AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  4

Speed:  8

Defense:  5

Energy:  6


Name:  Nathaniel Cross

Age:  26

Species:  Khajiit

Height:  5,7

Appearance:  He is a rather normal looking Khajiit, execpt for some unique features. He has a crooked and unsettleing smile. His canine/ killing teeth are bend and crooked, this came from an earlier experience when he cheated at a gamble. His right ear is equally damaged, having a medium sized cut right down the middle. The rest of his body looks "normal", grey fur, blue eyes, an ectomorph body and average claws.

Apparel:  He wears an old brown leather coat. It has a lot of traces of use.

Hometown:  Bravil

Character Skills

Lockpicking (passive) 

The user can see inside any lock, which makes picking it a lot easier.

Hoarder's sense (passive) 

The user is able to detect any currency in the vicinity of 20 m². NOTE: This only applies to metals and minerals, not contracts etc.

Special Items

Steel Dagger "Claw" 

Standard issued Steel dagger. It is steely and pointy,

Coin Pouch 

Again, simple stuff, brown leather bag. Sadly, it lacks the mentioned coin. For now...

He was the son of a merchant and thus didn't have a hard life... at first. His father's company went bankrupt when he was only 16. They sold their house, his mother left them and he began to get into some trouble. This included the incident mentioned above, amongst other things. This continued on for a while until he was finally shunned from his hometown, which was a bit ironic, as he had just started to become clean and got a job as a carpenter. And then, there was nothing, just darkness and this is where his story truly begins.