger one active will consume 2 ENR per turn. The art of Creation is powerful, but not limitless. Bezaliel cannot manifest a concept that will directly affect others, such as using others as a catalyst, or creating things on/in them.

Ancient Aetherflow 

Once per six turns, Bezaliel may restore her energy by using her wings to direct all collected mana directly to her soul, adding back what ENR she has spent up to 15. Additionally, she will gain 3 ENR at the start of her next turn, as opposed to the usual 2 ENR.

Ancient Reraise (Passive Skill) 

For the Ancients, death is rarely the end. Should Bezaliel fall in battle for any reason, she will rise anew with half of the energy that she had at the time of death, and resume the fight. If, during the same fight, she is felled again, Bezaliel will recognize her shortcomings and admit defeat, withdrawing from the battlefield. This skill will only come into effect if she explicitly dies. Other modes of incapacitation are unhindered.

Angelic Trance (Active Skill) 

With a ten-turn cooldown following its end, Bezaliel enters a state of clarity, boosting her attack and speed by five each, and reducing all spell costs to one ENR. This trance consumes 3 ENR per active turn, and nullifies the regeneration of ENR by way of her Total Purification Wings. The trance can be ended manually by Bezaliel, or will do so automatically once she lacks sufficient ENR to keep it active. If Angelic Trance ends due to a lack of energy, Bezaliel's attack and defense values are halved for the following two turns.

Special Items

Rapier of the Ancients (Item) 

An enchanted rapier that is among Bezaliel's arsenal, and her favored weapon, as she has always been versed in the art of fencing. The sword is a long needle type, with the base half of the blade being rippled, not unlike a flamberge's blade. The far half of the blade continuously grows thinner as it goes fartyer towards the tip, and, while sharp enough to make reliable cuts, it really is meant for thrusts. The weapon itself was made using advanced melding techniques from a long lost civilization, of which Bezaliel is the sole true remainder, and for these techniques, while not truly invincible, it is functionally unbreakable. Furthermore, the blend of metals used to create this weapon were done with the express purpose of making the blade Aetherconductive, thereby allowing its wielder to channel magic through it as they fight. The weapon is further enchanted so as to never wear down, ensuring that it is always in prime condition.

Handgun of the Ancients (Item) 

A handgun made through the methods of the Ancients in much the same way as Bezaliel's rapier. Functionally, the difference between it and any other handgun is essentially nonexistent; the trigger is pulled, a bullet fired. The standouts of this weapon lie in its intrinsic traits of being durable and ageless, and its Aetherconductivity allowing Bezaliel to imbue her shots with magic. This weapon is not near as favored as others, especially as she is already capable of ranged combat, but all things have their uses.

The tale of the entity now known as Skreda Bezaliel has never been one widely known, even on her own homeworld. What is known is kept mostly between those closest to her, however, she is always ready to admit to the fact that the entity known as Skreda is, in truth, a fragment of the one once known as Bezaliel. When disparities rose amonst the Ancients in the first incarnation of their world, the first war broke out, and the devastation it wrought sundered the whole of reality into one Source, and 13 Shards, all linked by the faintest of Aetherial trails. Bezaliel was not spared this fate, thusly made into 14 mortal women that were pale reflections of her true self. It wasn't until so many millenia, and countless unaware reincarnations later, that events transpired in such a way that one of these fragments, named Skreda, discovered the truth of her existence, and sought to reform Bezaliel wholly for the good of all worlds. Though she succeeded in the end, the will of the original Bezaliel made a choice which surprised the Ascian; to reward her and her other sisters' devotion to the preservation of the world by relinquishing her own sense of self to them, leaving Skreda with all of the powers, memories, experiences, and knowledge of Bezaliel, to shepherd the stars in her own way, and live her own life.

In both gratitude and honor of this sacrifice and display of faith, Skreda summarily readopted the name of Bezaliel, turning it into her surname. Immortal and undying, the Ancient would continue to carry out her duty as shepherd to the worlds until they came to their ends, at which point she took her loves to a new realm. Then, together with her sister-in-law, Elaina, she embarked on new journeys, searching for more worlds to help nurture. 'Twas during one such journey that a rift appeared before the two, and took them into the world of Solace. An unexpected turn of events, but not necissarily unwelcome; the goal, after all, was the same as ever, and so the two immediately went about it. Though Skreda soon realized that there was another issue to deal with, first; after being taken through the rift, many of the Ancient's magical weapons had ceased to answer her summons. These happenings must be connected, she thought, and if she were to carry out her sacred duty, then she would need to reacquire those lost weapons. Thus did she now embark on a quest to find and reclaim that which was hers, in this world filled with unknowns.