AP: 50

Crowns: 96326


black bg.png

Strength:  11

Speed:  14

Defense:  9

Energy:  16


Name:  Nemba Velaqua






Hometown:  Mirriam

Character Skills

Syrealian Genetics 

The culmination of Mozley's abilities as a Syrealian:
Universal Plasma/Fire Control: Having a genetic affinity to control plasma, Rikonayh, a fallen lover, bestowed her spirit to also control fire granting him a supreme control of both and, against equal or weaker opponents, can circumvent enemy fire or take over any fire/plasma regardless of what or where its origin.

Tight Grip: The genetic ability of a Syrealian to limit their physical growth to a specified action. As a result, Mozley is gifted with incredible grip strength. His strength is double only when gripping.

Mystic Attack: Allows the user to extend his limbs beyond their natural length.

Universal Noki Energy 

Ki: After decades of training Mozley has tamed his life force to create a physical manifestation of its existence. Master of ki and its control he conjures it quickly, efficiently and copiously in a multitude of varying ways that include: aura repulsive pushes, auric whips, ki blasts and streams from mouth and limbs, and flying. While damaging in all respects, Ki mastery allows Mozley to exhibit its true, annihilating force. Contacting the opponent’s body not only attacks the individual’s body but their life force directly, draining their life force and straining an organism's biological integrity by ripping apart their molecular structure. Due to extreme testing, his proficiency has allowed him to ascend his ki to a new matrix known as noki energy.

Noki Vessel: The rudimentary form of noki energy. Sludgy in appearance the vessel is a soulless form of physical ki, a powerful pocket to store/contain copious amounts of any energy. Any energy that makes contact with this form can be absorbed at a ratio equivalent to its efficiency (1:1, 2:1, 4:1, etc) and investment until capped- using his base energy as marker. Any energy captured inside is deactivated of its external control, put under Mozley’s manipulation, and/or be utilized to regen if returned. Attached to the enemy it will drain the opponent’s energy at a ratio equivalent to its efficiency and investment until capped. Versatile in nature, Mozley's absolute control over noki energy has created one of the strongest molecular structures in order to act like an adhesive, retain insane malleability, hold extreme tension, take different shapes, and harden with a defensive rating equivalent to EN invested. Costs no energy to form.

Seismic Plasma: Manipulating and retaining the noki vessel's properties, Mozley condenses and compacts plasma into its form to create a concentration he normally would be incapable of creating. Due to the vessel’s malleability, it is the only known product capable of containing plasma’s extreme temperatures until it explodes.

Prism Beams: Lowering the concentration of his plasma, and containing it in a neigh negligible amount of Vessel, Mozley is able to utilize plasma’s gaseous form with sheer velocity and turn at any angle (except 180 degrees) with full omnidirectional control. Prism beams fire at a velocity x1.5 his energy while also being capable of either splitting into weaker beams or combining with itself and other spectrum wavelengths to create a more powerful, domineering structure of destruction.

Sunblast: The ascended form of Seismic Plasma. The user creates a concentrated marble sized ball of plasmic energy that penetrates the Vessel’s protection to invoke a spectacular white, iridescent glow. The astronomical density of its internal fusion creates a temperature that allows the marble to pierce the enemy/thermal-weak structures like butter with sheer heat; or opt for a more versatile form by jumping in size (4ft diameter) to explode with specified effects (blinding, fire release, steam miasma, and scorching liquid) after a one turn charge.

Optimized, noki energy continues to ascend its structure by making it one of the most durable and adhesive compositions ever created. Capable of binding its form to objects at the subatomic level-ripping off flesh and top layer elements when removed. Additionally it’s subatomic structure is so tightly wounded its tensile strength prevents it from being severed; upon hardening, its structure locks at the subatomic level making it incapable of being damaged/penetrated. Can only be removed or damaged if its invested power is exceeded. (i.e. 2EN investment at 16 base EN = 32EN strength investment).

Universal Autonomous Brain Defense 

During his time in the Galactic military he was one of many recipients to test the protection of cognitive faculties. As a success it unlocked his psychic nature and gave him a mastery defense, the Ultimate protection of his mind. Anyone who enters, alters, or affects his mind receives what is best described as a mental emp, paralyzing their mind and, in effect, their body for a short period of time. Over his lifetime he has transcended his psychic abilities (telepathy and telekinetic) to an intermediate level and has been optimized to allow Mozley to create any of his attacks in any spatial area using his mind.

