AP: 50

Crowns: 47,410


black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  20

Defense:  9

Energy:  11


Name:  Renee

Age:  86

Species:  Human

Height:  5'4" / 162cm

Appearance:  Short statured and cheery, Renee is not someone one would think of as a career soldier. She is rather petite in build, though since she is used to rather acrobatic forms of fighting, her musculature is well defined, and she is much stronger than she looks. Her fair complexion is marred by numerous scars over her entire body besides her face, and she is easily recognized by anyone by her striking red eyes with their unusual black sclera, and her trademark messy mass of red hair that, despite all efforts, will not be tamed. Fluent in French and English, as well as silent forms of communication such as ASL and Lip Reading, her French heritage is easy to pick out due to the common use of French words in her speech, as well as her thick accent when speaking English.

Apparel:  Normally clad in Wraith Armor, a black as night suit that can change to suit her needs at the time, she can be seen wearing any number and type of clothing imaginable. However, her go to outfit is a simple pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt, most of which are commonly emblazoned with French monuments such as the Eiffel Tower or the Palace of Versailles.

Hometown:  Versailles, French Empire

Character Skills

Eyesight (Passive) 

Renee's eyesight has been augmented to provide 20/20 vision at great distances. Her eyes can "zoom" up to 100x magnification, without loss of clarity, in effect enabling a target at 1 Kilometer to seem as if it is only a meter away. In addition, the cybernetics within can close and open like shutters on a camera, allowing her to capture images, video and audio, as well as close instantly to stop bright flashes or other vision inhibiting effects. Using Impulse, her eyes can separate her vision by layers, letting her distinguish between illusory magic and electronic interference with that of reality.

Data Bond (Passive) 

Utilizing Impulse, the AI can send data to Renee's eyes to provide a real time data stream on whatever she designates. Targeting information or database information such as the composition of known materials and estimated thickness can be shown on her internal hud, as well as distance, speed and trajectory of moving objects. Impulse uses the information gathered from her eyes to allow Renee to make extremely precise movements and calculations in the heat of battle.


1 ENR - Renee can pair with Impulse and can see through obstacles that would normally be susceptible to xray. This ability only goes out to 500 meters, and can last a maximum of 3 posts. She can zoom and retract and designate targets behind walls and other partitions within range.

Impulse Drive 

Impulse is charged with great amounts of energy to deliver a single devastating shot capable of destroying anything in its line of fire, piercing through any materials with a thickness of up to 10 meters. Energy defenses may block this shot if they match or surpass her own Energy stat. The circumference of the blast is 50 feet, so massive that even if blocked, the portion of the beam not defended continues to move forward. This skill has a cost of 5 ENR per use, and requires Impulse to cool down for 2 posts before firing again.

Plushy Avalanche 

After collecting multitudes of plush toys every year since she was 10, Renee has built up enough to turn them against her enemies. By purging the section of her Dimensional Hardcase that houses the adorable little critters, she unleashes an avalanche that instantly buries anything in its path for up to 8 meters. Any combatants caught within the avalanche are instantly buried for two rounds making them unable to attack, but cannot be attacked by any means due to the absurd number of constantly shifting plush toys. Enemies over 9 feet in height do not suffer from being taken out of the fight, instead becoming encumbered by the volume and suffering -2 SPD for two rounds. Plushy Avalanche can only be used once in combat unless Renee spends two rounds stuffing them all back into her Dimensional Hardcase.

[Disaster Dial Overdrive] [Variable ENR] 

An upgrade from her Disaster Dial Glitch, Overdrive removes the ENR requirement from the Glitch, allowing her to use her movement ability once per turn without penalty. Additionally, one more Glitch may be used at a cost of -2 ENR, but no more than two Glitches per round. Overdrive's abilities have expanded to include movement with Kinetic energy; Overdrive moves Renee in much the same way that her Glitch does, except it does not remove her from time, but sends her flying in any given direction in a straight line up to 30 meters. During this, her body is wrapped in purple and black energy that shields her from counter attacks. Overdrive can use up to 10 ENR to add to Renee's __ stat, and anything caught in between Renee and her destination must form a defense that exceeds this stat to avoid this attack. Those that exceed the stat are unaffected by Renee's charge, those that fail this check sustain heavy blunt force trauma and a knockback no matter their size or weight.

Waking Dreamer  

Further exploration into Renee's abilities has allowed her to expand upon them. Any character that Renee has used Waking Dreamer on allows her to establish a connection using their mind. This connection allows Renee to use Oneiric energy to form a physical connection that transcends dimensions and distance, in effect allowing her to travel anywhere that person is. Once activated, Renee dissolves her physical form into Oneiric energy and transmits herself into the real world on the other side. Not only can she manifest, but if the connection is strong enough, Renee can communicate in real time while the other character is awake. If used during combat, this ability uses -4 ENR.

Oneiric Recourse [Variable ENR] 

Renee's ever growing abilities give rise to Oneiric Recourse. As her subconscious mind has opened to the Eldritch energy within, it has provided another benefit to her combat capability. Oneiric Recourse is an adaptation of the energy utilized within her dreams, providing a usable barrier that manifests in the physical realm. Oneiric Recourse activates of its own accord by sensing malevolent intent, utilizing a barrier of Oneiric energy to block any attack, even instantaneous ones. Oneiric Recourse will activate by forming a green barrier that inputs up to 10 ENR to block an attack of any kind. Attack input ENR that Oneiric Recourse matches will find the Attack cancelled out just enough that it does not harm her. Input ENR that Oneiric Resource exceeds will find the Attack deflected back at the attacker, I.E: Sword strikes divert the sword back at the opponent; spells will be reflected back at the caster. Renee can choose to utilize this skill herself, with the same input requirements. +2 SPD

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Special Items

Dimensional Hardcase 

Renee's case is a dimensional replicator for energy packs and battery packs, giving her an unlimited supply of both. Part of it's power can be used to replicate non magical items, provided it can fit into the 8"x8"x8" slot at the top. The case's true utility comes from it's dimensional storage component, where Renee crams literally thousands of items inside of it that she collects in her missions and travels. Anything can fit inside provided it can fit into the 24"x24" entrance, to include people. Usually flings a random number of plushies when the lid is opened. +1 ENR per post

Wraith Armor 

The solid black armor of the French Empire's covert operations unit. Wraith armor changes depending on her needs, either just enough to protect her torso, or a full body suit that is hermetically sealed and pressurized, allowing her to withstand intense heat, cold, pressure up to 800 bar, acidic substances or the vacuum of space. It is equipped with a filtration system to keep pathogens and disease away, and carries enough air for 2 continuous hours. +1 to defense.


Highly advanced, specialized handheld railgun outfitted with an AI directly linked to Renee's cybernetics. As well as a rifle, it is her companion, able to feed data in real time to Renee about almost any subject she wishes. As she explores, Impulse constantly updates her database with information relative to Tiberia, including dossiers on those she meets. It fires an energy projectile with a maximum effective range of 4 kilometers, and a maximum range of 10k. Due to the extreme velocity of the projectile, Impulse has no problem penetrating materials that conventional gunpowder based rounds would find difficult. Her energy packs carry enough charges for 10 shots, or one extremely powerful shot.

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Renee is an elite marksman for the ever expanding French Empire, an ally of Britannia in the ever expanding trans-national resource conflict in her world. While Britannia searched the solar system and competed with the American Confederacy for valuable asteroid mining, France decided to scour the dimensions for what they needed. Worlds were selected and squads were sent out across the dimensions to report back on the viability of the location. During transit an inter spacial anomaly appeared in her ship and engulfed Renee, depositing her within the realm of Tiberia.