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Character Skills

Poison Gaps 

Syrealians cellular biology, especially blood, is a complex development spanning natural evolution and genetic engineering to be the quintessential form of cellular and genetic dominance. As a race structured around conquering, their blood has evolved domineering properties as a means to guarantee the conquering of other species’ genetics and biological functions through penetrating, dominant genes. Meaning the genetic characteristics of Syrealians will take priority. Ensuring their unending existence. Thus Syrealian genes always prevail and layer the genetics of other species as potential, mutational additions to their own.

Syrealian blood traits vary house to house but these common characteristics they all share: Fused with literal plasma, blood released can reach temperatures up to and in excess of 5,000 degree Celsius. At a cost of 1EN the user may completely eradicate any status effects on the body (i.e. buffs/debuffs, paralysis, etc); Syrealian blood can passively stabilize disturbances in genetics and mutations; Poison gaps are direct, evolutionary organs whose purpose is solely to neutralize, store, and reuse bacteria, poisons, viruses, and other biological threats like thereof created or which enter their body. Due to poison gaps, blood injected by bite, tail, etc into an opponent can act as a sentient pathogen at an auto cost of 30EN (unless otherwise stated) to debilitate any biological defenses the opponent may have unless the EN defense exceeds this amount. Should no defenses exist no EN is lost and the blood gains full reign in its ability to effectively use its Arsenal. Traits specific to Nemba, however, include full genetic manipulation and the ability to update the abilities of those who contain his blood, energy, and/or genetics.

Poison Gap Arsenal:

Virus NX: Injecting this virus into an opponent’s body grants the user complete genetic manipulation over their body after a day. Should this be completed they can literally control, wither, and even deteriorate the existence of the opponent into a disintegrating ash. Should this virus be left in the user for more than a day the opponent will drain of all life and pop into ash.

Weasel: The most horrifying bacteria in Nemba’s arsenal is injected into the opponent’s body. Attaching itself to the opponent’s heart. The danger of this bacteria lies in its ability to sap their lifeforce and any energy used at the opponent’s disposal- halving the output damage/effectiveness. The unused half is thus absorbed by the bacteria causing malicious growth. Once the bacteria absorbs EN greater than EN depleted the opponent bloats and, at the user’s will, can detonate the opponent into a gory disarray. Should it be preserved the weasel can grow into its own lifeform and/or serve alternative functions. Primary- give all genetic information accumulated by opponent's body to acquire a racial ability. Secondary- restore user's energy from a distance. Third- Can be used to create V.3 Mediators.

Multosis Form 

Multi-Form: Expanding on Nemba’s ability to manipulate genetics through his own blood turns the user into an accessory of limbs and bodies. Activated, the user goes into a instantaneous stretch of mitosis. Separating its form into a complete physical copy at half the stats. Three forms at one-third of the stats. Four forms at a quarter of the stats (rounded up). Any split can in turn be compensated up to 50AP using EN to become full stat versions of Nemba. Multi-form not only exists as a means to create pressure during battle but passively allows the user’s body dynamic capabilities that allow them to re-attach whole severed limbs or create them using the environment (merge with mechanics).

Special Items