AP: 50

Crowns: 733


black bg.png

Strength:  3

Speed:  13

Defense:  0

Energy:  35


Name:  Lineas






Hometown:  Ridule

Character Skills

Queen Anne 

Lineas can summon parts of a giant ghostly ship during battle called the Queen Anne's Revenge. The galleon is 160 feet from fore to aft and weighs 500 tons. It possesses 40 cannons, a bulbous bow, and a simple wooden beam above the bowsprit. Lineas can summon parts of the ship for 1 energy, like the hull or an array of cannons. The hull can be used to defend attacks or smash into targets, and the cannons can fire a volley without needing manual assistance. The more energy Lineas spends, the more cannons he can summon, with 4 cannons per energy, he can summon all 40 cannons for 10 energy. For 20 energy, he can summon the entire ship. In this state, the ship will fly around, and can be used without manual assistance, consuming 1 energy per post and persisting as long as Lineas is on the deck. If any part of the ship is destroyed, he must wait 4 posts before he can utilize that part. doesnt require energy per turn when summoned out of combat

Looking Glass 

True to his old namesake, Lineas can give objects a glassy, reflective property. Things he transforms becomes seethrough and reflective of both physical trauma and magical attacks directed at it. Lineas can control the degree of the reflected attacks, to better guide and redirect them, although cannot he cannot redirect extremely powerful effects. To transform an object into glass, he has to of touched it once in the last minute(within the same post) and it cant belong to another person. Following this rule though he can transform special effects like fire, water, chunks of air, even magical attacks by other people like a fireball (although he has to touch it). Objects transformed by him turn to glass and lose all momentum, floating in place where it was transformed. It can be touched and bumped into, but does not move. suffecient force can break it, though itll reflect the attack. Because they are seethrough, objects turned to glass are indetactable, and can serve as a minefield or a impromptu forcefield. To activate this spell, Lineas consumes 1 energy per object he touches, or he can release it in a burst of energy around him, turning every object that meets the requirements into glass. To activate a burst, it consumes 3 energy with a 4 post cooldown. Objects turned to glass will persist until destroyed without upkeep.

Fort Sumter 

Lineas can summon parts of the stone fortress of Sumter to his position, a large structure that can protect a large area or individuals. The spells give him several options on how to utilize the fort, either summon small parts on reaction to defend against attacks, summon a single high tower that gives height and defense, or summon the entire bastion. The tower spawns beneath Lineas and ascends 20 feet into the air, comprised of a single room at the bottom and a stair leading to the top, and the bastion comprises of 4 said towers and walls to create a 400-foot perimeter around a select area that houses basic ballistae and two mortars in the courtyard that can fire automatically at a specified target. For all three spells, Lineas will regain 1 energy per post as long as the spell remains active. For the tower and the bastion, allies inside the range of the spell will regain 1 energy every other post. Lineas may use the tower spell four times if it is destroyed, with a 5 post cooldown per tower, and the bastion only once, with a 20 post cooldown, 5 per tower destroyed. As per usual, Lineas can summon specific parts at will at the lowest cost, without summoning the other parts, able to summon parts of the castle or just the weaponry. Dismissing a spell does not eat up use and can be resummoned again at any point. While the first two spells do not require an energy cost, summoning the entire bastion consumes 20 energy immediately, but still regains 1 energy per post.


Lineas can assemble small jet-like fighters that can fly around and shoot at targets. For 1 energy, he can create a miniature F-35 multirole stealth fighter, that possesses a 4 barrel rotary cannon that can shoot 100 6mm bullets a minute. Due to their small size, the bullets cause minimal damage by themselves but can shred through targets with sustained fire and are extremely agile. The fighters require docking every 3 posts, having to return to Lineas before launching again. He can have a max of 3 fighters active at a time, but doesnt require upkeep. The fighters can move in a 50-foot area around Lineas, and can see and fire around corners. The jets don't have any upkeep so theyre extremely weak, dying in one blow.


Lineas can assemble parts of the dying space station Orion, using its mechanized weapons and firefight superiority to attack. For 1 energy he can assemble parts of the station that contain laser turrets that can shoot hot plasma at incoming targets. The lasers can cut through simple barriers and attacks, but cant be used for rapid fire. He can assemble 2 turrets at a time, and has 5 turrets max, being unable to summon a turret for 4 posts when its destroyed. Alternatively, Lineas can create a single railgun. The railgun has a charge up of 3 posts, and has a piercing and quick attack, but overcharges the system, leaving Orion out of commission for 4 posts.


