AP: 34

Crowns: 8573

black bg.png

Strength:  6

Speed:  11

Defense:  5

Energy:  12


Name:  Rallen Hazzard

Age:  24

Species:  Human

Hometown:  Unknown

Character Skills

Element charge. (lvl 2) 

Element Charge: By spending a bit of mana he can charge his pistol Fortuna with one of the following elements: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Holy. (1 Energy cost.)


At random times in battle, Rallen can see a possible near fatal hit before it has occurred. This gives a possibility to avoid incoming fatal hits. (Cooldown of 3 turns).

Grand Cross 

Unleashes the full holy power of the Ascalon sword with a devastating cross cut that can easily fell corrupt beings and even tear through dark magics. However, it costs a good chunk of mana from Rallen so he resides to use it as a last resort. (-3 Energy)

Special Items


An ancient blade forged from the fang of a holy dragon. While more than capable of felling normal monsters, it is the bane of undead monsters, fiends and black dragons.


A pistol sidearm Rallen uses for quick debilitating attacks. The bullets are made of magic conducting metals which can be charged with certain elements through a special conduit built into the pistol. It is capable of 10 shots before being reloaded.