AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  0

Speed:  10

Defense:  0

Energy:  20


Name:  Octavia

Species:  Even she is unsure

Height:  6'

Appearance:  Normal appearance is a tall woman with a curvy build, black shoulder length hair and deep purple eyes. Distinguishing features are cat ears and tail, which are certainly real. Her accent is neutral and she speaks with a husky contralto voice when out and about.

Apparel:  Typically prefers dresses and skirts, her attire changes from day to day and night to night.

Hometown:  Off World

Character Skills

Schrodinger's Paradox 

[- 2 ENR] Octavia must see a visual representation of the area before this ability can be used, as she cannot blindly move. An image or a rough sketch will work fine, anything showing a rough fixed point she can focus on. Once the image is attained, Octavia visualizes it in her mind, believing herself to be standing within the room or location she is thinking of. By bending reality with her mind, she will cease to exist where she currently is, along with anything or anyone touching her, and begin existing in the place she was visualizing. While she cannot alter another's mind, persons seeing this ability will watch her figure literally fade out of the fabric of reality, and those not used to it may feel nauseous or sick as their minds struggle to realize the reality alteration that had just occurred. Telepaths will find that their attempts to read or mentally attack her are completely blocked due to the unique nature of her mind and the way it works. It is a perfect defense, though she cannot project herself into someone elses mind. Because of the nature of this ability, she can pass through dimensions provided she has a clear mental image of where she wishes to go. Utilizing this ability bypasses magical dampening and nullification systems as well, since it is not actually magic.


[Variable ENR] Upon coming into contact with security systems of any kind that she has not dealt with, Octavia wills herself to know everything about it, including needed security codes or methods to defeat it. This will work on any object or system, electrical or magical, that cannot defeat her energy input for the skill. More complex systems will utilize more ENR, up to a maximum of 16. Security systems and the like that do not have an ENR requirement automatically use -2 ENR for the skill.

Immaterial Form 

[Variable ENR] Due to the unique nature of her mind, magical barriers and illusory systems can be bypassed by believing that the barrier is immaterial, regardless of the type. Physical barriers with special alarms are defeated in a similar manner, as she warps reality by believing that there is nothing that can detect her. With this ability, she can go undetected by cameras and sensors designed to pick up anything in a room by any means. Lasts for 3 posts, and systems not requiring an ENR input automatically consume -2 ENR. Requires a 2 post cooldown.


[Passive/Active] She can change her appearance by simply believing that she is different. Height and overall body type is not altered, but cosmetics such as hair length and color as well as eye color can be changed. Glamour also allows her to imitate voice pitch and accents, and clothing on her body can be altered any way as well. She normally hides her ears and tail with this ability.

Special Items

Skeleton Key 

A magical item willed into existence by Octavia. For locks, electronic and otherwise, that are simple and do not require the use of [Paradigm], the [Skeleton Key] will fit into any lock and immediately take the shape of whatever is needed to unlock it, whether it be a key or a card. The [Skeleton Key] cannot defeat locks that have multiple stages of security, as that will require the use of [Paradigm], but for things like lockboxes, safes or doors with keycard locks, [Skeleton Key] will open them. Carried around her neck, it normally takes the shape of a small gold key until utilized. It cannot be stolen or lost, as it will always appear around her neck if it goes more than ten feet from her.

Bag of Holding 

A small black and silver purse dangling from a long gold rope. It holds a dimensional pocket inside that car store a multitude of items of varying sizes and types. The opening can expand to a maximum size of three feet by three feet to fit large objects. Item space is limited to a 20'x20'x20' room, so it's capacity is not infinite, though it is perfect for her needs. If opened by anyone else, the bag will merely display the normal inside of the purse, which contains things such as cosmetics, perfume and a Tazer.


A simple black choker with a purple stone in the middle of it that returns energy to her at a steady, if slow, rate. +1 ENR per post.