Lineas can harness spacetime to temporarily "destroy" and "recreate" objects near him. He can blip objects that are within 5 feet of him, causing it to disappear. This allows him to "store" the object. Within a short time frame, he can "expel" the blipped object, causing it to appear in front of him regardless of its starting location. Objects retain their momentum and force prior to being blipped and will continue to travel forward in the direction Lineas activates the ability. He can only blip a five by five cube in front of him, and will instead gouge out the material of the cube if the object is larger than 5 feet. Incursio only effectively "blips" nonorganic objects and flora like trees, grass, and flowers. Animals, humanoids, and sentient beings are subjected to the ability or instead repelled by a great crushing force, pushing them away from Lineas. This second feature can also let Lineas teleport short distances, as the crushing force doesn't affect him. Using Incursio costs 1 energy regardless of method. In terms of cost, blipping an object counts as one action and doesn't need to consume 1 energy again to expel it. Teleporting himself costs no energy


Lineas is surrounded by the roots of a tree that is sensitive to mana and magic. Yggidrasill takes the form of incorporeal "roots" that are wrapped around lineas. At any time he can cause them to unravel and float around his body, or can spend 1 energy to root them into the ground. When the roots are planted, Lineas can fully absorb an ability by paying an equal Energy cost used for the ability, allowing him to recast the ability from any place where his roots are planted. When planted, any energy recovery effect on lineas is doubled, but he becomes rooted in whatever area he planted the roots. Severing or deactivating the roots causes it to go into cooldown for 3 posts before it can become active again. When in cooldown lineas cannot make use of any of the roots subsequent abilities. Regardless if planted or not, the magic sensitive roots can serve as a close range radar, allowing him to sense any nearby magical source within 100 feet of himself, though not its origin or effect. This allows him to keep track of magical entities or avoid incoming magical attacks. It has no effect on abilities that are pseudo magic (like Ki or similar energy) or purely physical effects. Using the roots, lineas can siphon a bit of the enrgy used to power the magical effect. If he targets a magical effect or spell, lineas can use the roots to take 1 energy from the spell. (If an attack consumed 2 energy to use, he would take 1 energy and the attack would have 1) and store it. If he reduces an attacks energy to 0, or if the attack already consumed 0 energy, then the attack in question dissipates. The more energy he siphons, the larger the flowers that grow around his body. Reaching 50 energy siphoned summons the World Tree itself. In its presence, all magical effects fail, and he can use its powerful tendrils to attack or defend himself. However it can be brought down with sufficient force.

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Special Items


Lineas' magic staff, which is named after his lover. It takes the form of a springfield model 1861, bolt action 15mm rifle. When Lineas fires the gun, he can summon copies that fire at the same time as he does, to a max of 5 copies. The amount of copies increases the length of the cooldown. 1 to 2 copies has no cooldown, 3 has 1 post cooldown, 4 has 2 posts, and 5 have 3 posts cooldown. He can still fire the gun like normal, but cant create copies.


A marble sphere that floats around Lineas' head. The sphere acts as a nexus for power, being able to draw both electricity and magic to itself. Lineas can use the sphere to absorb the magic in the area, and the sphere can release the magic in a burst of power. The magic absorbed affects the magic burst released, fire type magic causing the burst to spread flames, dark type magic causing the burst to dim vision, etc. The more magic that is absorbed before releasing the burst, the more powerful it is. The sphere can also be used to power machines. When powered by the sphere, the machine can act under lineas' control, without him having to manually use it. When powering a machine, the sphere cannot be used to create magic bursts.

