AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  2

Speed:  15

Defense:  5

Energy:  8


Name:  Richard Jae Bloom

Age:  Unknown

Species:  Ghost

Height:  No exact measurement.

Appearance:  A small floating robotic creature that is not threatening by any means, but is quite odd in terms of technological appearance.

Apparel:  Does not wear clothes, cause robot.

Hometown:  Unknown

Character Skills


Richard can passively deploy a stealth field around himself that shields him from all light and visibility, however, it can be disrupted when in contact with water, to cloak himself does not require an energy cost.
Richard is still detectable on metal scanners and extra-sensory skills. Using 1 Energy per post, he can cloak Haruna in a stealth-field, stealth-field will also disrupt if Haruna does any hostile action or activates an active ability.)


Richard, being of cybernetic origin is able to read into coding and alter mechanical functions in electronic devices, this can be used to hack electronically locked doors, re-activate dormant machines and manipulate system coding. Can also do light repairs to machinery. Uses 2 energy per code alteration but costs nothing to read into machines, and costs 1 energy per post to repair.


Using 3 Energy per post Richard can cast small barrier shields of powerful arc-light energy that are as strong in durability as his level of energy.


Richard's energy supply regenerates 1 per post.

Special Items

Extra armoring Layer 1 

A layer of material similar to that of reinforced steel surrounds Richard's frail glass orb of a body to help defend it from attacks.

Extra armoring Layer 2 

A secondary layer of material as strong as the first just layered upon the first layer for more protection.

Bullet-proof glass eye contact 

A small glass cover over Richard's main eye that is built to be strong enough to withstand a bullet and anything below that in terms of force.

Storage mod. 

Richard has an inserted mod that allots him a form of teleportation, not one of himself and not one strong enough to teleport Haruna, rather this storage mod that was engineered into Richard is a gateway into a dimension created from pure Arc-light. The only things that can be stored here are non-living items such as weapons or utilities that Haruna doesn't have equipped but can have Richard summon to her at will. (Haruna herself cannot access this storage when alone and it cannot be broken into via hacking attempts or code rewriting.)

Richard is the ghost assigned to "Haruna Jae Bloom" who often refers to him as her little Rich in a tone that is sarcastic, and while he hates the nickname, he cares deeply for Haruna.