Universal Bunkai Teleportation 

*Suppressed, and thought to be long abolished, the soul remnants of Mozley’s exorcised demon, Jah, has reawakened his SpaceTime Manipulation and access to the Fourth (temporal) Dimension. The stretch of this Ancient Demon’s legacy, authority, and omnipotence persists beyond time and, as such, keeps Mozley both one foot inside and outside the realm of dimensional space-time. Allowing Mozley unrestricted freedom during any modifications to space and time through artificial, natural, and other means like thereof. Jah’s prolonged coexistence within the user has created a permanent nexus of souls. Thus the temporal cosmic power Mozley experiences and exhibits cannot be ruptured and in its oppressed gain is constantly developing, balancing yet limitless. Bunkai Teleportation engages these functions of Space and Time to actively slip the user through the Fourth (temporal) Dimension to appear at any point space exists in precisely .022 milliseconds. This is recognized by the full disassembly of his body into dissipating cubes. The complexity of this ability requires the user to currently have an opponent's signature or one's own energy placement as reference point. Having also augmented his Lock-On to include Bunkai Teleportation, his tail continues to retain awareness of energy placement, sensing signatures and auras of others and their location, and the optimized ability to send a widespread pulse to gain a complete augmented visual of his surroundings up to half a mile away. +

Universal Efficient Efficacy: (lvl 4) 

The culmination of Mozley’s knowledge in harnessing the balance of his psyche, physical, elemental, space-time, life force, and spiritual energies has transcended his consciousness to coalesce such energies into its own type of cosmic energy. The cosmic energy is a permanent synergy attached to every fiber of his being and reflected in his biology and arsenal. The power of this synergy has several effects. Cuts the cost of all his abilities by 1/4. Acts as an external, protective barrier for all his attacks against enemy blunt trauma, manipulation, and absorption for one initial clash. Additionally his arsenal is boosted by touching the fabric of spiritual, psychic, temporal and spatial planes simultaneously in every attack exhibited. Limiting the enemy’s ability to evade by unconventional, metaphysical means. At its rudimentary this coalescence also gives the user supremacy against countering effects while augmenting the efficiency and dynamism of his attacks. Giving the user precedence over all passives and nullifying any effects that may negate, hinder, inhibit, exempt, etc any of his abilities or their occurring effects UNLESS the opponent uses direct ENERGY to negate (not charges or like thereof). 4 EN for passive and non-passive abilities, per turn, is removed from the opponent for each respective passive/non-passive ability maintained. All optimized abilities are designated by Universal.
Empyreal Thrash- Due to the sting of corruption, Nemba's suffering tail was overcome with a biological reaction. Accelerating its natural evolution. At any point it can separate from Nemba and transform into a ravenous quadriped. Being pure, dense muscle, it contains no organs. Making it nearly impossible to immobilize (must be shredded). The genuine nature of its noki-armored hide combines the enhancements of Efficient Efficacy and Amorphous Hegemony to augment them further. Extreme temperature differentials, infectious magical effects, and cellular deteriorating effects make up its newfound invulnerability. Due to its ravenous nature it is always very hungry. Unzipping a massive extra mouth at its belly, alongside its normal mouth, at any point the insatiable tail can bypass any enemy costs to chew or inhale *all* forms of energy- nullifying any negative consequences for its own replenish. At these new peaks, its most dangerous arsenal truly lies in its ability to exceed Nemba's plasma plateau. Turning its body into a plasmic saber at 20,000 degrees Celsius. The magnetic fields produced constrict radiation into straight conduction. Allowing his tail to, instead of radiating heat, hone it to slice and penetrate at overwhelming temperature.

Universal Quantum Compound 

For every instance of time (turn), a throng of instability oscillates perpetually for all physical matter. Attaining such impossibilities requires an improbable certainty. Sifting through chrono Mozley can spatially encapsulate these instances to synthesize kinetic moments into a persistent *chrono crystal.* Five per turn. Inherently embedded into the fabric of his essence, the time-kinetic drive released allows the beneficiary to use it in various Strength or Speed augmentations:

Kinetic Bombardment: Stacking kinetic moments using X amount of crystals will create X amount of strikes which can be exerted simultaneously while adding to the beneficiary's overall speed.