Rule of Three 

Lineas possesses three magic gears that can gather magic energy and use it to create constructs and strengthen them. Of the three gears, he may only use one at a time, each with a different ability attached to them. A gear can be attached to any magical or nonmagical item, but cannot be used on living creatures or the property of others without permission. Each gear lasts until it is destroyed, in which case it will go through a 5 post cooldown

>Crankshaft Crankshaft pulls together cogs and gears together to create a tank-like mechanism with a large cannon upfront and surrounded by protective metal plating. The tank is capable of stopping a light to medium fire and has a powerful anti-material rifle as the main cannon, which can easily destroy other vehicles and large targets but struggles with smaller faster objects. To create a tank Lineas must give a gun to serve as the main weapon as well as 1 energy per post to keep the tank running. If he goes more than 10 feet away from the tank the spell ends and the gear breaks

>Labyrinthia The gear stretches into pistons and wheels, transforming into Howl, augmenting an object's defense and giving it mobility in the form of 4 solid spider legs. When this spell is used it will create a mobile gun turret with four legs that Lineas and others can ride, the power of the weapon dependant on how much energy lineas puts into it on its creation, 1 for a simple 9mm Gatling rifle, 3 energy for a twin-barrel 45 cal, and 5 energy for a long-range 50 caliber rifle. When used on a pre-existing building, both nonmagical or summoned by a spell, Howl will transfigure to match the size of the building used, but objects larger than a single 20-foot tower consume 2 energy per post when in combat to maintain.

>Dynamo The gear turns into wires and switches, creating complicated machinery. The gear attached to an object begins to pull together waste and junk to form a simple golem. it starts off weak and immobile, but will auto improve the longer it is sustained, creating a self-learning AI that is capable of growing to meet survival standards, growing specific weapons or defenses depending on the situation and Lineas' needs. It does not possess ap and can be destroyed in a single hit with no defenses, but can improve itself to increase its odds of survival. The AI will always follow his commands, or whoever is in possession of Enigma. It costs 5 posts to give the AI enough magic to sustain itself, and additional magic can be poured into it, letting it cast other people's abilities as if it were the caster.

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Lineas, or rather Glass, was the archmage of Ridule, a wizard of absurd power, but his history goes back farther than that. He was there, from the beginning. many would call it the Incursion, but it was nothing but a start to problems. He was known to Lineas back then, a magical adept, he could perform wonders that took ten men just to start, and ten more to keep the spell running. Even the strangers that arrived from nowhere took an interest in him. These strangers said they arrived from different worlds. places he couldn't even dream of. the Incursion brought them there, colliding their worlds together, as well as their problems. this influx of souls drove Hades into a fritz. one of them, an aspirant demon lord sought to conquer all of the above worlds, and add it to hell. He waged a great war against the surface, killing thousands. it was known as the Nogorak War. Lineas, an adult at this time, fought valiantly against the demon horde, with him were 7 others. 7 other powerful warriors, each in their own right. among them, was Oujou, his sworn brother, and Elain, his love. One by one, he saw his comrades fall. Seeds of doubt and hatred welled up inside of him, as Elain died in his arms, and Oujou, his beloved brother, broke under the madness and detached himself from Lineas, the whispers of some evil madness in his ears. Fed up with this war, which had already lasted longer than 5 years, Lineas delved into hades itself, appealing to the court that ruled over the new souls, or rather, one part of the power that ruled hades. they offered him a deal, to kill another one of the great demon lords, then they will act. Not caring about the consequences, Lineas went to slay the demon king Amon, cutting his head off and putting it on a pike. Immediately, the council went into action, driving the rogue demon lord back to his territory and putting an end to the Nogorak war. Lineas went back to the surface and gathered the bodies of his fallen brethren. Using their corpses and his own body, he erected a seal that would stop demons from carelessly invading his world again. From that day on, Lineas had died, and Ridule soon forgot of its bloody history, entering a moment of peace. Because of his unnatural pact, he made with hades, and the fact he tried his soul to the demons, Lineas continued to live, not trailing frail and old, but growing stronger the more he aged. it had already by thirty thousand years since the Nogorak war, and he was still Grand Archmage, leader of Ridule. With him, were faux copies of his comrades, clay golems that mocked life, pretending to be alive. with the council and himself, he ruled over Ridule for much longer, entering a war with his long lost brother, Oujou. Glass was content to rule but grew dispassionate about the killing, fearing the time where he would have to kill Oujou. However, the worst disaster struck. suddenly, without warning, a bright light enveloped Ridule, grabbing the city whole until Glass couldn't see. When he opened his eyes, he was in an unfamiliar place, his friends, his kingdom, and his brother nowhere to be found.