AP: 32

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  5

Speed:  10

Defense:  8

Energy:  9


Name:  Miki Kitagawa

Age:  450 human years

Species:  Kitsune

Height:  1.5 ft for the time being

Appearance:  Miki is fair-skinned and with shoulder-length lavender hair and ears. She dons 7 tails, each having a colored tip of either blue or purple blending into the rest of her white fluffy tail.

Apparel:  Miki wears a Shinto mask on the top of her head and dresses in a white traditional Chinese cheongsam style romper with cherry blossoms embroidered on. Along with pale pink ballerina flats.

Hometown:  Kitsune village in the snow mountains of Matsumoto, Japan

Character Skills


Can create orbs of foxfire that both burn and chill to the touch. She can summon two orbs that take the form of will o wisps and can be launched outwards to a max of 30 feet before disappearing. Targets hit by the will o wisp will be burnt by the magical fire, although it will feel painfully cold to the touch. Additionally, she can summon a large amount of foxfire to a designated area, filling a 10-foot circle with a gout of fire that looks like a snowstorm. The will o wisps do not consume energy, with a 1 post cooldown, and the snowstorm takes 2 energy and lasts for 3 posts. She is unaffected by her own magical fire and can sit comfortably in it without taking damage.

Soul Desire 

Miki plays a tune on her flute and conjures up mist around her. Enemies that wander into the mist will come under the effect of the illusion, seeing their innermost desires that will try to tempt them. People who give in to their desires will be cloaked in foxfire while those that resist it may escape. The illusion triggers when a person hears the flute, but strong-willed opponents can easily escape. Creating the illusion consumes 1 energy and another 1 energy for every person affected by the illusion. The illusion ends if Miki stops playing or if someone breaks out of the illusion.


Miki can freely shift from her fox form to her human or chibi form. She needs to place a few river reeds, a skull, or a single lily of the valley herb on the top of her forehead to transform and is unable to change without it. She can still use all her abilities no matter what form, but her items meld into her body when using fox form, except for the pouch of herbs.

Special Items


Sticks of incense from sandalwood and pine. The smell is able to draw in spirits of the frost mountains of Miki's homeland. When Miki sets up the incense, frost and snow will slowly begin to fill a 30-foot circle centered on the incense. When in this area, Miki can use illusion abilities for 1 less energy.

Shinto Mask 

A magical mask with a cute fox drawn on it. The mask serves as a magic compass that can detect magic energy and barriers. The mask also lets her see the weaknesses in magical barriers and how best to exploit it.

Pouch containing lily of the valley herbs 

A cloth pouch filled to the brim with lily of the valley winter herbs that allow her to transform into a fox.

Reed Flute 

Magical reed Flute Miki has named Celsi and uses for various reasons like using Soul Desire or simply playing a tune to entertain herself on adventures. The story of how she can in possession on it is a mystery.

Miki’s mother had produced offspring by using the tactic of seducing a Chinese male while on his visit to Japan. When Miki was born, like most kitsunes she had stayed a fox for the first 50 years of her life. On her 51st birthday, she had been transformed into a human..of some sort. She was stuck in what Japanese culture likes to call a chibi. Being only 1.5 feet in height and continuing to grow up in a village hidden away in the snowy mountains.

Like most, Miki was taught the overall rules and laws of the kitsunes. She was to always seek out balance, as the concept of right vs wrong was what all kitsunes lead their lives by. It is difficult to distinguish between what is right and wrong, but Miki was shown what to take into consideration to be able to. It is a given law that kitsunes must always keep their promises as breaking one can bring them harm. Although if someone else was to break a promise, kitsunes become deadly. Kitsunes must keep their emotions in check as their own emotions may harm them as well.

Miki, like most kitsunes, is temperamental and easily angered. Easily offended, she becomes mischievous and to some extent malicious. But mostly she is polite, helpful, and kind; only when she is respected. As a natural trickster, Miki likes to exploit the small flaws of others or use weakness to make it own to others ( if a person is immoral, she’ll make it worse). Miki does not like to ask for help as well as being forced into something or being trapped or bound. She does not trust easily anymore, but once her trust and loyalty are earned a strong friendship is formed.

Freedom is important to Miki, sitting on the edge of a snowy cliff as she watched the decades go by began to make her feel trapped in the hidden village. Having a clear view of the city made her long for a chance to see the outside world. But the thought of leaving her family behind kept her still. Yet she returned to the cliff day after day for almost 200 years, watching the city and imagined anything and everything beyond the horizon. It wasn't until she had gained her 6th tail that she had finally gotten the strength to leave home and the village in the middle of the night. It saddened her as she was no longer going to be able to return to her village, but she needed to know what was out there. Stepping out of the gates of the village gave Miki a rush of adrenaline as she proceeded to run. She ran non-stop, going where her feet took her before coming to a halt at the edge of the village. This was it, one more step and she would be out in the actual world, onto adventures and forming new friendships. It was weird since kitsunes usually had families and worked together, and now Miki had nothing. It terrified her for a second before she took the final step, crossing the border into the unknown. In hopes of finding and forming her own family.