AP: 32

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  5

Speed:  12

Defense:  5

Energy:  10


Name:  Odessa Elwyn

Age:  21

Species:  Human

Height:  5'7

Appearance:  A pale-skinned woman with brown hair. Her hair reaches down to the start of her neck. Her brown eyes seem partially clouded. Her face is fair, but she has a long scar from her temple to her cheek.

Apparel:  She wears a black collared shirt with a gray vest. A silver amulet with a horse carved into it hangs from her neck. One hard leather and metal armguard cover her left arm. Her waist is wrapped in red silk that is held in place by a leather belt. She wears khaki pants and hard leather boots that reach up a few inches past her ankle.

Hometown:  Ishgard

Character Skills

Ice Manipulation 

The user can create Ice at will. The ice can take any shape so long as it is no larger than a 5-foot cube. The user can also move and reshape the ice at will so long as it doesn’t become larger than 5 feet in any direction. The creation of ice costs 1 ENR but moving and manipulating it is free of cost

Dragoon's Will 

The user can take control of a scaled beast’s mind once a day. The user must have their hand placed on the beast’s head for the effect to take place. Use of this ability costs 5 ENR

Special Items


A long steel spear with engravings of dragons on them.

Infinite Satchel 

A satchel with seemingly infinite storage space. The satchel can’t store anything larger than the opening.


A short dagger with a sheath on her belt. Engraved on the blade are the words “A smile better suits a hero”

Ishgard is a theocracy ruled by The Church of Ascalon. Even though the pope of the church holds absolute power, nobles still exist within the city. The city of Ishgard has been at war with the dragons further north ever since its creation.

Odessa Elwyn is an illegitimate child of a noble within Ishgard. Born to her mother Hera Elwyn, she lived on the frozen streets of Ishgard before her mother died when she was eight. Her father Edmont Fortemps took her in shortly afterwards. Growing up in her father’s house was tough. She was never truly accepted into the family, she always felt ostracized. Both of her brothers didn’t care for Odessa, and Edmont’s wife detested her. Edmont always did his best to make her feel welcome but there was little he could accomplish.

Since Odessa wasn’t ever truly a noble, the only way for her to be recognized by the rest of her family was to become a knight. Odessa started training at the age of ten. She was gifted at fighting with the spear and when her training was done at the age of eighteen, she was able to become a knight. She has spent the last three years fighting with her brothers and sisters in arms for the people of Ishgard, and defending against the hordes of dragons that threatened to desolate the city.