AP: 50

Crowns: 0


black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  10

Defense:  10

Energy:  20


Name:  Roronoa Zoro

Age:  22

Species:  Human/Demon

Height:  6'2

Appearance:  Roronoa’s build is now more bulky and muscular because of the training he went through with the Great Dragons of Time, allowing his shoulders to be more broad, and his arms and torso become more muscular than his previous agile build. As for more minor details, the tanned Caucasian has unnaturally bright green curly hair that is slicked back by itself. Yagzen is also seen to have only one eye available, as his left eye is stitched shut due to reasons unknown but only Yagzen, the chest area also shows a massive diagonal scar going from top left to bottom right that has been stitched up because of a battle that resulted in him losing. With his experience continuing to make him a veteran of these foreign times, Zoro has amassed a scar stretching over his right shoulder and across his left forearm, freshly stitched, and just barely able to be held together. Zoro’s death in Kaikanli Hospital has also allowed him to grow in size and dawn a massive collection of eastern tribal tattoos going from shoulder blade to his

Apparel:  Although it may vary, he is seen wearing a grey long sleeved shirt with a large black poncho over, the size covering the bottom half of his face the the tattered ends going down to his thighs. He also wears black pants with matching black shoes, gold accent marks scattered about. On the back of the poncho resides a massive rhombus shaped cut n half, with the top half of colored purple while the bottom colored gold. His left arm is also wrapped in a heavy layer of bandages and black straps, creating a sort of gauntlet on his left arm for an odd reason. As for headwear, he dawns a black bandana to keep his green hair up.

Hometown:  Wamuu, Ancient Realm

Character Skills

Ittōryū Iai—ShiShi SonSon (Draw and Resheath: Lion Song):  

The only skill based on movement, and considered to be one of the deadliest skills for a Swordsman. In this stance, Zoro concentrates all of his force into one blade in order to dish out a concentrated slash at close ranges of up to 15 feet with instantaneous speed, making it difficult to deflect or dodge when nearby. When hit with this attack, the opponent will suffer -2 STR and -2 DEF, requiring a 3 post cool down in order to be used again.

Ittōryū—Sanjuroku Pound Hou (36 Pound Cannon): 

A rather indirect attack, Yagzen lifts the arm holding whichever blade up above his head and—after taking 1 post to charge—slashes in a diagonal downward spiral towards his enemies. With the completion of the movement, the air becomes compressed to a point where it is a blade itself, moving in a spiral swirl in a single direction for up to 25 feet. If an individual is hit by the tip of the swirl, major damage to bones and muscle in whichever area they are hit within. As for those who are not hit directly, the sides of the compressed air act as extremely sharp blades, meaning that they will get cuts on whatever body part is closest to them and a knockback effect much weaker than the tip. This requires a 3 post cooldown.

Santōryū : Tatsumaki (Dragon Twister):  

The best offensive move Yagzen can give, the simple act of slashing the air in a cyclone style yields a massive tornado composed of compressed air sharp as blades. Any opponent caught in this twister will be swept up in the air viciously, followed by rapid cuts being produced all over their body (some digging deeper deeper as they hit the same spot), for 2 posts. Because of the constant cuts all over the body, Yagzen’s SPD buff will max out at +5 SPD, requiring a 5 post cooldown.

Enerugi Ha:  

Short and simple. At a cost of 1 ENR, Zoro can create a compressed wind as sharp as a blade that can cut through steel with ease from any of his three swords, adding more variety to his attack style.


Zoro can now cover his blades in a special armament that will make them invincible to being any means. Every successful attack on an opponent will drain them of their AP by 1 to 3 [Based on the Number of Blades out] and give it to Zoro by an equal amount. Hitei can also completely negate the effects of unbreakable skin, healing magic, and any other substance deemed unbreakable, and stack its effects on top of whatever debuffs other sword-based attacks have. . This effect can last for up to 5 posts and requires a cooldown of 5 posts before being used again.


Zoro opens his second eye, unleashing his inner power given to him by his other side. He gains +2 STR and +2 SPD per post for 3 posts, and allows Zoro to faze through objects and attacks for 1 post, with a cool down of 2 posts. This ability can last for 7 posts. Alternatively, Zoro can make other objects and people faze through reality by having a specific sigil on their body, but requiring an additional post cooldown before he can do it again. Once done, this ability requires a 3 post cooldown


While Mangekyou is active, Zoro is now able to make a copy of himself to take his place on the current plane, while the original form disappears to another plane of existence above the proper one, returning to the original plane when the original copy attacks an opponent. Costing 5 ENR to create, this duplicate of Zoro is immune to most abilities and magic based attacks and only takes physical damage during its duration in combat, it also has the capabilities to mimic all of the original’s moveset in all forms available. This copy can last for 5 posts, and requires a 5 post cooldown before it is used again in the fight.


