AP: 42

Crowns: 37204


black bg.png

Strength:  0

Speed:  12

Defense:  0

Energy:  30


Name:  Morganna of House Telvanni

Age:  4450

Species:  Dunmer

Height:  6’2”



Hometown:  Sadrith Mora, Morrowind

Character Skills

Mycelial Queen 

Morganna has created a species she calls Mushroom Lords – humanoid Mushroom-People she has designed in the laboratories of her tower, Tel Dradihn. She can call upon these Mushroom Lords through space and time, summoning them to a place of her choosing on the battlefield. She can have up to 4 summoned at a time. Each summon lasts until Morganna wants them to go back to Tel Dradihn. They can be sent back to Tel Dradihn via Anti-Magic.

Spotted Lord: For 2 ENG, Morganna summons a Fly Agaric Mushroom Lord that wields the ability to spray Nauseous Gas that can when inhaled can cause painful stomach contractions and induce a person to vomit, alongside being a chemical agent that chemically burns anything it touches. Stats: 5 STR, 0 DEF, 5 SPD, 10 ENG. Nauseous Gas can be produced at the expense of 1-5 ENG, each cost of ENG creating a larger, more controlled cloud of gas.

Oyster Lord: For 3 ENG, Morganna summons an Oyster Mushroom Lord that is incredibly durable and has an enchanted mushroom-plated body that can withstand boiling or freezing temperatures, magical attacks, and physical attacks from sword, arrows, etc. They fight with enlarged fists that act as clubs. Stats: 10 STR, 15 DEF, 5 SPD.

Death Cap Lord: For 4 ENG, Morganna summons a Death Cap Mushroom Lord that is small an unassuming, but wields an organic, retractable bow and set of arrows that are poisoned in magically lethal toxins. These toxins can break down magical wards, dissolve magical energies upon contact (including attacks, if the Death Cap reacts fast enough), and spread a deadly poison throughout the body of a person. A Death Cap has 20 Arrows at the start of every Summon. Stats: 20 SPD, 5 STR, 5 DEF.

Hallucinogenic Lord: For 5 ENG, Morganna summons a Magic Mushroom Lord that summons a dome around the battlefield that grows by 10 Meters for every 1 ENG used, up to 100 Meters. Each dome lasts for 3 Turns but can be upheld for an extra 1 ENG each post afterwards. Within this dome, enemies and allies experience a world full of transforming matter, sacred geometry, patterns that expose one to alternate dimensions in ultra-real sensations and causes objects and the ground within the dome to bend to the will of the Magic Mushroom Lord. Allies of Morganna within this dome experience a +2 to ENG while enemies experience a -2 to ENG while the dome is active. Magic Mushroom Lord cannot physically harm anything with this spell. Stats: 5 DEF, 25 ENG.

Master of Alteration 

Passive: Alteration is a term used to describe the ability to change reality to the will of its user. Morganna can change her physical appearance, altering physical deformities, breath underwater, walk on water, cause objects to float around her, and force the products of age to revert against themselves so to keep herself alive.

Among these, Morganna can expend a bit of energy to cast more complex spells.

Sphere of the Magister: For 1 ENG, Morganna can summon a sphere of an alternate reality with a 10 Meter radius that raises the ENG recovery of her and her allies by +1 ENG per Post. The dome lasts for 2 Posts. This sphere can be grown by 10 Meters for every 1 ENG Morganna continues to use. The duration increases by 1 Post for every 2 ENG Morganna uses.

Levitation: For 1 ENG per person, Morganna casts Levitation; the beneficiaries of this spell will be able to float and levitate wherever they please for as long as Morganna wishes or until the duration runs out. Duration: 6 Posts.

Physical Perfection: For 3 ENG, Morganna alters her biological make-up to grant herself +4 Speed, Strength, OR Defense. Duration: 5 Posts.


Telvanni Attunement 

Passive: Morganna has studied fungi and understood its properties to a point where she can observe anything through fungi. Mycelium is essentially the root-system of a mushroom, while the mushroom is the fruit of that system. She can observe anything mycelium or a mushroom is near in a 360-degree angle – a panoramic view of the mushroom’s surroundings.