NiceTry: Accelerating matter, or oneself, instantaneously shifts the beneficiary X number of meters in any directional combination- while adding to their overall velocity.

Unyielding Violation: Bolstering physicality translates into an overhaul of inertia for breaking defenses through penetration- while adding to beneficiary’s strength. Where using X amounts of crystals translates to X amount of damage that bypasses defenses and adds to power. If chrono crystals used exceeds adversaries defense the strike will penetrate matter/person.

Implosive Magnitude: Fortifying his muscles with controlled stopping power, X number of crystals adds to power and spreads damage over X amount of surface area in feet creating a cratering, launching strike which implodes even overweight, high density matter/person. If total chrono crystals exceeds adversaries defense it will shatter matter/person.

Duration of any augmentation is limited to five turns and can be discarded at any turn in favor of a new augment. Naturally, should there be a distortion in space or time Mozley can opt to rebalance/remove said effects by investing energy or chrono crystals. In the event of chrono crystals usage, once stabilization is complete the chrono crystals are returned. Optimized, three crystals can be obtained per turn. Can be linked under JeNeSaisQuoi ++

Preemptive Kink 

Warping the aperture of spacetime Mozley is capable of slotting any number of Chrono Crystals (CCs) to act as turn placements. Creating a LOOP of turns that occur in a SINGLE turn. X CCs equal X turns in one turn. For himself, this is applied automatically at the beginning of battle. Passively. During this loop any passive occurrences (gains, buffs, charges, etc) that happen, turn based, will happen at this X rate at the beginning of battle. The resultant gain capable of being used immediately. However this application is not limited to the beginning of battle. Applying it further allows the user/beneficiary to reduce/increase turns for charges, buffs/debuffs, healing, etc. in the same manner by exchanging chrono crystals as turns. Should he make contact with the opponent physically, or with his energy, he can also create a negative consequence. Using X CCs to add X turns that may create/extend charge rates, increase cooldown times, prolong/delay buff usages and healing times, etc upon an opponent. The essence of this move extends beyond usage. Allowing the user to sense the magnitude of charging/buffs and changes of an individual including at what amount and rate.


While the anomalistic origin remains a mystery, JeNaSeQuois is a perfect symbiotic synergy that transcends energy, spirit, and biological RNA to create physical evolution between partners at the cellular level. The appearance is denoted by their counterpart's energy emblazoned upon their flesh. A signature of kinship and bearing of universal knowledge. Despite the limits of this physical mutation being unknown. At its base level, it grants the users access to a wide range of symbiotic abilities into eventual evolutionary mutations genuine to the couples. Symbiotic abilities include the pooling of their energies (including its power), swapping their energy on the field (i.e. ki to electricity to plasma, etc), immunity to these energies, shared vision, and access to 14 of their counterparts abilities (including genetic) for their own disposal. Such an invaluable gift also acts as a double-edged sword for if one depletes the other's resources (i.e. energy) they can be left depleted and vulnerable. In battle, this works up to 100 meters diameter while outside of battle its capabilities can extend this bond indefinitely with continued metamorphosis.

Amorphous Hegemony 

Merging with his noki energy it has become a genetically intertwined part of his skin. Thus taking on all its vessel properties. Passively his skin is denser, contracting autonomously to cover open wounds (not heal), prevent biologically degrading effects down to a subatomic level, and weaken lethal blows. Eliminating a single lethal strike once per battle. Where efficient efficacy optimizes Mozley's abilities, only this transformation maximizes each skill in his arsenal.

Activated, Mozley continues to exert his noki energy into a viscous, mimitic polyalloy over every inch of his body to act as a second integument (armor). The armor's properties utilize his noki vessel, efficient efficacy, and maximizes their utility to nullify absorption, manipulations, and armor breaking/piercing effects to force the enemy to deplete HP; help absorb impacts, explosions, energy, magic, and like thereof; deflect high caliber weaponry, intense blunt trauma, and high density impacts. Although he can still receive knockback.

