AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  10

Defense:  5

Energy:  5


Name:  Malachite

Species:  Dragon

Height:  3 ft

Character Skills

Green Beasts Malice 

Malachite can spew hot fire breath and can control the temperature and heat of her fire. Malachites fire can ignite objects, causing them to burn whitehot. The fire consumes 1 energy per post, and extends outwards in a 15 foot cone. Objects that are ignited burn gradually. Nonflammable objects dont burn, but instead, Malachite can consume 1 additional energy to cause the object to explode. This ability cannot affect another person or belongings they are carrying

Toxic Mire 

Malachite can exude poisonous gas that asphyxiates the air and slowly paralyzes foes. The gas extends in a 15 foot cone outwards, and stays in the area until pushed by great winds. The gas is harmless to touch, but inhaling the poison causes slow-acting paralysis, gaining a stacking -1 to speed that lasts for 3 posts. When a targets speed is reduced to half or more by this ability, the target will receive full paralysis, that stops movement. The toxic breath has a cooldown of 2 posts and consumes 1 energy per post. Malachite is immune to her own breath attack.

Through the Cold 

She can teleport short distances on a cooldown, based on sight. For 1 energy, malachite can teleport to anywhere within sight when in combat. She cannot take anyone or anything with her, and she can also choose to stay in the in-between realm instead of teleporting, but cant be used in or to escape combat. Malachite can teleport 3 times before going into cooldown, for 3 posts. This ability can be used without cooldown or energy cost when used out of combat.

Dragon Physiology 

Being a dragon, Malachite has a couple benefits that come with her race. She has durable scales that can deflect physical attacks and gives protection against the elements, as well as wings that allow flight, and can telepathically communicate with others in range.. Malachite also possess magic that lets her polymorph into a human during and outside of combat. In human form she loses the dragon benefits but instead can use her breath attacks without energy cost. instead, they have a longer cooldown of 4 posts. transforming from human to dragon consumes no energy, but can only be done every other posts.

Special Items


Malachite can transform into a deadly scythe that can manipulate ice, for 1 energy per post. When in scythe form, she can still use her abilities, consuming the users energy or her own, and vice versa. Abilities that use Malachites energy extend from the scythe. She can also wield the scythe herself in human form. The scythe also allows psychic communication between malachite and the user.

Malachite is a dragon from the world of Tiberia, hatched and raised by Syndicate Shadows, she spent much of her life with him. in fact, she spent all of her life with him, forming an unbreakable bond and seeing the rise and fall of him, despite his lack of fame. She was hatched 10 years ago, and only grew stronger from that day on. She fought in tournaments and wars with him, even picked up assassination techniques that seemed to suit her perfectly. At one point she even gained magic of her own that strengthened her deadly fire breath, turning it into poison, as well as magic that turned her human and allowed her to walk.