AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  10

Defense:  10

Energy:  0


Name:  Lauriat “Oak” Matterson

Age:  Unknown in real age, 55 in human age

Species:  Human-Werewolf Hybrid

Height:  7’3

Appearance:  Lauriat is a dark-skinned individual who has seen better days in life. His face comprises of hazel eyes that stand out from his wrinkles all over his face, along with a long black beard as the only sort of hair on his head, as the rest remains bald on his head. As for the body, Lauriat is rather very muscular and young for his age, having abs only a young man would have. His torso also has a series of scratch marks running from top to bottom, acting as brief messages that he has seen the ugliest of multiple days.

Apparel:  Although clothing may vary, Lauriat normally dawns a thick beige hunters jacket with no vest and a black button up long sleeve shirt that is just as thick, he also wears a black wool beanie for protection on cold nights for his bald head. As for his bottom half, Lauriat normally wears blue denim jeans with a pair of old dusty broken worker shoes for his casual strolls in the forest, as well as having a weapons belt to keep his ammo, revolver and other assorted tools near.

Hometown:  Basilicen

Character Skills

Ascended Iron Wolf Body (Passive) 

Lauriat’s skin is a hybrid between both his human and ascended wolf form. Because of this mix, Lauriat’s skin is extremely thick, acting similar to a full suit of steel plate armor.The skin also helps with elemental damage, allowing Lauriat to withstand extreme temperatures of heat and cold. Lauriat’s bones are also 3x thicker than a regular individual, allowing his body to take more physical punishment before needing to rest from combat.

Gifts from The Alpha Pack (Passive) 

Lauriat’s transformation not only improves his resistance to damage and combat, but the functional capabilities of his body, Lauriat's lungs are able to filter out toxic fumes and ingredients inhaled in any manner, allowing his body to avoid being poisoned to death. Lauriat's strength and extensive time lifting heavy dead animals with one arm also means he is able to carry, move and throw up to one and a half tons of weight with ease before beginning to struggle. Even Lauriat’s brain has been altered in a way beneficial to him, as any mental attacks are rendered useless, being blocked out without Lauriat even noticing.

Remain Resilient 

During combat, any form of impact and damage done to Lauriat’s body allows Lauriat to become resistant to whatever category of damage the attack belongs to. Because of the resistance being built, Laurat’s DEF are buffed by +1, maxing out at +5. This effect works for 3 posts, and requires a 2 post cool down before Lauriat is able to use it again.

Great Wolf: Derminn The Alpha Wolf 

His least favorite form, but one detrimental to his survival, Lauriat sacrifices himself to his animalistic counterpart, Derminn the Alpha. In this form, Lauriat, now Derminn, grows to 8’5 feet, black fur and red eyes. Derminn’s strength is vastly superior to Lauriat's human form, and allows him to carry up to 2 tons with ease. His fur is as hard as steel, improving upon Lauriat's resistance to blades and now medium weaponry, making Derminn much more difficult challenge to tame than Lauriat. Once all of Derminn’s dominance fades, all of Lauriat’s stats drop by -2, leaving him with a lingering sense of fatigue.

Special Items
A modified rifle with extended barrel, improved rifling and cushioning on the buttstock, this rifle serves to be Lauriat’s primary weapon for hunting and defense for his family.

A trusty backup revolver that compliments his Winchester revolver, fixed with an extended barrel, and a better grip, the revolver was picked up as a family heirloom from a dear friend from the past who, unfortunately, is no longer alive.

Handmade from Lauriat's own craftsmanship, Lauriat considers this to be his greatest gift, as he included special engravings such as his daughter and their pet bear cub.

Lauriat originated from a long forgotten tribe known as the Weremen located in a dimension closed off long ago. This tribe was considered to be one of the oldest tribes in any dimension, as the formation of their original clansmen is impossible to determine. The members were the first of the Werewolf Hybrids, as their lives were dedicated to becoming one with the Wolves, and reach the pinnacle of Werewolf existence, their traditions, their lifestyle, their rituals, every aspect of their lives came to dedication towards being one with the wolves, and how to improve their fighting capabilities to satisfy their never ending thirst for hunts and battles, the Weremen tribe was, ultimately a life filled with family, hunting and never ending war. Lauriat was a high ranking member of this tribe, and for hundreds of years, he explored many dimensions, built many friendships and faced many members. His fate, however, would ultimately change in such a short period of time.

The dimension was known as the Ancient Dimension, a realm in which the mystical Ancient Race once wandered with advanced knowledge and technology incomparable to any other realms advancements. Lauriat's high ranking role meant that it was common for him to explore other dimensions and landscapes for possible segments of smaller groups wishing to expand to new lands. Lauriat was out one day for a scout, and after finding the perfect location for the next group to come and settle,the initial portal coming to take him home, never came. What arrived, instead, was a message from his leader, Elder Brother Krembekneh, writing: “My dearest brother, I have found you to be loyal ever since your birth, your parents were fine wolves themselves, and to see them make such a strong warrior of the tribe, I am ever so proud to be alive and near the time of your entrance to this world. The Final War is developing to its peak, the end of our realm is near us now, and I made a promise to your parents to keep you safe. You must rest in the landscape you have discovered in this dimension and wait for our return, as the world may act as the new beginning for whoever may be left after this catastrophe, take care my disciple, I will see you soon.”

The letter was his only goodbye to his tribe, but for decades, Lauriat waited for the portal to open, refusing to sleep or even move until his kin came to join him in peace. The decades came and went, and with each one passing by, Lauriat’s faith and hope disappeared, and in the end, accepted that they will never come home. Lauriat grabbed the letter as his final goodbye, and began to wander, being the last of his kind to live.

Centuries have now passed since he waited at the spot he was ordered to await, and he has aged. Lauriat has dedicated his years to honing his skills in hunting, cooking, and selling furs/carcasses, ultimately teaching him to become an outdoorsman who depends on no one but himself. Lauriat’s travels has also allowed him to become a father to a little girl named Autumn and their pet bear cub named Mr.Fluffles.