AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  5

Defense:  5

Energy:  10


Name:  Silfr

Age:  unknown

Species:  unknown

Height:  unknown

Hometown:  unknown

Character Skills


It causes puncture wounds. These wounds can cause bleeding which can weaken the enemy bitten over time if left untreated The more vital the area bitten the faster the bleed. The bite can also be used to hold someone rather than injure them.


Can swat an enemy with their paw. This attack can possibly knock an enemy down. If used on the legs there is a higher chance of a knockdown. If used on the torso there is a higher chance of a simple stumble rather than a knockdown. If used on the head it is a higher chance for a stun than either of the above. Any of which would only last for two posts unless the enemy has a means of recovering faster.


Can leap five feet in any direction without using any ENR. This leap can be done to evade danger or to initiate an attack. If it is an attack the enemy has a chance to be knocked down aside and possibly stunned. If one ENR is used another five feet is added to the leap.

Lope (passive) 

Wolves are known for their ability to travel for great distances without tiring. When following prey a Wolf can lope at a ground devouring pace that is quick but efficient.

Special Items


Standard armor designed for a Wolf. It's heavy leather of some kind and laces together.

Silfr appeared in full armor on the shore of the Lake. No one is really sure where He came from or who his previous friend may have been but during the battle at the Lake and the discovery of the Galleon, Stella got lost in the woods and fell down a Ravine, ending up at the bottom unconscious. As she lay there Silfr found her and curled up around her to watch over her.