While Mangekyou is Active, Zoro is able to affect time around himself and opponents. At a range of 30 feet, for every time an opponent uses an ability, their next use will require a post for it to charge up. This can keep on stacking for every ability they use for a maximum of +5 charging posts. When out of this range, this effect will disappear after 1 post, but will remain when inside the vicinity. This range can also be doubled while Limbo is active on BOTH forms of Zoro, having the potential to extend the capabilities to 60 feet. While Izanami is activated, for every time an opponent uses an ability, Zoro gains 3 AP from their ability use while they remain in the field, and can be doubled to +6 when Limbo is active.


While Mangekyou is Active, Zoro can convert the worst into the best. When an opponent lands a successful attack upon the swordsman, any debuffs he is supposed to suffer will be converted into buffs for his persona, effectively increasing the stat by however much the debuff is supposed to affect at a range of 30 feet. This can stack with Izanami, and can also have its field doubled when Limbo is active.


After training with the dragons for such a long period of time, Zoro now has the experience to tap into Zorren and use it to his advantage. When unactivated, Zoro gains +2 ENG every 2 posts. When activated, the unique ocular ability will give Zoro two forms: The first will allow the amount of energy to be gain be boost +1, and can allow the swordsman to absorb at least one projectile/magic based attack into the inner world of Limbo, then can call it back out with the same power back at an enemy anytime when this ability is active. The second form allows Zoro to buff all attacks, effects and durations in his arsenal by +2, while decreasing costs and cooldown by 3. This skill can last for 5 posts, requiring a 2 post cooldown, but can also be kept active for a longer period of time by sacrificing 1 ENG per post to keep Kindan awake beyond the typical duration.

Corruption Control: 

Though similar to another, how it works is completely different. Now able to control a unique fire that burns 5 times hotter than regular flames, Zoro’s unique form of “corruption” has now become his go to move because of the wide variety of uses it can take on. When used alone, these flames can cancel out every other element and feed the flames, even against fire and water itself, and allows Zoro to gain +1 ENG every time the flames connect with other element-based attacks. When applied to weaponry(both his and others), as well as abilities, all effects and durations are boosted by +2, Zoro gains +1 ENG for 2 posts, and the flames melt away magical armor and skin in 2 posts. This can only be used during the time Kindan is active.


An ultimate combination between Corruption Control and and wind manipulation, Roukogan creates a massive spinning shuriken that, when colliding with an enemy, will apply all the debuffs from Corruption Control with an increase of +2, and will create a violent explosion for the opponent who suffers the attack, making them suffer internal organ damage. This can only be used under Kindan, and Zoro is only able to create one of these every time Kindan is active.

Multi Point:  

At a cost of 4 ENG, Zoro can summon 2 other clones of himself to help him fight opponents. These clones will have access to all of his abilities as well, and can be doubled with the use of Limbo under Mangekyou. This requires a 4 post cooldown before being used again.

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Special Items

The Trifecta: 

A name the swordsman gave to his three blades combined, the Trifecta consists of: Seishi (any cuts made by this blade will actually go farther than expected, as the extra sharpness of this katana allows it to dig deeper than other swords) Nishi no Akuma (cuts made by this blade will negate any magical buffs, thick skin, magical projectile spells and cut through any form of armour as if it was nothing but paper. With this attack, this leaves open wounds that may severely weaken the effectiveness of the opponent overall. Tsumibito (negate magical armor and any form of impenetrable substance like Nishi can, but will also leave black flames where the cuts were made, resulting in -2 DEF per post for 2 posts . Tsumibito even modifies some attacks Zoro uses: any attack based on ranged or a.o.e will add +1 to debuffs. Tsumibito can also modify Enerugi Ha by doubling its size with a red wave of light and resulting in -1 of all AP when landing on the opponent.)

The Arm of Avaryn: 

The tribal markings now appear to have a reason. When unactivated, the markings will generate +2 ENG once every three posts. When activated, the tribal markings will generate an inextinguishable flame that drains an opponent’s highest AP by 2 and transfers it to Zoro if grabbed for extensive periods of time. The arm can also double the debuffs on distanced based abilities like Sanjuroku, Tatsumaki, ShiShi SonSon and the effects of Tsumibito while cutting its cost requirement and cooldown in half. This duration costs 1 ENG every 2 posts to keep activated.

Blade of Peace: 

The sum of combining the Trifecta into one, this unique extended chokuto blade, which lacks a guard that separates blade from handle, takes the presence of all three blades, with the handle being white and gold, and the blade being a blend of black on top and purple along the blade edge, When in this form,the sword becomes unbreakable, and all three effects from all three blades are used at once with their effects boosted by +2, making it extremely potent to use in Zoro’s hand. This blade is unable to be wielded by anyone that is not the swordsman himself, and a specific tag is applied on the sword that can allow the swordsman to teleport to where it is during combat for a cost of 1 ENG. The swordsman is also capable of switching between this blade and the original Trifecta in order to change combat style, and the blade allows him to use All Ittoryu, Nitoryu and Santoryuu based attacks.

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