The armor utilizes X number of energy times base energy to determine its total hit points. Enemy EN invested into attacks or physical strikes received reduces HP but increases Mozley's overall BASE energy permanently for the rest of battle. Excess energy is stored for his utilization. When HP is depleted the armor visually resides but remains ineffective unless more energy is invested. Due to its composition Mozley can effectively increase his plasma's potential radiance to output temperatures up to 10,000 degrees Celsius before it inflicts self harm and eventually kills him. *Optimized, Mozley is capable of creating a unique pattern known as the Flower of Life, a composition whose strength adds base energy to his defense. Should his defense exceed an enemy's weapon attack by 10% the weapon will shatter and be destroyed.

Outlook: The armor's shape can always vary in appearance. Generally it will adopt a genderless form with an ear-to-ear jagged teeth grin, nose and eyeless face, curled four foot horns, dark purple gooey naked flesh, and a golden Lichtenberg scavenging his left arm's flesh. Nearly featureless it will often generate emotican-esque symbols to reflect its mood.

Poison Gaps 

Syrealians cellular biology, especially blood, is a complex development spanning natural evolution and genetic engineering to be the quintessential form of cellular and genetic dominance. As a race structured around conquering, their blood has evolved domineering properties as a means to guarantee the conquering of other species’ genetics and biological functions through penetrating, dominant genes. Meaning the genetic characteristics of Syrealians will take priority. Ensuring their unending existence. Thus Syrealian genes always prevail and layer the genetics of other species as potential, mutational additions to their own. Syrealian blood traits vary house to house but these common characteristics they all share: Fused with literal plasma, blood released can reach temperatures up to and in excess of 5,000 degree Celsius. At a cost of 1EN the user may completely eradicate any status effects on the body (i.e. buffs/debuffs, paralysis, etc); Syrealian blood can passively stabilize disturbances in genetics and mutations; Poison gaps are direct, evolutionary organs whose purpose is solely to neutralize, store, and reuse bacteria, poisons, viruses, and other biological threats like thereof created or which enter their body. Due to poison gaps, blood injected by bite, tail, etc into an opponent can act as a sentient pathogen at an auto cost of 30EN (unless otherwise stated) to debilitate any biological defenses the opponent may have unless the EN defense exceeds this amount. Should no defenses exist no EN is lost and the blood gains full reign in its ability to effectively use its Arsenal. Traits specific to Nemba, however, include full genetic manipulation and the ability to update the abilities of those who contain his blood, energy, and/or genetics.

Poison Gap Arsenal:

Virus NX: Injecting this virus into an opponent’s body grants the user complete genetic manipulation over their body after a day. Should this be completed they can literally control, wither, and even deteriorate the existence of the opponent into a disintegrating ash. Should this virus be left in the user for more than a day the opponent will drain of all life and pop into ash.

Weasel: The most horrifying bacteria in Nemba’s arsenal is injected into the opponent’s body. Attaching itself to the opponent’s heart. The danger of this bacteria lies in its ability to sap their lifeforce and any energy used at the opponent’s disposal- halving the output damage/effectiveness. The unused half is thus absorbed by the bacteria causing malicious growth. Once the bacteria absorbs EN greater than EN depleted the opponent bloats and, at the user’s will, can detonate the opponent into a gory disarray. Should it be preserved the weasel can grow into its own lifeform and/or serve alternative functions. Primary- give all genetic information accumulated by opponent's body to acquire a racial ability. Secondary- restore user's energy from a distance. Third- Can be used to create V.3 Mediators.


Multi-Form: Expanding on Nemba’s ability to manipulate genetics through his own blood turns the user into an accessory of limbs and bodies. Activated, the user goes into a instantaneous stretch of mitosis. Separating its form into a complete physical copy at half the stats. Three forms at one-third of the stats. Four forms at a quarter of the stats (rounded up). Any split can in turn be compensated up to 50AP using EN to become full stat versions of Nemba. Multi-form not only exists as a means to create pressure during battle but passively allows the user’s body dynamic capabilities that allow them to re-attach whole severed limbs or create them using the environment (merge with mechanics).


The Ascension of his noki energy skillset has brought life to an energy based doppleganger of Nemba. Acting as a clone, the threat of this ability lies in its versatility. Replicating Nemba’s characteristics, abilities, but with multiple capabilities to fulfill autonomic tasks.

