AP: 34

Crowns: 10000

black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  10

Defense:  4

Energy:  10


Name:  Rose Black

Age:  19

Species:  Human

Height:  6'2

Appearance:  She has pink hair and easy to be recognized

Apparel:  She usually wears black pants, pink shirt, and green earings

Hometown:  Germany, Görlitz

Character Skills


Her skill is called counter where she can copy and use her opponent's power against them. Costs and cooldowns apply depending on the ability in question.

Special Items

Weighed Clothing 

She's been wearing some since at the age of 12, it trains her body to deal with heavy stuff, if taken off her speed goes up by alot and makes her lighter when off. +1 SPD.

She grew up in a small town with her parents, they trained her everyday to become a soldier but she escaped after learning more about the soldiers and now lives somewhere else