AP: 46

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  20

Speed:  11

Defense:  5

Energy:  10


Name:  Magatsu Taito

Hometown:  Ihon

Character Skills

Rudimentary Seals 

The source of his ability to control the elements (i.e. water, fire, earth, wind). Bodily glyphs specifically spread across his body represent a particular element. Master of these elements in their basic form, he can create them in complex ways but can't combine. Requirement is in order to use each respective element the appropriate sword needs to be within his body from which nanobodies formulate the elemental medium to attack the enemy.

Muscle Tension 

Sensing Due to the genetic enhancements to his DNA, Magatsu’s eyes have become more attuned to any and all motion. Specifically, he can **detect** and **see** the tiniest changes in muscle movement allowing him to *track* his opponent’s *actions* up to double his own speed.

God's Hands 

Magatsu’s most deadly trait falls in his hands. A rarity in sight, the extent of his prowess comes from the precision and control of every fiber in his muscles, making him uncannily precise and rigid, and using it to increase his hand/arm movements and match their speed with his strength at all times. Hand/arm speed equals strength.

Infinite Assault 

Begins with his Xung-Jei-Po, three strikes to a person’s pressure points that causes all of their muscles to seize uncontrollably (paralysis). If connected, the person will rarely, if ever, survive the onslaught that ensues as the user brutally strikes with increasing strength and speed until all his energy is depleted. The amount of turns this attack continues is equal to his remaining energy. (+1 strength)

Special Items

Reiketsuna (the Cold-blooded) 

Simply, his sword of Ice. Will freeze anything that it makes contact with, larger objects take more time, but undeniably will happen unless there is a resistance to ice. Gives Magatsu the power over water.

Nekketsu (the Hot-blooded)  

From the blade emits a strong fire which can be honed to make hotter (akin to a lightsaber, changing its color) to melt/penetrate objects but must be a cooler fire (reddish) in order to emit and spew flames. Emits fire at a length equal to base energy of nanobodies in meters. Grants Magatsu the power over fire.

Boido (the Void) 

Blade so thin it is nearly invisible when held horizontally. Its construction and durability comes from the fact it’s made of lonsdaleite . Its thin nature allows the blade to cut through air so well it bears zero resistance and gives the user no limitation (except their own physical limitation) to the speed they can slash when used properly. (+1 to slash speed, no strength change). Delivers Magatsu the power over wind.

Ryusei (the Meteor)  

Magatsu’s heaviest sword. Weighs in at a whopping half a ton and acts as his most defensive weapon. Can use his nanobots energy to fortify his sword's density, acting as a barrier while also expanding the width and/or length euqal to their base energy in feet. For each additional energy supplied by Magatsu this length can be extended 10ft. Because of its weight, durability, and denseness this sword is unblockable. (Decreases strength -1, speed -1). Allows Magatsu the power over earth.

Fukano (the Impossible) 

Magatsu’s most dangerous sword. Gives the user the ability to rearrange the atomic structure of an object through transmutation. Must be an equivalent exchange. Can't change one object into a new element- only its form. Limited to objects roughly the size of a 15 foot tree. Can’t rearrange people. While it sounds useful, it is extremely dangerous for ignorance will not save the user whose words and mental actions while wielding the blade impact the result of the bearer.

2 Daggers 

Two normal daggers.

Moon Flower 

In very simple terms, an herb that is a healing panacea. Each petal has a different healing/lethal properties.Cannot be used in battle.