Fungal Activation: For 1 ENG, Morganna can persuade the mycelium and force it to grow a mushroom of any type and size if she needs to. For every additional 1 ENG, Morganna can inhibit the growth of more.

Saprophytic Advancement: For 2 ENG, Morganna can take control of the mycelium around her and shift it in any way she pleases, be it for attacks, attempts at entanglement, the expulsion of hallucinogenic fumes, production of shapes, etcetera. For an additional 1 ENG she can enchant these fungal transformations with one of five properties: Magic Resistance, Elemental (Heat, Frost, Shock) Resistance/Damage, Heightened Physical Resistance, and or Semi-Sentience.


Passive: Morganna has become attuned to time and her localized time, thus she can perceive potential attacks, incoming spells, and can comprehend dangerous events soon before they happen. This lesser version of clairvoyance grants Morganna +1 SPD.

Local Entropy: For 2 ENG, Morganna can control matter around her and objects that do not have a consciousness to reverse or accelerate its time. Thus, she can rapidly force things to decay or force things to revert towards lesser states. Cooldown: 1 Turn.

Timeless Traveler: For 1 ENG, Morganna can choose her current moment in time to halt it and dematerialize herself into an ambiguous, ethereal form. Time stops for her, and she can move freely within the moment in time, to possibly avoid attacks and is not subject to the flow of time within this moment in time. However, she cannot attack or affect the world around her, but where she chooses to reactivate the spell will be where she appears next. Cooldown: 2 Turns.

Rewind the Body: For Morganna’s remaining ENG, Morganna exchanges 1 ENG for 1 Previous Turn, where she is transported to the start of and gains the stats at the beginning of that Turn. Example: If Morganna has 3 ENG, she can use this ability to reverse her body back to where she was 3 Turns ago, regaining the ENG she had at that time. Cooldown: 4 Turns.

Mind of the Master 

Passive: Morganna’s mind is a bulwark against all forms of psychic attack or unwilling telepathy. Should psychic magic be used against her to create hallucinations or create simulations, these illusions will be broken within 1 Post, as her mind quickly overpowers this. This also applies to psychedelics and hallucinogenic or psychic compounds.

Morganna can summon psionic powers that can be resisted by using the same amount of ENG she used to cast her spells, or passive resistances.

Manipulator’s Trickery: For 1 ENG, Morganna can reach into the minds of others and implant images, whispers, evoke emotions, and or inspire a sense of morale of her choosing that can be resisted if a person has enough mental fortitude/is immediately aware of the magical trickery. Cooldown: 2 Posts.

Neuralgic Administration: For 2 ENG, Morganna can strike at a person’s mind psionically, causing a frenzied rage, an intense migraine, a shockwave of agony throughout the body, and sense of immense fear, or alter a person’s visuals to cause the reality around them to be completely distorted and unreal. Cooldown: 3 Posts.

Cruel Will: For 3 ENG, Morganna can call forth an immense amount of psionic force that tries to grab onto a person’s mind. Morganna can either cause mental comatose or summon forth a form of mind control. These spells last for 2 Turns but can be extended for 1 turn per extra 1 ENG used.

Lightning of the Telvanni 

Passive: Morganna can redirect static electricity and or lightning that gets thrown her way, which throws the spell in a random direction away from her. She can expend 1 ENG to control this redirection and thus aim it into an organized attack.

Static Discharge: For 1 ENG, Morganna can take control of electricity around her, whether it be in the form of a lightning bolt or a generic power-grid that has been energized with electricity, and manipulate it in ways she sees fit, either redirecting it into opposing places or towards different things. Because she must take control of this electricity, this can be disrupted via Anti-Magic or mental interruptions.

Fulmination: For 2 ENG, Morganna can instantly alter the electrons around her to generate an aimed catalyst for a lightning bolt to spawn. Cooldown: 2 charges per turn. The initial cast of this ability can be interrupted by Anti-Magic, but once the lightning bolt is fired, it is a natural lightning bolt uncontrolled by magic.

Telvanni Recovery 

Passive: Morganna regenerates 1 ENG every turn.

