AP: 30

Crowns: 3,353

black bg.png

Strength:  7

Speed:  8

Defense:  7

Energy:  8


Name:  Samantha Lynd

Age:  19

Species:  Human

Height:  5'7"

Appearance:  Long brown hair with brown eyes. Petite build.

Apparel:  Varies.

Hometown:  Venes

Character Skills

Home Ec 

Can cook, clean, see and so on.


Pretty good at playing Macgyver with just about anything


Very adaptable, can generally figure things out pretty quick regarding technology of any type.

Brick Wall 

Passive. More of a trait, Samantha is not phased by emotional outbursts, blood, Gore, drama, unearthly abominations and aberrations or anything of the like. The type of being or school of magic does not matter. Brick Wall renders her immune to fear and illusory magic, in effect meaning she cannot be fooled and cannot be forced into an emotional state unless she wishes it, nor can her mind be read or influenced. This enables her to continuously plan and utilize cold, calculating logic to solve problems and get through situations.

Special Items

Cell Phone 

Normal cell phone


Bought by her dad.


Analogue, tells the time


She's nearsighted, kinda needs them.

Average (Well, as average as someone can be living in Venes) girl. Doesn't really get fazed by much any more, usually just goes about her business while destruction is going on.