AP: 30

Crowns: 69

black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  5

Defense:  5

Energy:  10


Name:  Silver Atlas

Age:  19

Species:  Human

Height:  6'2/188 cm

Appearance:  Silvers eyes are grey with a tint of blue green in it. Pure white hair grow down from his upper root, covering most of his head. His hair is quite messy, reaching a little up as well as going down to his ears. His body is relatively slim. Not that bulking would do anything for him anyway, as it didn't show much in his clothing. Nontheless his body was quite muscular and athletic. He's outgoing, calm and collected most of the time. But opens up quickly as he gets to know his companions.

Apparel:  As for a normal outfit, he likes to keep himself warm with some thicker clothing. With three quarters of long sleeves. Reaching just up to his forearm. His casual pants would occasionally vary from just a slim to a loose pantalons. Additionally, he always wears a black long scarf. In battle, he likes to wear a scarf above his armor. That is additionally set over with runes to enhance his defensive abilities ever so slightly. It's a light armor set, additional with purple black cloth. With an overhanging cape that goes down to his ankles.

Hometown:  Ridule

Character Skills

Runic Enhancements 

Enhances the weapon of choice with one of eight effects/elements, the enhancement is able to create an after image of the original attack. Dealing high additional elemental damage. The runic enhancing elements, consist of Fire, Water, Ice, Thunder, Wind, Darkness, Light and a combination of all 7. Each of the enhancements cost 1 ENR for himself, though it costs 2 ENR to apply to an ally. Except for the Ultimate Rune. Which costs him 5 ENR and while the Ultimate Rune is active, he can't enhance any other weapon or ability. The overall damage can be rolled into infinity, depending on the strength of the original attack. The rune lasts for 5 hits. The Ultimate Rune, is limited to 3 hits.

Runic Defense 

If the ally or himself, has a rune enhancement cast on them, they receive an ultimate rune shield at will if they receive a second rune. Negating all counterable effects of the two given runes. If received a third rune, any damage dealt to the runic enhanced target is nullified. The defending additional rune, lasts for 3 hits.

Chaos Rune 

Different from the Runic Enhancements, the effects are random. However, he is not able to cast it onto himself. The effects can vary between users, his 7 Normal and Ultimate Rune can appear, but it also can change into different abilities. Additionally, the runic after image has a 50% chance to appear twice.

Runic Soul Extraction (Passive) 

When a rune inflicts damage on an enemy, he gains one or two ENR back. This also applies to ally runes. If his allies runes deal damage, only Silver will gain ENR.

Ancient Runic Set  

The Ancient Runes consist of intermediate runes that are only learned by masters, who dedicated their lives to learning specific runes. Runes consist of, Healing, Grasp, Time, Space, Demon. Healing - Heals wounds in 1 post. - 1 Energy cost Demon - Silver transforms into a demon-like self. Demon Silver's abilities are greatly enhanced, once the rune has been used on himself, he can transform into his Demon/Devil form as he wishes. Silver's demon form appears at the same height as Silver. He grows horns and spikes on his body. Armor tightly surrounds his body instead of his clothing. He's more reptilian, darker looking. The armor was pure black and dark blue, with energy flowing from the middle of his chest outwards. Wings emerge from his back if he needs to fly short distances, or even over in mid-air. Another ability the demon form gives him is short teleportation. It's identical to Black's teleportation. It takes 1 ENR to teleport high distances and needs a Target; short teleport dashes are free to use, however they can be used 3 times before having a cooldown of 2 posts. This ability is ONLY accessible in the demon form. Blue energy and flames emit from his now transformable blade. The overall blade is now called Silver Edge, it appears as a small knife with a thick edge in its initial transformation. Silver Edge can transform into any kind of weapon the user needs it to be. Silver Edge can be used normally without the demon form activated. When in combat, Silver can transform a mid-combo into the demon form, although it has a one post cooldown. Initial transformation costs 1 Energy. Per post in transformation, costs 1 ENR point. Damaging with Silver Edge without transformation can restore up to 1 energy per hit. This can be in addition to a rune, which would restore his energy by 1 additional point for one hit. Grasp - Can grab and pull a target. -1 Energy, if he catches an Enemy though, he will restore 2 Energy after 2 posts. Space- It takes 4 Energy to place the secondary rune to a certain place. This could be anything. Removing it is free of cost. The primary, entry rune has a 3 post cooldown, and cost of one energy. The way this works is mostly like fast traveling. Time - Silver can use the Time rune only on himself to slow down time for some seconds, one post, or even an action in battle. The cooldown of the Time rune is 3 posts. And activation costs 2 Energy.

Special Items

Balogars Gauntlets 

Whenever Silver strikes down an enemy, he gains a free rune of his choice, the exception being his Ultimate Rune and Chaos Rune.


A katana that is ice cold. Able to create an afterimage of large cuts around the target. Additionally, if the user doesn't miss, nor gets hit, the range and damage Grimfrost can deal is vastly increased. It's made from blue-white cobalt and is enhanced with runes of its own. It can supercharge his runes to a greater level, making the afterimage appear in numerous forms. If his katana is broken, the runes can be reformed to repair it. Although it takes a whole night's worth of his concentration.


A longsword, he carries on his back. Perfect for switching between Grimfrost, if he needs an extra punch. It's made from obsidian, titanium, and enhanced with runes of its own. It can supercharge his runes to a greater level, making the afterimage appear in numerous forms.

Before the cataclysm, he was aspiring to be a major tactician in Ridule. His overall combat abilities were living up to it, especially his skills by manipulating runic energy. Now..confused about the cataclysmic, broken land, the Runelord makes his way to seek reason to fight, live, and conquer.