AP: 32

Crowns: 0


black bg.png

Strength:  15

Speed:  5

Defense:  12

Energy:  0


Name:  Quoninn, The Forsaken

Age:  Unknown, some have said for the Persona to be tens of millenia in age.

Species:  Hell Knight

Height:  7'7''

Appearance:  Not much can be said about the physical appearance, in fact, nothing can be said at all, as not one inch of skin or any form of flesh appears at all. All that can be said is that the “breathing” of the knight sounds metallic and hollow, as if whatever lies below the depths is desperately gasping for air.

Apparel:  The Form appears to have thick, heavy armour that is so black, it seems that no amount of sunlight can ever show skin or even bounce off the metal, the texture of the metal also appears and feels as if it is soot, leaving it on the fingers of those who come into contact with the metal armour of the massive beast. Scarf-like wrappings also surround the neck and thick on left arm of the knight, leaving the appearance of the beast having a sort of tattered and utterly burnt cape upon him. The helmet, however, is the most unique feature of the armour. A long, sharpened and curved horn is what takes the center of the helmet, and rather than having slits for eyes or any facial features, it is smooth, black and sooty just like the rest of the armour.

Hometown:  Unknown

Character Skills

Canto XV: Ithica’s Speed 

Quoninn’s speed starts off slow because of the massive size and weight, however, the tides can change. If the Knight is able to land a successful hit upon an enemy combatant, Quoninn will gain +2 toSPD. If the attack is blocked/ parried, Quoninn is still able to receive +1 to SPD to his stat. With each successful hit or block stacking, the speed can max out to +5 for 3 posts, requiring a 2 post cooldown before it may begin again.

Canto XVIII 

Reality Warped-- (-2 DEF) Quoninn is able to warp the outcome of devastating attacks that may land on him, as instead of receiving damage, Quoninn can switch him, or a select individual of his choosing, out with the user of a technique thrown at one of them.This can be told based on a rising heat sensation coming from the chest of the opponent and/or target being switched, ultimately allowing the selected few to have the ability done so quick, it could be done before the blink of an eye. This ability requires up to 5 posts before used again, as it takes a heavy toll on Quoninn to switch places, and constant use of this ability may result in the knight being down and out.

Canto XXX: Call Forth the Mirrors of Pain 

(-2 DEF) Lasting 5 posts, Quoninn can create a 360 field of invisible mirrors that can grab onto an opponent and sap -1 DEF for every post the opponent is unable to break free, capping at -5 DEF. If the opponent is able to avoid the invisible grasps, the field also causes the opponent -2 to SPD, should they be caught in the first place.This leaves the opponent to be a bit more exposed than outside the field. At a radius of 10 feet, the field lasts for 5 posts, requiring a 5 post cooldown before being able to be reused.

Ascended Magma of Aeternum 

A more advanced version of Helimun’s Flame Control ability, this version takes everything Helimun has and cranks it up to 11 on every aspect during combat. Coming at a cost of 3 STR to used, and 1 DEF every 5 posts to keep the system working, Quoninn now has the ability to create and/ or manipulate magma from its body, with some advanced techniques including:

Magma Ball: This technique allows Quoninn to create a sphere of magma his hand that can be used for a variety of reasons: a variety of ranged attacks (the most common being small shards and a large one that takes one post to charge.), magma tentacles to grab on to enemies, or use the ball as a source to do devastating destruction up close. If the ball lands on an opponent, the immense heat and molten metal will melt through their armour and begin boiling the skin and flesh, resulting in -1 DEF and -1 SPD. (3 post cooldown)

Magma Construction: The use of magma can be manipulated and cooled into a solidified structure that varies in size, ranging from shackles and cages that can trap an opponent to large walls that can stop up to one tonne of force coming at it.

Magma Absorption: If magma lands on the enemy, Quoninn can manipulate the liquid to become black. Under this state, the magma will still burn severely, however, the magma will stick to the opponent and allow the knight to regain 1 STR and 1 DEF per post for every time the black magma is stuck to the opponent. (Caps out at 5)

Molten Touch: Another advanced version, this technique sees Quoninn able to build his heat to 3200 degrees Celcius rather than Helimun’s 1600.

