AP: 32

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  6

Speed:  13

Defense:  6

Energy:  7


Name:  Osiris

Hometown:  Venes

Character Skills

Gunslinger (Passive) 

When using a gun to shoot, Osiris will have the first hit advantage. This passive only activates when Osiris is focused and is either stationary or moving very slowly (ie carefully walking down a hallway).

All Seeing Eye 

Costs 1 energy. Osiris emits a pulse of high frequency sound waves, revealing and identifying the environment around him and through obstacles in a 10 meter radius. Any character detected by this ability will feel as if their hairs and skin are fuzzy during this ability.


Costs 1 energy. There are 2 modes, each creating a hologram emitted by a speaker and camera equipped tiny drone:
1. Creates a controllable and realistic hologram of Osiris with all of his "abilities" at his location for 3 posts. Once the ability reaches the end of its duration, Osiris can either refresh it or let the hologram disappear. He can swap locations with his hologram at any time for free.
2. Summons 5 holograms in his place which mimic Osiris' movements along with a slight lag to confuse opponents, for up to 3 posts. While it might seem simple to simply target the Osiris in front, it will seem more complicated when he's close to his opponent and always on the move.

Concussive Force 

Costs 2 energy. Osiris' armor suit releases a concussive shockwave, which is able to bounce off of walls once. Has a 10 meter total range. Alternatively, Osiris can release a concussive shockwave around himself in a spherical 2 meter radius. Anyone caught by the shockwave will have heavily impaired vision, hearing, moderately affected motor skills, and their speed will decrease by -3. This effect lasts for 1 post.

Special Items


The silenced light bullpup rifle of Osiris' choice with caseless rounds, along with optional subsonic rounds to almost completely mute his shots. Has a retractable stock and a 40 round magazine. The reason why Osiris doesn't use very high calibers is because most of his work is done in urban settings, where engagement distances tend to be a lot shorter, thus making the penetration power difference between larger and smaller calibers fairly minimal. Thanks to this, the rifle is about 3 pounds lighter as well.


A 30 round 5.7mm automatic compact submachinegun. Has an obscenely high fire rate if used in automatic mode, and is Osiris' backup weapon for when things go wrong.


A heavy two-handed laser tuner which can be remotely activated. Fires a harmless red laser from up to 5 meters away, scanning up to a third of a meter deep of material. After a moderate delay, the laser will become harmful, and emit an extremely high amplitude of frequencies that resonate with the scanned material, shattering it. The delay may increase depending on the durability of the material, and it is possible for materials to exist that require too much energy for Sonata to blast through. For general purpose, however, it is tough to find something that this weapon cannot crack. Has a 2 post cooldown.

K-5 Armor 

A black and high tech full body armor suit which provides a hefty defense bonus (+1 def) while still keeping Osiris as mobile as he desires. The suit is also airtight, containing hidden oxygen reserves, and contains modules that allow for extremely high quality zooming functions along with multiple kinds of vision tech. The armor plates that cover Osiris can be used to block melee attacks.