AP: 44

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  5

Speed:  11

Defense:  17

Energy:  11


Name:  Rhea

Age:  23

Species:  Human

Height:  5'1

Character Skills

Kinect touch 

Ability to tap into the potential energy contained within an object and transform it into kinetic energy.

-When rhea thus charges an object with kinetic energy and throws it at a target, the object releases this energy explosively on impact healing the wounded as well as it can do damage if she see you as a threat.

-If she uses this on a person directly she can go back in there memory and see there past.

- using seed she can used her kinect touch to fast grow any plants.

- hitting key points on a body rhea can used her ability to temporarily paralyzed the muscles of beings. (1 en cost per activity)


she can make barriers that can travel, be throw around a person as well a special barrier can be made to where if the enemy attacks while in it the barrier bounce that attack back doing damage to the enemy. (1 def)

Medical sacrifice 

she can sacrifice ___ AP to help regenerate the specific ap. (Ex. She sacrifice STR to fully regenerate their STR)

Master healer (passive)  

the knowledge of how to use herbs to heal, impair or harm. This also comes in the form of knowing what each herb does, helps or cures.This also aids in mixing and creating salves, potions elixrs etc.

-As well as her blood holds the cure for all poisons but can be poisonous to those that taste it that is healthy.

-Being a healer she has varies of knowledge of the racist biology.

-Being a well educated woman as well as being around many races. She learn numbers of languages including Morse code, sign language and even dragonic.

Special Items

Artemis' Bow 

A weapon with special properties to morph into a blade or bow. The user can change the kinetic energy to make arrows by drawing the string should it be a bow, or fire the kinetic energy from the blade if it possesses the shape of a sword.

Hospital Bag  

A peculiar bag that is enchanted to connect directly to the spirit and location of Rhea's hospital, Kaikanali Medical Center. She can fit anything in the bag that would fit in a building.