AP: 36

Crowns: 0


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Strength:  10

Speed:  13

Defense:  0

Energy:  15


Name:  Dr. Nosiop Ekans Monev

Age:  333

Species:  Anguisan / Witch hybrid

Height:  6'2"

Appearance:  A tall man with pale skin covering his long, lengthy frame. He has bright yellow eyes with vertical slit pupils. He has natural medium length green hair and slightly extended canine teeth with a slight indent on the back of them.

Apparel:  He wears a white button down collared dress shirt, a black tie with a white disconnected rib design running the length of the tie. He wears a black long dress coat-suit, a black suit with a celtic serpent design made of a dark green material that appears to be metallic on the left side. He often wears gloves. Most commonly wearing black medical gloves, black/brown half gloves, and short black/brown knuckles gloves. He wears black dress pants with a brown belt around it, the belt has several clear containers filled with various liquids. He also wears a black fedora, black/brown steel toed dress shoes.


Character Skills

Serpent King 

The link of one's soul to serpents. This would include being able to manifest/teleport to any serpent within a specific radius at the cost of 2-5 energy depending on the distance it is from him. He is able to observe through any serpent’s senses, costing him from 1-5 (possibly more) depending on the duration and distance the serpent is. He is capable of forming into any serpent at the cost of 2 energy and form back to himself at the cost of 1 energy.

Unfamiliar serpent transformations:

Ischyros Ochia (Strong Viper): Estheama (2 vipers & one constrictor)
The Estheama is a highly venomous serpent that is capable of restraining the average adult and a venom capable of killing the average adult. Strength: 10

Omnis Sysfinktiras (All Constrictor): Seldoran (3 constrictors) The Seldoran is an extremely strong constrictor capable of bending metal and crushing bones. Strength: 20

Omnis Ochia: (All Viper): Sinada (3 vipers)
The Sinada is a weaker serpent but is equipped with poison that can kill several full grown men with 100mg of venom. Strength: 5

Toxicus Sysfinktiras (Toxic Constrictor): Esthelan (2 constrictors & 1 viper)
The Esthelan is an extremely strong serpent with weak venom, capable of putting a dent in metal and has venom strong enough to kill a young child. Strength: 15

Ochia Sysfinktiras (Viper Constrictor): Mesinale (2 viper/constrictor hybrids)
The Mesinale is a venomous constrictor capable of restraining a young adult and venom strong enough to kill a young adult. Strength: 12

Serpentine (Passive) 

The ability of sharing common traits with serpents as regular bodily functions. This includes shedding large portions of skin, fangs capable of injecting a multitude of venoms and toxins, surviving for a while even after the head is cut off, great flexibility, enhanced strength, and a need for external heat. He also has an innate invulnerability to any poisons, venoms, toxins, illnesses, viruses, infections, diseases, nerve agents, and etc… and will gain a minor boost to a single skill if any of the aforementioned afflictions are used on him. In addition to this, his sweat and blood are both toxic. Contact with his sweat will will cause skin irritation and contact with his blood will cause localized pain (like a bug sting)

Lord of Poison 

He can lace select portions of his skin with special toxins that can cause temporary effects such as extreme fatigue (9-11 posts), localized paralysis (3-6 posts), localized hallucinations (3-5 posts), weak skill damping (2-4 posts), weakening (4-6 posts), nausea (9-11 posts), vomiting (2-4 posts), moderate to extreme pain (8-10 posts), localized extreme nerve sensitivity (10-12 posts), trouble breathing (8-10 posts), weak cognitive abilities (5-10 posts), skin lacerations (3-5 posts), and localized gangrene (2-4 posts). Localized ailments spread 1-3 square inches, any physical damage done by a toxin will remain once the body dispatches of it. Any effects caused by bites, stings, punctures, pricks, contact, or ingestion of any reptile, insect, fish (including jellyfish & octopus), amphibian, mammal, or plant can be applied to a non lethal degree. He can only activate this ability on one limb at a time This skill costs 1-5 energy depending on the complexity of the toxin applied and the area of application. He can only activate this ability on one limb at a time.
Combined toxins will take the 2 highest subtractions of the additional toxin and add it to the base, if the base has a field that is unaffected then the additional will also fill the unaffected value.

