AP: 34

Crowns: 321

black bg.png

Strength:  8

Speed:  14

Defense:  11

Energy:  1


Name:  Paige Emm Azreal

Age:  N/A

Species:  Artificial Angel

Height:  5,7

Appearance:  A pale and nimble body-build of young-adult stature, Paige appears fit and has a muscular tone to her body, nothing bulging or movement restricting, but something notable to those who see her body. She has various gash scars that are permanent and cannot be removed that trail from her left leg all the way up to her waist, lower back, and even a scar or two on her face. Her main back area holds two large black wing tattoos that her wings morph into when folded to her back.

Apparel:  A collection of mainly black apparel that fits the materials it's made from, which is fibers and materials directly from the shadow realm.
The look she used to go for was hooded punk, but after arriving to Solace, her style changed from edgy punk to a more.. militaristic look, the jeans looking rougher with slight tears here and there and her jackets looking thicker like combat jackets.
(Note, her outfit morphs to her will and can change, but this is more of the main outfits she has, or outfit styles.)

Hometown:  N/A

Character Skills

The Strength of Ammenadiel 

Once a powerful angel with a bolstered, muscular body, Ammenadiel was cannibalized by Paige and his powers, copycatted.

Giving Paige Angelic physicality which made not only her body's immune system enhance dramatically, but it also changed her physical capability to one of the Angelic nature which is far above anything humanity could ever achieve, it doesn't reach anywhere near the strength of divine, but it is strong enough to match goliath demons that inhabit the plains of 'Hell' from her dimension and allows her to out-power most other angels in a purely physical contest.

The adaptability of Uriel 

Uriel, once an angel of extreme adaptability and strategic combat was cannibalized by Paige and his powers, copycatted.

Paige can now adapt to even the most extreme temperature changes in mere seconds of being in them and has immense resistance to poison, this also allows her body to adapt to energies used against her, it doesn't allow her immunity from them, but with prolonged exposure without a fatality, her body can build resistance to them. (Note that her adaptability is not permanent, if she encounters a new energy source and adapts to it in battle, she will have to adapt to it again at a later date if conflict repeats itself.)

Remiel's Aerial Speed 

Remiel, once an extremely fast combatant of the over the world was cannibalized by Paige and her abilities copycatted.

Paige formed wings of black that form as tattoos on her back when folded, on top of gaining Remiel's angelic speed, Paige can achieve sound-barrier breaking aerial speeds by means of travel only, this ability is not useful in straight combat without heavy consequences as collisions at that speed would hurt immensely.

Lucifer's Regeneration 

Lucifer, a half-demon half-angel being that once ruled a dimension called 'Hell' was cannibalized by Paige and his powers copycatted.

Paige now has a greatly enhanced regeneration and recovery speed due to this absorption, she can regenerate anything up to near-fatal without much trouble, however, it can be worn down and if she is constantly healing, her body will give out physically and she will be weak. Depending on how much she has exerted herself depends on how long she won't regain strength.

Special Items

Undergarments of a Shadow-being 

Paige acquired her underclothing by way of travel through a shadow dimension, it appears as pitch-black outfitting that can liquify and regenerate when damage comes to it as well as change form, it appears as whatever kind of underwear Paige visualizes and can change at will, it is titled as underwear for its limited coverage, not being enough to cover her entire body. (Wings morph through.)

Blade of the Shadow-realm 

A black blade that was acquired through the same method of Paige's clothing, only instead of a living being, this blade is made from pure shadow-steel, making it about the same in terms of reinforced steel in durability.
However, it is a blade designed to cut through and be unaffected by the element of light, meaning it does not appear to the naked eye if in any type of light.
(The blade can be regenerated by mending the pieces back together, same as the sheath that holds it.)

The Shadow-beings Exoskeleton outfit  

Paige acquired this form of shadow clothing through the same method as her undergarments, traveling through that dimension allowed her to bond with a living shadow that covers her body in a militaristic looking combat outfit of Black with a few silver linings and dots, it is mainly just clothing on the outside, but on the inner side of it is a hardened Shadow Skeleton that attaches to Paige's body and is as strong as Reinforced Steel. This outfit can liquefy, morph, and even regenerate from damage as well as morph into whatever type of clothing Paige wishes. (Wings morph through. and Skeleton can be shifted at will.)

Dual Shadow-steel handguns 

Handguns crafted from the same material as Paige's Black-blade, they are of Shadow-steel and use ammunition that is known as shadow rounds, the clips when dropped out of the guns fade back into the shadow realm and new ones replace them, though it still requires the full reloading process of any normal handgun. They do not appear to the naked eye in any form of light and will shoot through any element of light that it fires at.

Range: 2500 Yards.
Clip-size: 8
Millimeter size- 9mm.
(Can be regenerated by mending pieces back together.)

The Artificial Angel:

The existence of the angelic race has been debated by scientists and philosophers alike throughout thousands of years, and in that time their conflict only bred more conflict, each side saying their new finding puts them on the winning side… Only until the opposing side strikes back with something else.
Well, as it turns out, Angels do exist.
Just not in the same sense as many think, they are not divine soldiers of perfection, and they are not Gods themselves, rather they are natives to the overworld or ‘Heaven’ and are not some supernatural force, at least not to themselves because just like humans, they were created and in their natural habitat they are normal.
Now also, just as humans, Angels are imperfect, to name a few.
Ammenadiel- The angel of pure strength, who has an ego to match his biceps, he believes he is the strongest warrior in all of the Silver City, his sin is arrogance and a massive Ego, believing himself to be above humanity and above even his angelic brothers and sisters in arms.

Remiel- The fastest of Heaven’s angels and an expert in aerial combat and pure speed, her sin is one of lust, she lusts after the things of sexual nature and has violated the sacred of her relationships by having sexual relations before being bonded with them through marriage.

Uriel- An Angel that relies more on intellect and strategy in combat, his body is known to adapt to any environment or condition almost instantaneously, meaning he can be frozen only once before his body would adapt and be unharmed by the dropping temperature, he is one of patience and sadism. Which.. His sin is how cruel he can be, from making his opponents look like idiots to just adapting to whatever attack they throw at him and laughing in their face about it.

Lucifer- Now here is an Angel that needs no introduction, right? The rebellious demon who leads hell because he was cast out of Heaven for reasons unrevealed to the angelic society, it is assumed his rebellion and war in heaven caused it, but that is not confirmed 100% in every possible scenario, Now what makes him so Sinful is that he violated his angelic blood with some Demonic essence, making him the first hybrid between them, and making his main ability one of rapid regeneration, something that allows him to regrow even entire limbs in seconds.

Paige- Oh, a different name than the rest? You guessed it, Paige is what you would consider a ‘Fallen Angel’ of sorts, see her wings are black, and... She is not allowed into the silver city for one specific sin… She killed all 4 of the angels listed above her and cannibalized their corpses to gain their powers, she is an abomination and is wanted to be erased from history for her crimes. Somehow she managed to escape Heaven’s pursuit by traveling to other dimensions where no such law is in place to have her executed. The god of the universe she was in had let her go free, for what reason, the only speculation can be made.
(Note, this origin in no way is factual or meant to defy Biblical Authority, only a fictional twist to the world around Me.)