AP: 50

Crowns: 9975

black bg.png

Strength:  16

Speed:  6

Defense:  15

Energy:  13


Name:  Lineholdt Dravnael

Species:  Dragoon

Character Skills

Raging Durance 

Lineholdt’s Dragoon blood boils in the heat of battle enveloping his body in a fiery aura which gives him the skin and rage of a true dragon. For every hit he takes his strength and defenses rise greatly. (+1 to Strength and Defense for every hit landed. 5 max. Lasts for 4 turns. Costs 3 ENG)

Cruel Dragon’s Sun 

An apocalyptic orb of fire in the form of the sun. This move taps into the full power of his dragon form to unleash all of his force to destroy all that is around him. This is an all out attack that expends all of his energy, and immediately reverts him back to his human form upon its finish - all of his stats revert back to its base levels. Takes 1 post to charge, and each point of energy consumed buffs the ability's spell damage by +1, and increases the explosion radius by 75 meters.

Wild Dragon Release 

A full delving into his dragonic blood which morphs his body in the form of a regal crimson armored dragon with great wings and a flaming sword of battle. In this enraged form, his burning attacks become even more devastating and his armored skin almost nigh impenetrable. Beware for enemy and ally alike are indistinguishable as his dragonic rage does not discriminate between friend or foe. The effect of this lasts for a set amount of time (10 posts). Can only be triggered if Dragon Durance and Rage are triggered 3 times (+3 strength and Defense within 5 turns).

Fire Execution 

A powerful fire attack that summons columns of flame brings fiery wrath to his enemies. The power and devastation of this attack doubles in his dragon form and coats the land with molten vengeance.

Dragonic Driver 

A full rush attack that causes Lineholdt to rush at the enemy with reckless abandon. During this attack, his speed increases by 2 but his defense decreases by 2 since he focused more on attacking the enemy rather than defending himself.

Special Items


A sword blessed with the fire of an ancient fire dragon and passed down through many powerful Dragoons. Only those whose veins course with dragonic blood can handle the intense heat the sword constantly expels and all others who dare touch it are subjected to eternal burns.

Dragon Praetorian Armor 

Armor forger from the scales of fire dragons and enchanted to bond with the Dragoon that wears it. Conforms to fit the Dragoon even in his/her dragon form

A wandering knight that travels from land to land to hone his blade. His intentions are unknown most as no one knows what he looks like under his dragonic helmet and crimson armor. What is known is that the armor is that of a lost age when human and dragon were one in body and soul, these individual knights were known as the Dragoons capable of tapping into the knowledge and ingenuity of humanity and the power and longevity of dragons. In their heyday they were arbiters between men and dragon bring balance between the two races as a grand order. However this changed during the age of the Great Dragon Hunts. The Dragoons were considered abominations and hunted along with the dragons. They were believed to be extinct. However, people still whisper of a lone individual wearing armor of a Dragoon punishing wicked humans and defending the weak. Still does this warrior do it to truly save the humans or does he wish a more fitting punishment for those who had wronged his order?