List of common toxins:

Hemotoxins: Affects and damages the circulatory system/blood
Strength -5 | Speed -3 | Defence -1 | Energy -1

Neurotoxins: Affects the nervous system
Strength -5 | Speed -5 | Defence unaffected | Energy unaffected

Cytotoxins: Affects and damages cells, specifically targets cells
Strength -3 | Speed -2 | Defence -5 | Energy unaffected

Ignitoxins: Affects cell energy and movement, with heat being an intended byproduct
Strength -4 | Speed +1 | Defence -7 | Energy unaffected

Caustictoxins: Affects all tissue, corrosive.
Strength -7 | Speed unaffected | Defence -3 | Energy unaffected

Pagatoitoxins: Affects bodies ability to interpret heat, causes freezing symptoms.
Strength -4 | Speed -5 | Defence unaffected | Energy -1

Ygrotoxins: Affects the lungs/oxygen distribution.
Strength -2 | Speed -2 | Defence unaffected | Energy -6

List of unfamiliar toxins:
mg = LD50 | LD50 #(mg) | Nonlethal = NLD
1ml = 1000mg | injection: 100mg /second. | humans have 5110.306ml = 5110306mg
Lower the LD50 the higher the energy it takes to produce it.
LD50 50 = 25 energy points for one lethal does.
LD50 1000 = 5 energy points for one lethal does.
Toxin production takes time, 100mg generated/post with +1 energy replenishment every 5 posts.

Hyper Cytotoxins will cause cells to become extremely hard and make movement difficult, cells affected will suffocate. (LD50 500)
Strength -6 | Speed -2 | Defence -10 | Energy -N/A

Hypo Cytotoxins will destroy the cell membranes and kill the cells, causing necrosis. (LD50 250)
Strength -6 | Speed -2 | Defence -10 | Energy -N/A

Hyper Hemotoxins destroy red blood cells and cause the platelets to begin clotting within the body and lead to a highly viscous blood. (LD50 850)
Strength -10 | Speed -6 | Defence -1 | Energy -1

Hypo Hemotoxins destroy red blood cells and disrupt blood clotting by destroying the platelets in the blood. (LD50 300)
Strength -8 | Speed -3 | Defence -6 | Energy -1

Hyper Neurotoxins cause nerves to fire signals at an increased strength, movement becomes uncontrollable and the senses are overstimulated causing great pain and panic. (NLD)
Strength -10 | Speed -10 | Defence -N/A | Energy -N/A

Hypo Neurotoxins cause nerves to dull in a localized area, causing great fatigue, ptosis, frothy saliva, slurred speech, possible respiratory failure, and paralysis of the affected skeletal muscles. (LD50 950)
Strength -9 | Speed -9 | Defence -1 | Energy -1

Infernotoxins cause cells to overproduce ATP and rupture in with high heat. (LD50 700)
Strength -6 | Speed -6 | Defence -7 | Energy -N/A

Pyrotoxins cause cells to vibrate at a high enough speed to cause combustion. (LD50 650)
Strength -3 | Speed -6 | Defence -10 | Energy -N/A

Oxytoxins cause rapid cell necrosis and deterioration of all cells that come into contact with the venom. (LD50 50)
Strength -14 | Speed -3 | Defence -3 | Energy -N/A

Pagomatoxins cause cells to cease all molecular movement and freeze. This will cause gangrene that will spread if not treated. (LD50 500)
Strength -7 | Speed -8 | Defence -1 | Energy -4

Kryotoxins cause cells to slow down on their processes and will cause affected cells to reject any water. (LD50 100)
Strength -8 | Speed -10 | Defence -N/A | Energy -2

Frigutoxins causes the body to think it’s freezing. This will cause the body to shiver to produce heat, eventually overheating the victim and causing extreme dehydration. (LD50 600)
Strength -9 | Speed -10 | Defence - | Energy -1

Pnevmonastoxin affects the lungs of an individual, causing purulent material build up (pneumonia). (LD50 900)
Strength -4 | Speed -4 | Defence - | Energy -12

Pneumontoxin affects the lungs of a victim, causing the lungs to be unable to absorb used carbon dioxide, leading to CO2 poisoning. (LD50 100)
Strength -6 | Speed -6 | Defence - | Energy -8

Pulmonemtoxin attacks the red blood cells, rendering them unable to transport oxygen. (LD50 2500)
Strength -2 | Speed -2 | Defence -4 | Energy -12

Purulenttoxin causes the affected area to produce large quantities of purulent material, when the purulent material is exposed to light it reacts violently with the most common byproduct being combustion. (LD50 450)
Strength -3 | Speed -2 | Defence - | Energy -13

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Special Items

Tail & Fang 

A butterfly knife (Tail) and a karambit (Fang) set, each knife's bladed edge(s) are coated in a venom/toxin from his belt or skin

Thorns & Needles 

A set of 10 throwing thorns (7 inch double pointed metal shafts), and 15 throwing needles (4 inch, barbed needles with. a long, tough, thin wire is connected to 5 of them) with the pointed ends coated with a venom/toxin from his belt or skin.

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