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Special Items

Robes of the Arcane Mistress 

These robes have been a part of her since her early days as a founder of House Telvanni on Vvardenfell and thus have been enchanted to live alongside her. These robes act almost akin to a Lich’s phylactery, except they deceptively work to bind her wounds and bones back together when a battle is over. Thus, quietly, her body can be mended while the aftermath of a battle is going on. Should she die, her soul will latch onto the robes and force the soul back into her preserved body once the process is complete.
Should the robes be removed from her corpse, her soul will wait until someone else wears the robes, and it will possess them.


Telvanni Artificial Neural Processing Organ (TANPO) is a mix between digital technology and arcane intelligence. This chip acts as a back-up, pseudo brain for Morganna, which generates information from and sends information to Tel Dradihn’s supercomputer and mycelial network. This device allows her generate calculations at rapid speed and allows her mind to function at a degree far higher than most creatures, as it artificially selects the best neurons to create, while killing any faulty neurons. Additionally, it can operate without magic for a whole day before it begins to falter. Passive: Morganna gains +2 ENG and +2 SPD.

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Born on Azura’s Coast in Morrowind, on an unmarked island in the 301st year of the 1st Era on the 14th of Sun’s Height (July 14th), Morganna and her mother got banished by the Elders of her island village due to the other islanders thinking she was a daedra-spawn due to her magical abilities. They moved to what would later be called Sadrith Mora. She and other wizards helped create House Telvanni. She went into the planes of Oblivion to explore for a few decades. When she returned, she had to fend off an invasion of Dwemer and House Dagoth alongside other Telvanni. When they won, she noticed that the Telvanni had begun to enslave man and beast-folk, and saw it quite pathetic. (She had been enslaving daedra for decades, and thus, she hated the enslavement of fellow Nirn-folk). Before the Telvanni conducted a civil war, Sotha Sil invited House Telvanni to the Battle at Red Mountain. When the battle was over and the Dwemer disappeared, fellow Telvanni conducted a ritual that made Morganna powerless and would cast her into an unmarked pocket of Oblivion. Before they finished, the Chimer became Dunmer, which confused even the powerful Telvanni. Thus, they did not make the imprisonment indefinite, but instead until all of them died. For 2500 years, Morganna watched the history of Nirn unfold, until the Argonian Invasion of Morrowind, where the last Telvanni who imprisoned her - a starved vampire underneath Tel Branora, was killed. Another few centuries, she regained her power in Oblivion, sent HERSELF back to Nirn - back to where she had been defeated, and trekked across the world before the Dragon Crisis. Later: She met Xala Svoboda, and the two left Morganna’s home universe to travel the multiverse and other dimensions, where she continued to enslave demonic entities and the like.


Born in the land of Morrowind on an unidentified island, Morganna was born as a golden-skinned Chimer in the 1st Era of Tamrielic history on the 101st year, Sun’s Height (July) 14th. When her mother went into labor, the lights around her exploded into blood-red pyres and any who tried to her immediately had their flesh froze and electrocuted. When Morganna was born, all the madness around her birth stopped, but the Dunmer Elders saw her as a spawn of the Daedra - which she was not - and banished the babe and mother from the island.

Morganna and her mother eventually found their way to a settlement which would later be known as Sadrith Mora, where some other magically gifted Chimer had begun to congregate. In her youth and teenage years, she had a strong, angular face with a tall, commander’s demeanor that made her quite intimidating, on top of her magical abilities.

Teenage Years:

In record time, Morganna utilized her tactics of elemental control to completely devastate anyone in her conquest to learn all she could about magic. During one of these magical duels, Morganna got mortally injured by a blast of flame and lightning, which seared half of her body. With her still living hand, she ripped a Golden Saint from the realms of the Shivering Isles to strike her foe down, while also casting a healing spell to tend to her wounds. Though, her magic was not strong enough to heal herself back to her once cold, yet divine beauty. Thus, she became scarred.

While many had started to fear the mage, others followed in her footsteps and began to lead by her example. They sought power and nothing else. As she took notice of this, she decided to take some time to commune with her followers, to observe their tactics and learn from them - most of which, she had already known.

