AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  5

Speed:  10

Defense:  5

Energy:  10


Name:  Lotus

Age:  23

Species:  Human

Height:  5'3

Appearance:  Refer to image

Apparel:  Varies

Hometown:  Unknown

Character Skills


Telekinetic control over paper and objects that contain paper. As well as flower petals. This has multiple usages such as:

-Chain pages/petals together and form strong whips and ropes
-Create clothing
-Forge documents
-Form and control large objects such as planes, boats, and puppets (given sufficient amounts of paper or petals)
-Form sharp blades with the edge of the paper/flower petal
-Form shields, some powerful enough to defend from bullets and bombs
-Form weapons such as swords, staves, longbows, and arrows
-Mentally throw paper at an opponent
-Trace people with paper, sometimes over great distances

Kunoichi Master 

-Using 1 ENR she can leap 10' in any direction from a standstill. Within that 10' she takes no damage for jumping onto something.

-Using 2 ENR she can gain +2 to DEF when moving. This lasts for three posts.

-Using 4 ENR she gains a +2 to SPD for five posts.

Smell The Flower 

She can alter her body chemistry. To those that smell it, depending on the scent, it has a certain effect on the person who breathes it. The range of the scents is a radius of three feet for the average human, but for those with a kin sense of smell can go further away. The varieties are:

Flame fragrance: Causes fire to burn the inhaler from inside out, as a slow death the more exposed they are to it. By using controlled breathing techniques, the opponent is able to inhale little of it and exhale fire like a flame thrower. It lasts for 2 posts, with one of cooldown.

Time-Limited fragrance: It paralyzes a full limb from the inhaler per post, being arms and legs the targets. It has a duration of 4 posts with a cooldown of 2.

Oblivion fragrance - The inhaler forgets all events and memories of the last 24 hours, but in combat, the effects of this skill end once the battle is finished. Furthermore, if the opponent is exposed to this scent for more than one post, it will make them forget one skill by rolling a dice. The sides will be determined based on the number of skills that the opponent possesses. It has a duration of 2 posts, with a cooldown of 2.

Enchanted Weapon 

Using 1 ENR she can enchant her weapon with an elemental effect such as Fire or Ice. Using 2 ENR she can make that effect a burst effect. Using 3 ENR she can add two elemental effects.

Special Items

Ninja Tools 

Fukibari (12),Tetsubishi, Shurikens, smoke bombs. Papers, pedels.


Essentially a knife attached to a wire. That can be retracted by a small device on her arm.

The story of Lotus, who as a young girl witnessed her father and mothers murdered by the Black Dragon Clan and then was hung with a small wire to a tree. Lotus was found hanging from the tree days later by a masked figure and somehow survives this experience. The mask figured took in Lotus and begins to teach her how to fight. Lotus's weapon of choice becomes the "tetsugen" using the same wire that she was hung with. After mastering this weapon she sets out on a vendetta against the Black Dragon Clan for her parent's murder.