AP: 30

Crowns: 0


black bg.png

Strength:  7

Speed:  6

Defense:  6

Energy:  11


Name:  Mabelle Lamori

Age:  142

Species:  Succubus

Height:  5'1"

Appearance:  Human Form: Sun-kissed skin, vibrant purple hair, blue eyes. Slim and shapely, has beauty marks on either side below her eyes.
Succubus Form: Pale pink and blue skin (splotchy, like vitiligo), purple eyes, vibrant purple hair. Slim and shapely with purple tribal-like tattoos along her legs and arms. Has beauty marks on either side below her eyes.

Apparel:  Human Form: Can be seen wearing an electric blue suit top paired with a white frilly top and a few various miniskirts.
Succubus Form: Clad with tessar armor covering her chest, shoulders, waist, and forearms. The rest of her skin is covered in tight black leather with pink, blue, and purple embellishments.

Hometown:  New York

Character Skills

>Adaptive Appearance 

Mabelle can modify the physiological features of herself, including face, body, skin, or size (to a limited degree) to disguise or look like another person. Mabelle can change her appearance and voice; she can also adjust her height and weight, but not so much that her size changes. Mabelle can also make herself appear as a member of another race, but she can’t duplicate the appearance of a creature she’s never clean. Clothing and equipment are not affected by these changes.

Mabelle also possesses some form of natural weaponry, including claws, fangs, horns, beaks, clubbed tails, etc., and knows how to use them. Mabelle possesses two forms that she can activate in and out of combat. Her first form is the humanized one that is used to blend into various settings, and the second form is her true identity usually seen within combat. She can transform parts of her body as well, as opposed to all of it at once. To use this ability, it costs -1 ENR (per full-body use) and will last the duration of combat or until she transforms back; however a partial transformation does not cost energy. Weaponry includes:
- Claws
- Wings
- Prehensile Tail
- Fangs / Sharpened Teeth

>Mana Manipulation 

As a bloodline trait, Mabelle can shape and manipulate mana, the energy behind all magic. Mabelle is able to use her own mana for offensive or defensive manners. For minor usage such as these, it costs -1 ENR per use and these forms include:

- Mana Shield
- Mana Spheres

As a secondary usage for this ability, Mabelle will harness the kinetic energy generated by one attack in particular: mana sphere projection. Setting the ball in motion by spinning it in the air, the movement of her mana ball generates kinetic energy (as does all moving things). With the excess energy being created from her initial attack, Mabelle can harness this to replenish her own energy and mana levels. In order to do this, she loses -1 DEF for the absorption to take place and a cool down of 3 posts for this secondary use.

>Spider Queen’s Chosen 

Upon taking up Duskbringer, Lolth extends her protection to Mabelle - gaining Mabelle +2 DEF, but -3 ENR, and also makes her resistant to venoms and psychic attacks on account that Lolth possesses reign over most venom.

While this is active, Mabelle is also granted extension powers of Lolth - one of which being her own venom: Veternum's Bloom. The effects of the poison start off rather minute - dizziness, light nausea, but after 1 post of being infected with the poison, the victim becomes drowsy and will lose feeling in their limbs. Starting with their arms in the first post, moving to their legs in the second, and eventually leading to full on paralysis that leads to sleep on the battlefield after three posts. Long-term effects of this poison include narcolepsy and numbness in the limbs if gone untreated with an antidote.

The toxin is created by the mulling of two flowers known as Flos Sinistram and Ius Flore, which can be found growing along the mountain ranges in Whitecrown, Brighthold. These flowers grow on opposite sides of the mountain range, one being located in the eastern area (Flos Sinistram) and the other located on the western side (Ius Flore). Blooming only in the earliest hours of the morning, and in the wintertime, their petals are rather elusive. Mulling these flowers with succubus blood produces the effects when used in creatures.

Forming an antidote requires much of the same procedure: collecting the petals when in bloom, but mulling them with incubus blood instead - reversing the effects of the initial toxin.

>Seldarine’s Chosen 

Upon taking up Dawnbreaker, Eilistraee extends her blessing to Mabelle - gaining Mabelle +2 STR, but -4 ENR, and also makes her resistant to most fire and curse inducing attacks on account that Eilistraee repels evil beings.
While this is active, Mabelle is granted extended powers of Eilistraee - one of such powers include musical manipulation. Dawnbreaker is passively hollow in the middle with small holes around the hilt, allowing for it to be played like a flute. While playing the flute part of her weapon, certain songs invoke certain abilities related to music and sound.
O môr henion i dhû:
Ely siriar, êl síla.
Ai! Aníron, undómiel.
Tiriel arad 'ala mor
Minnon i dhu sad oltha
Ai! Aníron,
Ai! Aníron…

Aniron invokes musical notes and lines of musical staff to take on a ghostly corporeal form - allowing for her to use such ability for defensive measures or even attack. The lines of staff can be used to walk among the clouds, shield her body form an attack, or whip at opponents.