Early Adult Years:

Over time, Morganna and her comrades developed the magical skills known as Mushroom Manipulation, which produced massive structures that their people could live in, and atop which the rapidly empowered mages could conduct their research in private.

As time went on, each of these wizards became more reclusive, but still upheld Morganna as their leader. Without her knowledge, as she had been traveling through planes of Oblivion, slavers had begun to sell people to the other Telvanni, and the wizards bought and purchased them in excess. These slaves were perfect for experiments, farms, and mining projects. With the knowledge of the cultivation of Kwama eggs, these wizards began to grow in wealth exponentially, as their slaves and magical control over them strengthened every day.

Middle-Age Years:

While Morganna remained in Oblivion for many decades, traversed the planes of the Princes, and met with them regularly, and enslaved daedric spawn constantly, the Telvanni conducted their tactics of growing distrust of one another and constant backstabbing. Alas, they continued to revere Morganna, and most sent money to her coffers regularly.

During one encounter in Oblivion, she came face to face with the Mad-God, Sheogorath, and the two sat down for some tea. Because she had developed a fascination with the enslavement of immortal daedra, he wanted her to become his official groundskeeper of the Shivering Isles and to oversee the Golden Saints and Dark Seducers. Morganna, however, knew the teachings of the Good Daedra and instead played a game with Sheogorath. She agreed, on one condition: That Sheogorath let Jygalagg take over.

Such a demand made the Mad God surprised and amused, and thus, he transformed himself into a fake image of Jygalagg. The fake image immediately tried to enslave Morganna, but the powerful wizard intercepted the attack and transformed the essence of the attack itself. Thus, while the attack struck her and branded her with a Red Skull tattoo across her face that could never be taken off, she could never be enslaved by Sheogorath and made into a groundskeeper. In return, she could never return to the Shivering Isles, banished from it eternally. It was purely an encounter of survival.

When Morganna returned, the War of the First Council had been thrust into full swing, where Chimer and Dwemer forces fought one another with immense strength. She returned the day the Sixth House and Dwemer Forces attacked Sadrith Mora - she had returned to fire and destruction.

With her powers over Oblivion’s forces and elemental magic, the battle became a light-show and a massacre on all sides. Where they killed one of her people - some of which she did not know of (slaves and young dark elves) - she killed 20 of them. With her Dremora, Daedra, lightning, and other Telvanni Wizards, the automatons and Sixth house members stood no chance against such powerful magic.

When the forces were repelled, Morganna got the chance to understand what her people had been doing for the past few decades and their practice of slavery. Even though she had spent decades enslaving Daedra, she found the enslavement of man and mer - even beast-folk - completely abhorrent. She saw it as a waste of time, for the forces of Oblivion were immortal, and could be used for more than the whimsically short lifespan of man or beast-folk. She saught efficiency over ethics, but she had a relatively good idea. She believed only the truly powerful and witty ought to be able to dish out free labor - upon those who saw themselves stronger than any race on Nirn.

Her Telvanni compatriots saw this as sacrilege and threatened to cast her out of Telvanni territory. Before she could conjure the forces of Oblivion to wipe away the slave-holders from her land, Sotha Sil himself came to Sadrith Mora and asked them to accompany the forces of Vvardenfell to Red Mountain, to take the fight against the Dwemer at the heart of Kagrenac’s stronghold.

She accepted, as did the other Telvanni - out of fear for what Morganna would do if they did not help her.

At the Battle of Red Mountain, on the 700th year of the 1st Era, the combined forces of the Dwemer and Chimer met. During the battle, countless lives were taken at Morganna and her daedra’s hands. She had become a whirlwind of summons, blood, death, and destruction. Automatons met a melting death, while footsoldiers saw their comrades and themselves get torn inside out by Dremora Lords and Dark Seducers.

When the battle was over, the Chimer came out on top, and the Dwemer disappeared, during the triumph of all, the Telvanni that had come with Morganna enacted their plot.

