AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  5

Speed:  10

Defense:  15

Energy:  0


Name:  Kuramoto Kiyomasu

Age:  Originally was 375 years, may now be older

Species:  Human- Panther Hybrid

Height:  7’5

Appearance:  A hybrid between human and big cat, Samogneux is commonly seen being muscular in his physique while having the common big cat details like claws and hind legs. If one pays close attention, however, they can see that minor features from his incredible age have taken hold physically: His large whiskers are grey, and some wrinkles can be seen from his super black fur. Other minor features: A scar can be seen over his right eye, and an X-Shaped scar resides on his left side of the chest.

Apparel:  Not much can fit the giant cat, so it is common for him to wear large robes over his body with his bow staff, as for shoes, it commonly ranges from either sandals or bare feet. Samogneux also wears circular glasses over his eyes to see.

Hometown:  Wamuu, Ancient Realm

Character Skills

Ittōryū, Mastered (Mastered One Sword Style)— 

Aside one young man who also uses this technique, Kuramoto is the few individuals who use the One Sword Style, and the only being alive to master it to its fullest potential. Because of this, Kuramoto is able to utilize new and even more devastating abilities along with some basic stances a familiar face uses:

Ittōryū: Injection Shot—
One of the few moves that does not require piercing. At a cost of -1 STR and 1 DEF, Kuramoto charges towards the opponent and pokes the tip of his blade at the surface without piercing their skin and/or armor. When the blade lands, it will stop, but result in the opponent feeling a receiving damage to the particular area relevant to that of an explosive shotgun blasting them in the area the blade resides. In turn, the opponent will suffer internal bleeding damage for the duration fight (can end if healing abilities/ medicine is present.). Requires 3 post cooldown.

Ittōryū Iai—ShiShi SonSon (Draw and Resheath: Death Lion Song):
The only skill based on movement, and considered to be one of the deadliest skills in the vast arsenal of this Swordsman. ShiShi SonSon is done by Kuramoto taking out Heiwa and standing completely still for at least one post, this helps build up momentum and speed before completing the technique. Once the concentration is built to its peak, the elder man imoves from one point to the almost as quick as the speed of sound, making the possibility of stopping the attack midway through nigh impossible. If able to land, ShiShi SonSon will cut through even the thickest of skin with ease, resulting in the opponent being stunned for one post before feeling a massive pressure on their chest from the wind of the speed colliding with the opponent, resulting in -2 STR for one post.If the attack only hits a weapon or object held by the opponent/ in front of the opponent, the ability will cut through the object in front (stone or anything not extremely durable) and produce knockback effect that will throw the opponent off guard. However, despite being deadly, there are some drawbacks. For one, the range of ShiShi SonSon is only 10 feet, meaning that there will be some times where attempting to complete the stance will be extremely difficult unless assisted with another ally. ShiShi SonSon also requires a 4 post cooldown before being used again, and spends -2 SPD for Kuramoto , meaning that each ShiShi SonSon will have to be used wisely.

Ittōryū—Kaosuhōku (Chaotic Hawk):
An improved version of Yakkodori, Kaosuhōku sees Kuramoto perform the same movement as Yakkodori but at a much quicker speed, resulting in two energy waves in one move. When this wave comes into contact with an opponent, the enemy will be cut almost to the point of losing a particular body part (wherever the attack lands), and as well as suffer a massive knockback effect.

Ittōryū—Sanjuroku Pound Hou (36 Pound Cannon):
A rather indirect attack, Kuramoto ifts the arm holding the blade up above his head and—after taking 1 post to charge—slashes in a diagonal downward spiral towards his enemies. With the completion of the movement, the air becomes compressed to a point where it is a blade itself, moving in a spiral swirl in a single direction for up to 15 feet. If an individual is hit by the tip of the swirl, it will be as if being hit with a speed projectile, resulting in a massive knockback and (if no strength and durability improvements to their body is present) major damage to bones and muscle in whichever area they are hit within. As for those who are not hit directly, the sides of the compressed air act as extremely sharp blades, meaning that they will get cuts on whatever body part is closest to them and a knockback effect much weaker than the tip. (2 post cool down, -1 STR)


An ancient technique handed down to very selective people, Blakblade requires 2 points from every stat to activate. When activated, the user’s blade will be hardened and nullify any sort of damage incoming to the blade. Lasting 5 posts, the user of this technique can attack an opponent and drain their highest AP stat by -1 per post for 4 posts. The user can also impale the opponent to regain +1 of his lowest AP for however long the blade remains inside during the duration of Blakblades engagement (5 post cooldown.)

Hiryu Dragon Stance— 

An improved version of Story, as well as a difficult one, to obtain AND maintain, Hiryu is a special Ittōryū stance that sees Kuramoto ignite his blade into a bright blue flame to attack his opponent, some of these attacks include:

Hiryu: Kaen (Flying Dragon: Blue Blaze)—
A basic attack for this stance, Hiryu, Kaen is a simple slash attack that does a heavy dosage of damage. When the blade comes into contact with an enemy after making a slash, their wound will ignite into the blue flame and cause internal burning damage to the inside of the opponent for 3 posts. (-1 SPD, -1 STR.)

Hiryu: Roukogan! (Flying Dragon: Earth Slam!)—
An AOE style attack, Roukogan creates a massive dragon above Kuramoto to slam down at the opponent. When landing on an opponent, whether they are pierced with the blade or not, the additional force will be applied to the point of breaking their legs, and they will also be engulfed in the blue flame for 3 posts. (-2 DEF, -1 STR)

Hiryu: Doragon no Hogo (Protection of the Dragon)
Rather than using this stance to attack, he can even use it to protect. Engulfing himself in the blue flames, Kuramoto is now able to deflect all magical attacks for 3 posts, and is also able to burn opponents coming for physical attacks during the duration. (-3 DEF)
Each one of these attacks can only be used once when the stance is activated, after that, Kuramoto must wait 5 posts before he is able to reignite the stance and use it again.

Luck of Nine Lives— 

Kuramoto’s combination between human and feline has allowed him to have advanced capabilities both in and out of combat. Once every 3 posts, Kuramotocan regenerate +1 AP to whichever stat of his choosing.

Special Items

Choro (The Elder)— 

The lifeline to the old cat’s combat capability, this 7 foot bamboo bo staff is seen commonly used as a walking stick for the cat, but can also be broken open to unveil a 6 foot blade hidden deep in the bamboo.

Seimei no erikusā (Elixir of Life) 

A gourd he always carries about him, nobody but Kuramoto knows what in this gourd, but acts as a medicine of sorts that can help with any who drinks it. If a small cup is drunk, the person will have their wounds begin to heal, any venom is removed via an ill stomach and vomiting, and any light sickness is removed in the form of a heavy fever that will last for a day. Aside from its gifts, Kuramoto is the only person who is able to produce this divine liquor and its magical purposes.