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Special Items

Duskbringer : 

This sword holds three charges per combat encounter, allowing for Mabelle to use various benefits of the sword. The sword acts as a conduit and holds the concentration of these spells, unless disarmed, dropped or the sword is sheathed. The abilities are as follows:
Upon taking up Duskbringer, Mabelle gains the ability to slip into a shadow-like form undetected for a total of 1 post per combat encounter. After the post has passed, Mabelle can reappear in another location via traveling through the shadows.
Upon a connected parry to an enemy or opponent, Duskbringer will begin to vibrate at such a frequency that causes the enemy weaponry to shatter like glass. The vibrations are at such a high level that it doesn’t impact Mabelle’s usage of the weapon, nor is it visible to the eye.

As a passive trait of the sword, a deep maroon emits from within the sword, making the blade appear like glass, but as durable as tessar.

Dawnbreaker : 

This sword holds four charges that recover over a period of one post (ex: if Mabelle were to use all four charges in one go for a bigger attack, the next post one charge would have been replenished), allowing for Mabelle to use various benefits of the sword. The sword acts as a conduit and holds the concentration of these spells, unless disarmed, dropped or the sword is sheathed. The abilities are as follows:
Upon taking up Dawnbreaker, Mabelle (at will) and the sword burst into brilliant white light with a 10-foot radius. Those within this radius can become blinded for a period of 1 post - the white light also lasts 2 posts (or if willed to end prior) - one charge per use.
Upon a connected parry to an enemy or opponent, Dawnbreaker will unleash a soundwave with a 10-foot radius that could potentially knock back the opponent based on modifiers, stats, or the inability to avoid the attack. The soundwave is silent to the human ear save for the sound of a resounding bell. (Up to 4 charges)
As a passive trait of the sword, a silver glow emits from within the sword, making the blade appear like glass, but as durable as tessar.

Grateful Spirits : 

On Mabelle’s person is a satchel that is full of tiny vials containing beast specimens. Upon throwing one of these vials and breaking the confinement, the beast is able to fight with, and for, Mabelle for a duration of 3 posts.

Entities include: Undercity Necrolisk, Kapra, Hollow Beasts, Displacer Beasts, Thanxolotls

Thanxolotl Armor: 

Armor that Mabelle wears in both her succubus form and humanoid form that is made up of Thanxolotl extract and scales. Starting as simple chainmail, upon taking hits from magical abilities (kinetic magic specifically) the armor begins to harden and become opaque. After the armor has become fully opaque ( about 3 strikes from opponents or magical based attacks) it begins to repel attacks at random. A dice will be rolled in order to determine whether or not the attack strikes her, or repels and deflects back towards the opponent. Anything below 1-5 will hit, anything from 5-10 will be repelled. (Dice will be rolled using Dice Maiden within the server to ensure fairness).

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Prior to coming to New York, Mabelle’s family tried to live out a lifestyle as close to humans as possible. She had even joined the military to fight for the country they all coincided in. It was there where she learned to fight and to kill. She first came upon the Lamori household when a demon hunter in downtown New York had her cornered in a slummy alleyway. The man had two at her back, one at each side, and then he was before her, taunting her with a sneer. Handling the situation would've been easy for Mabelle, however the streets of New York were constantly busy and she didn’t want to draw attention to her demonic presence. Mabelle figured that only killing three of them would suffice; with a dagger stashed at her thigh, she slit through their throats with surprising ease. She ran from the area with the other two chasing after her and her bloodied hands. After losing the two other men chasing after her, she was able to recollect her thoughts and wash the deed away in the fountain at Central Park. From there, she sought refuge among other demonic entities that she had heard of through the grapevine of the city. There were quite a few of her kind in New York, but few were within a group powerful enough to sustain life going unprovoked. Mabelle came upon a regal-looking mansion in the upstate area and the Lamori’s took her in with open arms. They offered her solace in their home and in doing so, she was able to repay their generosity by protecting the land that gave her comfort and worked for them as security. Within the ranks of the Lamori household lived a man by the name of Ansell. Of whom she got along splendidly. They were fast friends, and soon decided to leave the Lamori household in order to traipse through different realms doing whatever they pleased. Upon doing so, Ansell introduced Mabelle to an interesting man by the name of Murphy. Upon meeting Murphy, Ansell had decided to depart from his beloved friend. He decided to travel to the past and into "a more civilized age" as he called it - leaving the Lamori girl and Murphy to travel as they pleased. Eventually, after traveling between worlds, they landed within the Kingdom of Loria, and since have been spotted traveling and exploring there.