They threw all their magic on her while she had been exhausted of energy, strength, and stamina - thus, she had little defense. As her body became frozen in a form of time magic, the other Telvanni wizards drained her of her magical power and tossed her into the realms of Oblivion - cast into an unclaimed, unmarked corner, from which she could watch the world - but could never interfere with the ongoings. However, as they imprisoned her - which was no easy feat - they noticed their flesh change. Azura had cursed them all with dark, ash-gray features and bright, fiery-red eyes. Such completely baffled almost every Chimer during their transition into Dunmer, and thus, the Telvanni sent Morganna into Oblivion before they could finalize their ritual.

When All Those Who Have Imprisoned Lady Morganna of House Telvanni Die, She Will Break Free!

She sat there, unseen and uncared for by all - even the Daedra. She watched it all, all of Tamriel’s history - unable to do anything. However, she did indeed get constant entertainment.

She knew how to escape, but had no magical power to do so. Her reserves of arcana and control over it had been sapped.


After 3357 years, after the Second Eruption of Red Mountain, she had seen enough mighty heroes pray to their gods and be rewarded, enough powerful folk rise to power, and watched as the last Telvanni who had imprisoned her died at the hand of an Argonian Invader. The Telvanni had been a deranged, mad vampire in a crypt, kept underneath Lady Therana’s Mushroom Tower. Forced to stay alive forever, in constant thirst and hunger.

The torment almost pleased Lady Morganna.

Though, it took another 400 years for her strength to return, as the time in her small pocket of oblivion moved agonizingly slow for herself.

On the 3757th anniversary of her imprisonment, when she finally came to enough power, right before the Dragon Crisis, she freed herself and sent herself back down to Nirn.

Thus, the Ancient Lady Morganna of House Telvanni rose from the ashes of Red Mountain and sought to regain her power and become one of the most powerful mages in Tamriel once again.

Back on Tamriel:

When she came back to Nirn, it had been completely different from what it had once been. The magic, the arcana, the time of Gods…it had long since been. Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil…they had died or disappeared, and she watched as they did. The arcana, the views on magic, had shifted, and the very essence of arcane energy in the world had gone down alongside this depletion of desire for it to return.

Morganna traveled across Morrowind, until she found herself on the isle of Sadrith Mora once again. What she did there, what she saw, she could never tell. Either out of pride, sorrow, or shame. She soon took a boat to Tel Mithryn, and worked with Neloth to recover her magical power. You see, the two had met once upon a time, when Neloth had traversed Oblivion and stumbled upon her domain. Thus, they had formed some form of friendship, and worked with each other on previous projects, as she exchanged information for future assistance.

Neloth, despite being a Telvanni sorcerer, kept true to his word and aided Morganna. Afterall, he knew her history. Where he was likely the Greatest Wizard of his time…he paled in comparison to her past. There, she studied with him and aided in research for over a year, and then, The Dragon Crisis.

Dragon Crisis:

During this time, Morganna left Solstheim before Miraak’s control over the inhabitants grew into a point of intrigue, and thus traveled Skyrim. She gained quite a bit of her power, and took to peddling enchanted weaponry while being a moving librarian. She spoke with all the leading minds in Skyrim – which were not many. Until, one day, in the Whiterun Market, he met a strange wizard named Xala Svoboda. The two spoke for quite some time, until eventually they became close enough where Xala described Transdimensional Travel/Dynamics. A way of traveling between universes.

Morganna, who had been an outcast in Nirn, and no longer felt the potency of its magic, agreed, learned what she could from Xala, as Xala taught her everything, and moved to Morthal’s swamps to establish a Telvanni Tower – hidden amidst the fog and magic she enchanted the area with.

Soon after, she met a Redguard man named Aluah Dorilith in the Solitude docks – a spellsword who had plenty of magical potential. She, unlike everyone else in Solitude, noticed this, and decided to accept him as an Apprentice. He aided her in traveling between dimensions, until she finally succeeded, and left the universe of the Elder Scrolls completely. Aluah Dorilith took over her tower, and rules over it in a pocket dimension in and of itself within the swamps north of Morthal.


4 years after her Imprisonment, she had successfully traveled universes and found herself floating through two different…dysfunctional dimensions, before she finally ended up on Solace – her first, successfully universal travel.

Thus, Lady Morganna of the Great House Telvanni hath come to enact her will upon Solace.