Media V.1: The energy used to create this weaker Mediator uses base energy to determine its explosiveness/speed/strength. Destruction of this mediator lies in varying circumstances: Any physical/energy attack, except restraint, disposes its life. The number of attacks it can dispose equal to the EN invested (i.e. 2EN=2 attacks). Once used the Mediator evaporates. Another factor requires the separation in 50% of its body or damage exceeding EN invested. The final factor being a Kamikaze that depletes all EN invested into a titanic explosion.

Media V.2: Energy used to create this Mediator correlates to its overall power. They function solely for physicality. Each turn charged determines hits sustainable (2 turn = 2 hits). The speed of this lightweight doppleganger matches Nemba’s but if charged for five turns it can move at the rate of a speeding bullet. Mediators of this caliber are more durable at the downside of charging. The destruction of this doppleganger comes from exceeding its hit counter, energy depletion, 50% body severance, or kamikaze.

Media V.3: The scope of this Mediator uses a live/dead specimen to create an actual lifeform. Injecting the victim with the user’s blood/genetics changes the scope of this Mediator’s potential. During this phase the victim undergoes excruciating metamorphosis as every atom in their body is overridden, giving the user full reign of their genetic makeup. At this point a victim can be replicated in their likeness, their abilities stolen (1, including racial specific), and/or genetically manipulated to be visually to the user’s liking. All scenarios leading to the victims death. Quality of a Living Mediator begins with taking a victims total AP as its base with the choice of being increased through the user’s EN up to 50AP in whatever stat fashion. The spirit of this type of Mediator is amplified through its greatest assets by allowing the user to regenerate full parts, resurrect their entire body, or transmit their form using the host’s biomass. Live Mediators can lie dormant for extreme periods to infect new hosts while retaining all the abilities and capabilities of its creators.

Skill 13:

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Special Items


Sleek, self-built spaceship. Built for speed, containing a hyperdrive component, and uses hydrogen for effective turning. Has simple guns and sound-canceling hull. Can control his spaceship from his keys.


Sword of Ice. Freezes whatever it touches, larger objects take more time but will undoubtedly freeze. If broken it will regenerate its blade within a day. It's scabbard is impervious to being frozen.

B.B. the Ballistics Bitch 

Specified weapons kept across his chest within individual holsters upon his attire. Weapons include a double serrated dagger, piercing dagger, two precise throwing, one hooked, and a single dull frequency knife. Despite each blade being self explanatory, the dull frequency blade hinges on the power of Acoustics and Cymatics. Capable of being tuned to any frequency manually, once the blade strikes an object once it automatically matches the frequency of struck object with the second hit causing the object to be destroyed without objection. Tuning the frequency it can also cause fluid particles (sand, debri, etc) and liquids (water, blood, etc) to forcibly lock into geometric place with its vibrations. Each respective weapon is coated on hilt and blade by a thin layer of noki energy giving them an extra layer of protection, control, and lethality.

Tri Beam Gauntlets 

Pair of prototype gloves created for Greentech as a weapon of mass destruction. The gauntlet is state-of-the-art engineering employing eradication nano-technology. Simply, they can be summoned and displaced at will. The technology embedded inside is a means to receive/give information via Jeanette, act as a GPS, survey and map areas, relate info by visual holograms, and hack/connect into systems by viruses. Greater than this application is its true purpose. The Tri-Beam. The Gauntlets act as the means to synchronize and draw out the individual's psyche, spiritual, and physical gifts into one. Should a wearer not have 50AP, or abilities tied to two of the three aforementioned powers, they will die the moment this weapon is used- and be sapped of energy even if they do without training. Synchronized, the user at will can instantaneously emit its full bodied force. At the cost of 1EN the power emitted combines EN+EN+STR into a bright yet invisible, concussive wall 100 meters squared. The force produced can tear reinforced structures. Create insane knock backs. Crush individuals under its applied force and even impress itself through more softer objects. Acting as an impermeable kinetic barrier to disrupt and rebound enemy attacks. Should the user clasp their hands together and form a square, they can unleash the full potency of the Tri-Beam cannon into a concentrated 10 meter squared attack that becomes visible. Should it make contact with an object, the blast unfolds to 100 meters squared. Anything caught in this radius' force is drawn into the core and grounded by millions of tons of PSI before it implodes upon the victim.

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