AP: 36

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  9

Speed:  20

Defense:  6

Energy:  1


Name:  Panic

Age:  26

Species:  Human

Height:  5'7

Appearance:  Fair complexion, short strawberry blonde hair, and brown eyes. However, she is rarely ever seen without her helmet, which has a visor spanning from the top of the head to the chin. The visor has dynamic blue lines, with rays shooting out from a whitish central point, displayed above the surface.

Hometown:  Venes, Tiberia

Character Skills

Psychodaemon (Passive 1) 

When Panic injures a target, an invisible and inaudible psychodaemon will cling onto the target, leaving behind a magic trail which only she can track. The target loses -1 speed from the weight of the psychodaemon, and this effect can stack infinitely.

Hunter Killer (Passive 2) 

Regenerate 1 energy on any takedown (incapacitation or kill). Panic will also activate this passive if an opponent affected by Psychodaemon (Passive 1) is taken down by someone else. Panic cannot have more than 1 maximum energy, even if others buff her stats.

Dead, Dead, and Deader 

Panic may sacrifice 2 defense to almost instantaneously teleport up to 5 meters away. Upon cast, pitch black and electric arms wrap themselves around her body until she disappears from view. Static screeches will resonate from the destination to telegraph this move to opponents. The only weapons she may bring during this ability are melee weapons.


Costs 1 energy. Panic becomes invisible for up to 5 posts, or up until the beginning of her next attack, which gains +2 strength. The only attacks she may use during this ability are melee ones. She will be unable to be detected by most physical means, although she can still interact with the environment and can make noise if not careful, but those with even the weakest magic sensing abilities will be able to figure out her general location easily - they cannot miss the large writhing mass of energy. However, they can only track Panic for a split instant every other post during this ability. Any longer will lead to a sense of impending doom - a feeling that they will die. If Panic is tracked for any longer, she temporarily gains the ability to instantly and quietly teleport next to the person who is directly or indirectly tracking her, allowing her to attack opponents with no time for them to react.

Special Items

Combat Armor 

Panic is encased in metallic bulletproof armor modified for her, and for espionage missions. With thinner and less plates, it is more lightweight and is thus more susceptible to heavier attacks. The hands and feet are also covered with an electrically powered layer which can suction itself to surfaces. +1 defense.

Grappling Hook 

An extremely tough grappling hook that can lodge itself into surfaces and people. Tipped with a heavy and extremely sharp blade and extendable prongs. Panic has one mounted on Panic's left wrist, and can shoot it. The hook is almost as fast as the speed of sound, and can be manipulated to wrap around objects and people. The firing of the hook is silent, and the hook itself can quickly be retracted into its firing device.

Hunting Knife 

An ordinary steel knife.

Facade Mk 2 

Panic’s one-of-a-kind helmet is built to allow her to use her abilities freely. Without it, the usage of her abilities will injure or critically injure her. The helmet comes with espionage equipment: sensors which can read people’s lips, detect sounds from far way in its pointed direction, a heartbeat sensor, and other kinds of vision tech.

Panic is the alias of an experimental assassin - a high-performing volunteer that underwent a classified Venes military procedure to further research the combination of technology and magic. While many other soldiers were successful with their results, Panic unfortunately got the short end of the stick, and regularly experiences the feeling of drowning. Regular medications do not make these panic attacks go away as they are not caused by physiological means, but instead lie in magical sources. Panic was able to flee the military following the discovery that she was to be terminated, thanks to the help of a Black Diamond executive named Helen Fueller, who also holds the ability to temporarily stop Panic's bouts of drowning. For this, Panic is greatly indebted to Fueller, and is more than willing to provide her skills to her new boss. Ever since the events of Tiberia's collapse, Panic has been searching for Fueller for a long time.