AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  2

Defense:  10

Energy:  8


Name:  Ora

Age:  unkown

Species:  Slime

Height:  varies

Appearance:  As a Slime, ora's true form is a large mass of a transparent blue gelatinous slime. She also has a mass of blue "hair" Ora shapes herself into a somewhat humanoid form that, according to to what she know and hear is unheard of for a Slime to be able to do.

Character Skills

Physiology of a Slime (Passive)  

As most slime's are gelatinous in form they are unaffected by any physical harm to their bodies, whether it be slashing, bludgeoning, or piercing. Anything caught in their gelatinous form is digested fairly quickly due to secretions of acid. As a passive skill they can change the composition of their structure and form to appear organic or inorganic (ex. A box of scraps, or even a human). They can do this freely and not suffer energy loss. However they are vulnerable to extreme cold, water logging, and extreme heat. Too much cold will cause them to freeze solid, too much liquid will make their form unstable and collapse, and too much heat will cause them to evaporate.

Moody Reaction (Passive) 

Unlike most slimes that lie around and ooze with the world, Ora has emotional sensitivity and depending on the stimulus, her emotions change the chemicals of her body. Due to her physiology, her body will create certain chemicals like acids, but her base composition is similar to polyurethane. If she is sad her body retains the composition and density of cement, making it harder for those caught in her body to escape. If she is angry her body retains its normal composition but increases in acidity and emits sulfuric gases too toxic for anyone breathing. If she is happy her body retains its normal composition but reduces normal acidity to nothing and decreases the adhesive polyurethane base. Since these are mood based reactions, they are also a passive feature of hers.

Healing Properties 

Most slimes only have chemical compounds in them for digesting via acids, but Ora is an exception because her body produces a certain aloe from her acids that helps with healing. Since she does not ever need to heal herself, she can use this aloe slime to heal others. The slime will also disinfect injuries and keep them from getting infected while it works away at healing. It will seal up cuts easily, and make burn wounds unrecognizable. Major injuries can be sealed up, but a scar will be left behind, and the loss of a limb will be staunched but will be healed to nub. It takes 2 amount of ENR to produce this healing slime and lasts for a duration of 3 posts.

Special Items

Enchanted hair tie 

As it's seemingly her only basic need, Ora's hair tie is capable of absorbing water into her body. All she has to do is make physical contact with water and it will be absorbed. However, it's not clear if it happens automatically or if Ora can control it. Depending on how much water she absorbs she can also change her size and body proportions. She can also expel her internal water in pressurized streams from any part of her body.Ora hair tie can also capable of filtering her own internal water

Slimes also commonly called ooze are common types of monsters in many worlds. True to their name, they don't usually have any distinct shape and appear as large masses of gelatinous fluid. Slimes and oozes vary between mediums they are known to be brainless piles of goo that dissolve whatever matter becomes enveloped by their bodies. Beings from to worlds would experiment with the slime trying to use its gelatinous fluids as a way to perfect bio war. Out of this a young slime was born an amorphous, shapeshifting protoplasm which were bio-engineered by the Elder Vampire, a man of prehistoric advanced in alien colonists. She was created after the Elder had a rather bad accented in his lab. Giving this particular slime its own thoughts and feelings.