AP: 50

black bg.png

Strength:  15

Speed:  10

Defense:  5

Energy:  20


Name:  Michael Kyreneth

Age:  26

Species:  Half-Human

Height:  182 cm / 6’2”

Hometown:  Venes (Off-world)

Character Skills

Infernal Flames 

The user is able to summon Hellfire and control it at will. It takes 1 ENR to summon it, but Hellfire already present in the environment can be manipulated without cost. Hellfire can even melt the toughest materials and nullify weaker magic. Recent development in Michael’s Hellfire has made it so that it triggers magick in the environment, resulting in dangerous changes in the area. If the user were to lose an appendage, the flames that were summoned can be used to replace the lost appendage.

Seething Essence 

Michael is able to regenerate wounds inflicted upon his body and lost appendages. If the wound is minor then it will take 2 posts to regenerate but if anything major were to be lost then it would take 4 posts to heal. His regeneration, if used too much, can pose a major toll on his body. This ability can also be used for travel, requiring 1 ENR to activate. The result of this is a pillar of Hellfire and magma is created from the ground upwards, signaling the user’s next location of place. Those near the summon will suffer immediate third-degree burns or worse.


Michael can render his opponents unable to use Energy-based skills during combat for 2 posts. A rune will be etched onto the palm of his hand once activated. This ability has a cooldown of 6 posts and costs 2 ENR.

The Infernal Knight 

Michael’s inner rage and hate manifests themselves in full black-clad armor forged by his Hellfire. As soon as this transformation is complete, the individual will go into a state of madness until he is either killed, incapacitated, or when time runs out. This state increases STR and DEF by 5 but ultimately costs 10 ENR to use and lasts 6 posts. As he continues to fight in such a state, ember begin to cover the armor as if he was burning alive from within and such a state puts great strain to one’s body and mind.

Special Items

Frayed Blade 

A 58 inch, double-edged flamberge made from the previous components of mechanical gears and the long-forgotten Düsterstolz. Upon closer look, the tip of the sword seems to be broken making it take the appearance of a single-edged sword. The Frayed Blade possesses a skill of its own that can only be activated once the user is in his Infernal Knight form whilst using up 4 ENR. Upon activation, the blade will become apart of the user’s “body” and release a turquoise substance from the claw-like gauntlets he wields. Those who are injured would suffer high burns as the substance intoxicates the opponent over time. The sword can be summoned at any time and if it were to break, Michael can use his flames to reforge it. With how many years have passed, the blade of the sword has taken a toll as its appearance looks to be on the brink of crumbling into dust.

“A fiery man donned in black armor shall purge the land into the fiery pits of Hades.”