The Halt of Aeternum 

A divine form, this technique is able to give a singular devastating blow to the opponent, and because of this, it can actually be used in two forms:

Defensive Halt: Because this halt takes a major amount of strength (3 Points to be exact), Quoninn is actually able to use his massive presence to simply stop an enemy’s attack in its track no matter the form of the attack. When the enemy confronts this attack, the opponent will receive the same amount of pressure given in the attack times two, pushing their body to the point of breaking based on their durability to withstand heavy hits.

Offensive Halt: Requiring 1 additional point of strength on top of the three, using this stance will actually destroy the bones of those with the greatest of super strength. The ripping of flesh, the tearing of muscle, the shattering of multiple bones, one hit from this all out brawlic hit will make one close to death. (-5 STR, requires a 5 post cooldown)

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Special Items

The Outfit of War 

Considered to be the “flesh” of the entity, this clad of heavy armour is not only 2x thicker than steel,meaning that explosives, bullets and bladed weaponry won't be as effective as usual, but is also completely immune to any damage regarding heat and explosion, only being slowed down by the magic attacks rather than severely damaged. Instead, the damage meant from any sort of magic attack (in regards to heat and explosions) will be absorbed, meaning that the armour receiving any sort of heat and explosive damage will put +1 DEF everytime, appearing as lava red cracks across the armour and dims from the absorption. This buff caps at +5 DEF.


A 9 foot staff sword that is just as black as the armour of the knight,wrapping as well, Nemesis has quite the effect when attacking its opponent. The 4 foot blade has an eternal flame that is unable to be extinguished, and due to having an eternal flame, the blade is gifted with unique abilities:1, for every time someone comes into contact with the blade, they will lose -1 STR and -1 DEF, stacking up to -2 for both STR and DEF, 2. The severity of the weapons damage is worse than a normal blade, as it provides horrible deep burns inside the flesh and even to skin nearby it. And 3. While draining the opponent of STR and DEF, the blade absorbs +1 STR, even after the maximum damage has been done by the flaming blade, capping at +5 STR.

Gemini Aeterni 

Another crystal implemented into the being of Quoninn, this one allows any STR or DEF to be given between Helimun or Quoninn, making it a useful tool when one needs anothers help. Cooldown of 4 posts.

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Quoninn was not always the hollow knight many have seen him to be with his possessor, Dante, but instead they were one in the same. Quoninn is said to be the fighting spirit of Dante himself reincarnated into a Blink, the after image done by a week long ritual that was the only way to save his life from the brink of Eternal Death, a fate much worse than dying.

Before all of this, Dante was a swordsmen, an elite for a forgotten organization that, at this point in time, is declared to be erased from the face of existence, and known only through oral folktales handed down from generation to generation, with some stories saying that member came from another dimension called “Anivia” and Eternaladia, mystical places that were defined to be the epitome of eternal paradise, but that is a story for another time.

Not much can be considered about the job, purpose or even the name of the organization Dante once was in, however, it could be said that this organization played a crucial role in stopping the death of many being so soon during the time they roamed as an average citizen, and the job itself made Dante pay the ultimate price. After years of being a member of this team, Dante found himself to be in the heat of a deadly battle upon an erupting volcano against a Deity known only as Azaezel the Forbidden, his presence was so powerful, that it would only take a matter of mere hours to make cities as large as Venes fall to his knees like crying puppies, yet Dante was there to put an end to it. It is unknown how long this battle has gone, but few have said that it continued endlessly for over 7 consecutive days and by the final moments, a valley 5 miles long was made without either one of them knowing, both being extremely strained and on the brink of death. But at the end of the fight, the deity stayed on top, ultimately beating the man to an absolute mangled pulp before sealed away somewhere deep in Moretti by the members of the Organization.

After the battle, Dante was said to be half dead when arriving to the Home, and once the ritual was done, it was said Dante may never fight again, leading to him sinking into a major depression unable to be repaired for up to 5 years. Aside from all of the stories said about the life of Dante, not much is known, as he tends to keep to himself, especially after becoming the Leader of the Sacred Flame in hopes he may complete a promise he made to someone long ago: To be human.